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  1. Perfect Circle

    wanna play on ygopro? i could play on dbook as well but i don't have an account yet but i'm gonna make one very soon i playtested irl with a friend and he gave me his zombie deck, very similar to example zombie decklist here, and i found 2x nobleman to be too much, i never actually used it because he never set anything and there's no flip effects in play so what should be included instead, i really dislike those noblemen
  2. Perfect Circle

    i remember playing this format when it actually occured and it was one of my favourite formats to play. I only want to know what do you think about 1 pot 3 d draw instead of 2 pot 2 d draw (pot clogs a lot and there's occasions when you can just discard it for pwwb/snipe)
  3. all right stop

    a friend showed me the site and i decided to hop in!
  4. all right stop

    collaborate and listen btw hi everybody!