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  1. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    Do you guys think Jinzo or Vanity's Fiend is worth maindecking in Frog Monarchs?
  2. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    Thanks That helps a lot.
  3. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    Does anyone have a good starting point for a Hero beat deck? I'm thinking it might be a deck that utilizes both Skill Drain (with Barbaros) and Royal Oppression. Or maybe anti-meta with Fossil Dyna.
  4. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    Hi everyone. Literally just made an account for the Edison format. I played and quit YGO so many times, but the most fun I've had with the game was at the 75th SJC, my first tournament back in awhile. I have decks built for the following: Quickdraw Blackwing Frog Monarch Synchro Cat Gadgets Flamvell Gladiator Beasts Lightsworn Are there any other decks worth building for this format? I have seen Disaster Dragon but not sure how effective it is. I am also interested in a HERO beat build. A friend of mine played an Exodia Blue Eyes deck at the 75th SJC. I would love to see a list for that. Also, is Chain Burn still an effective deck in the Edison format? I'm looking to build all of the viable decks from this beautiful format and create a gauntlet of decks. Thank you in advance for any help!