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  1. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    Has Wunter ever faked a dumb tell before?
  2. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    Tyranno What's your ability?
  3. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    I'm curious as to who everybody thinks I should bomb tonight.
  4. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    I didnt? That was a joke post that I thought everybody would have understood that. The thought that there would be a role that feast of famine is ridiculous.
  5. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    Yea I didn’t think about it, because it’s a big no no on almost all forum mafia sites. Was just annoyed that my spoilers were showing up as white boxes after putting all that time into formatting. That’s my bad. Won’t happen again.
  6. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    Yea it was because my spoilers were all white and I tried to unspoil. :/ if that’s against the rules my bad. There was no secret message or anything I promise.
  7. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    And if my gut reads are correct I do deserve credit unless you think I’m giving out my partners as gut read scum? If I’m pushing and getting scum killed why does it matter how I got my read? Towns still winning, if you think I’m bussing take the free info and kill me afterwards. If we kill a bunch of mafia I’m totally okay with dying to stupid paranoia.
  8. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    When did I say you shouldn’t hold me accountable to my reads. If all my town end up being mafia you fuckers better lynch me for being wrong af. The more I play here the less I’ll rely on “gut reads.” I dont expect a free pass and I’m willing to re-evaluate when new info is presented to me. You’re trying to predict what I’m going to do in the future. Like you already know I have a lot of mafia in my town reads and are preparing for m to be wrong ...
  9. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    That make me feel better thank you!
  10. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    Oh shucks man? I really want all that town cred when one of my town reads ends up being scum?
  11. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    I'm slightly tilted, and going to bed. What in the actual fuck is that spoiler system. Why is it white .... holy moly.
  12. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

  13. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    Did I miss the Malcolm case? (Did I spell your name right? I read ealier that you get upset when it's spelt wrong.) I'm going to give some thoughts before I do the next reread because the thread is moving somewhat slow. Reads List Vote analysis Based off votes we should probably look at PSK or Death Sentence today. I highly doubt all 5 of the votes on Silver are town and unless Malcolm refuses to present his case I like his tone better than PSKs and Death Sentence has been null to me the entire game. Based off my reads, I'd want to look at confuse ray and wunter, and maybe Tyranno: Confuse ray: maybe its because he was the cop in the other game but he was a lot more logical and this game he just seems almost nonsensical. He's just reacting to everything and isn't being proactive Wunter: I don't remember a thing that guy has posted and that pings me hard when I remember reading something but not what it was. It means it was probably insignificant and worthless. granted this is my lightest push. Tyranno: Unless I missed his push on death it's weird that he's so certain that death is a hit. If I missed it link it too me, I'm used to my other website reading and things are different there so I'm noticing I'm missing stuff left and right. These are just my base gut reads right now. Take them as you will, if I misread/misinterpreted something let me know and I'll give it a relook to make sure.
  14. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    How do I spoiler? I don't want this giant wall of text to fuck everybody up.
  15. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    Yea, I guess I didn't see all the content the rest of you are talking about d1. I was reading and trying to find things but everything just seemed NAI. I hate relying on this so much but you guys play completely different than my homesite. If it helps and you want more info I can link you some of my scum games I've played recently (unfortunately I haven't rolled town much over there at all really) and you can make your own comparison. I called out the defensiveness and I stick by the read. I don't know the guy, he wasn't doing much besides calling people on his vote bad and telling people to look at the voters. That's not a town mindset imo. I don't regret the vote, I would have probably made it 99% of the time in that situation. I'll reread tomorrow after I finish this initial read I have a baby with strep throat that's going to keep me up all night.