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  1. hi

    not yet still counts idc, i do actually want to try make a browser at some point but not to sell yes partly. it is partly written in c++ not because its written in c++ im not being a shit disturber. you're being sarcastic and saying inaccurate and quite frankly dumb things and im just responding by defending my choice to learn c++. if you want to have a real conversation stop being an asshole
  2. hi

    operating systems, games, web browsers, discord is partly c++, apache is partly c++.. could go on
  3. earlier you said "you done fucked up" and nothing happened. forgive me if i ignore you. you're a bit dramatic and the stuff you're quoting me to tell me isn't even meaningful advice. if u dont like my posts just down vote and move on.
  4. hi

    one of the most used languages in the world so it's a legit asset if i ever seek a career in software development, very fast and versatile, suitable for what projects I have in mind when im capable (nooby as fuck atm)
  5. ok? i was just returning his question. i thought we were getting to know each other and definitely not using the question rhetorically to let new members know they aren't important because that would be a really stupid thing for the owner of a site that is crying out for new members to do, especially when it wasn't called for like if i was acting like im hot shit and demanding respect
  6. understand that phrase before using it again tbh https://imgur.com/gallery/onNyp tl;dr im not using my gender to seek attention or preferential treatment so it doesn't apply
  7. hi

    approximately 101%
  8. hi im bunny nice to meet you. who the fuck are you
  9. hi

  10. hi

    u joke but https://tutorialzine.com/2015/02/30-amazing-games-made-only-with-html5
  11. i will whitelist in exchange for 0.1% of your ad revenue
  12. hi

    hi. i like yugioh and memes. im trying to teach myself C++ when i can be bothered. the rest of the time i watch TV or play something because i have no friends because when i reached adulthood i realised everyone around me in high school was toxic and cringey and i didn't go to college to make new ones. i dont need college tho because i watch rick and morty so im pretty smart about most things in the universe.
  13. i joined because i heard u guys like yugioh and after browsing the site a bit it looks pretty cool. you can give mmf credit for me knowing the site exists.