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  1. Character Deck Help

    Know it's been a while but I've found some traction on a 5Ds based fanfic if anyone if interested
  2. Character Deck Help

    I'm John Doe
  3. Character Deck Help

    Request sent.
  4. Character Deck Help

    Sorry for the delay, have messaged you on Discord
  5. Character Deck Help

    Sorry, don't know why it posted three times. Can't figure out how to delete the doubles
  6. Character Deck Help

    Hey folks. Am wondering if I could get some help building some character/theme specific decks for a fanfic project I'm trying to put together. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Help/Suggestions

    Not sure where the appropriate section is for this: I'm currently undertaking a Fanfic project, set within the GX universe, and was wondering if I could get some suggestions/tips/help etc in creating some deck builds. -Sticking within GX so no Synchro, Pendulum, Xyz or Link and trying to, as best as possible, keep them within their archetypes and themes. Any insight is greatly appreciated