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  1. Allright than! I will just find a way to grind to 4,5m these days. Currently got Soldiers, castle & the Golem. Only Knight and Beast seem quite hard to obtain 3 copies of. Guess u can buy only 1 of each from trader? And 1 of each from leveling crowler. Could obtain a 3rd for defeating him at lv. 40 aswell?
  2. Hmm, Kind of feels like I've wasted 3000 gems now, which seems quite a lot and it was something I wanted to avoid using a guide. With grinding Crowler, do u mean getting him to 300k for his character or do the entire 4,5mil? I do have a spare Ipad aswell where I could start a 2nd account and decide later. I spend only 2 days in the game, but it has been quite a grind I must say, haha.
  3. Hej there! I followed the old guide; started 2 days ago. I did already built Naturia (from 1 full box) and started pulling on Crimson. Although after 60 packs I still didn't receive Red-eyes wyvern, so I don't think I can built a Red-Eyes deck anytime soon. (Is there any way to buy/get red eyes wyvern outside of the regular box?) Today I managed to get a 10 win spree with Naturias in the arena, so the deck is quite effective, but I would really wanna step up my game a bit more. Currently using: Seto Kaiba (Beatdown) -3x Naturia Marron -3x Naturia Hydrangea -3x Naturia Pumpkin -2x Naturia Stag Beetle -1x Mythical Beast Cerberus (seems to cause a lot of confusion =D) -1x Riryoku -1x Tribute to the doomed -1x Super Rush Headlong -2x Enemy Controller -1x De-Spell -1x Metal Morph -1x Exterio's Fang Do u have any advice on what I should do from this point and what other decks I am able to built? -Stick to the Crimson Kingdom box, pull it (entirely) for 9000 gems. -Start pulling something else -Save Gems for now -Grind Dr. Crowlers Ancient gears (Currently at 400k with 400 notebooks left) -Reroll and start over Would like an honest opinion =D Thanks in advance!