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  1. Have A Question? Ask it here.

    Hi there, so i have recently gotten back into yugioh and have had a bit of trouble understanding the whole link summoning thing. I've done a bit of research but am confused with some of the summoning conditions Question 1: Link material= number of effect monster in your control needed to summon the link monster (right?) Question 2: do some conditions supersede link summon material? This is mainly being asked in the case of firewall dragon it says link-4; so four effect monster right? but the 2+ monsters at the top of description would imply that only two are needed?????? this is another card i have that confounds me, again the same thing as firewall dragon the 2+ monsters (duh they'd have to be Gouki types) so id only need the 2 listed instead of 3 to summon? im just so confused please help
  2. Duel Links Friend Code Thread

    890-945-424 hmu I’m not that good but oh well
  3. Getting back into yu-gi-oh with some older cards

    Oh yeah super casual. I don’t think my friends have even heard of link monsters. Like that casual :/
  4. Hello there!!!! thank you for taking time to read this!!! I have recently gotten back into the game with some friends and have two thoughts of decks i would like to build. I am not interested with rarity really but just getting hold of the cards from the Aesir or Earthbound archetypes. i have looked a little into buying booster boxes and packs online but i am not sure what an appropriate price range would be for cards of this age and where the best place would be to buy them Thank you for any tips or information you can give me