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  1. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    DuelistGroundz username: InkweaverDiscord Account Name: WeatherWitch#7215Formats: Both; Current and GoatExpected level of activity: Moderately high(Optional) Blurb: I'm not the type who keeps picking up new meta decks every time one gets better or starts topping. I have decks I like and stick to them. I want to improve though, and I'm willing to learn newer decks as well. (Usually to understand how to counter them). Primary current decks include: Dark Magician, Weather, Trickstar, Six Samurai, Cyberse, Red-Eyes, Aroma. Goat decks: Spellcaster/Chaos. Relinquished. [Nazis need not apply]
  2. Inky's Works: Artist for Hire

    Well, it's working.
  3. Inky's Works: Artist for Hire

    Well I set one up. Apparently you can only post from the phone app?
  4. Inky's Works: Artist for Hire

    I know DA isn't professional, but it's all I've had for now due to ti being free. Never touched Instagram before, due to lack of appeal. Buisness cards would be nice, if I could afford to make them. :\
  5. Inky's Works: Artist for Hire

    She was a normal halfling originally, but I swapped to strongheart during building for the bonus feat. She has 2 instances of Font of Inspiration
  6. Inky's Works: Artist for Hire

    Hello folks. Inky here to showcase some of my works from the past few months. I won't claim to be amazing, but I'm proud of my improvement lately. You'll notice a change in some of the style at one point, and that's going to likely be when I swapped from using GIMP to SAI. (GIMP is not made for drawing...) I have a DeviantArt account as well, where you can view the rest of my recent works. You can find it right here. With that said, let me share some of my favourites with you all. A character designed for ShadowRun games. Dr. Adella Zylphia, a decker. My bard character from my previous D&D 3.5 game: Taleena Gellentara, human-felid half-dragon. I wanted to make a D&D build based on Banjo-Kazooie. The solution was an anthromorphic hawk Druid/Bard with a Bear animal companion. This one was a bit of a request. It isn't fancy, but it was the first one I did with my new graphics tablet. Her name was Atheria, designed for a 5D's role-play. An Equestria Girl form of my MLP OC, Ink Weaver "Inky." (Yes, original I know, but it makes things simple to name her after my online name) Request that I received during a live stream of Kaminakat's. One of his fans wanted to see Kammy and my mascot, Traci, dressed as Trickstars Holly Angel and Black Catbat. Speaking of mascots: Meet Traci. She's my spokeswoman and mascot for all my art. This was also the first image completed using SAI after swapping. And finally, here we have my current D&D character: a strongheart halfling Factotum, Merla Slywit. Her current appearance after she acquired various items that grant her vampire-like powers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, this is just a small sample. The others can be seen at my DA account (posted earlier) Lemme know what you guys think, hit me up if you want some art done, and I'll see you around. Take care!
  7. Monsters [3] Dark Magician (the star of the show) [3] Magician of Dark Illusion [3] Apprentice Illusion Magician (DMG 2.0) [3] Magician's Rod (...nope, keeping it mature) [2] Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring (not by choice) [1] Magician's Robe (personal choice) [1] Spellbook Magician of Prophecy (Some like more, I prefer just the 1) Spells [2] The Eye of Timaeus (The best way to get out Amulet or Dragon Knight, imho) [1] Dark Magic Attack (Used to be 2 but it's losing it's usefulness these days) [1] Raigeki (because) [2] Spellbook of Knowledge [1] Spellbook of Secrets (I like this number for them, though I'm considering a 2nd Secrets) [1] Dark Magic Expanded (Solely for trying it out right now. It's shown some promise in testing) [2] Cosmic Cyclone (MST 2.0) [1] Dark Magic Inheritance [1] Illusion Magic (I hate the cost, but it's also so very handy for making plays and dodging removal) [3] Dark Magic Circle (Never play less) Traps [3] Magician Navigation [2] Dimension Barrier (Still handy) [3] Eternal Soul (Absolutely needed) [1] Solemn Warning Extra Deck [1] Amulet Dragon [1] Dark Magician the Dragon Knight (Angelic choir) [1] Dark Paladin (tech choice) [1] Armades (only cause I can make it) [1] Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon [1] Number 11: Big Eye [2] Ebon Illusion Magician [1] Ebon High Magician [1] Super Quantal Mech Beast Grampulse [1] Shining Elf [1] Firewall Dragon [1] Gaia Saber, the Lightning Shadow [1] Decode Talker [1] Akashic Magician Side Mostly ignore I guess. I've changed it around too much ~~~~~~~~~~ You're welcome to make suggestions, but please note this is more of a showcasing than a request for help.
  8. My Pen is Mightier than my Pencil

    Don't worry, it's all in good fun.
  9. My Pen is Mightier than my Pencil

    Nah, I just prefer to make money off my work.
  10. My Pen is Mightier than my Pencil

    Depends on the level of detail. If you want a basic image of the two kissing, and Bender in the background with a camera: $10 With colour: $15
  11. My Pen is Mightier than my Pencil

    Oh I'd have no problem drawing it, but I can't do it for free
  12. My Pen is Mightier than my Pencil

    Sure. You paying?
  13. My Pen is Mightier than my Pencil

    Currently my art is how I make an income of any kind. I pursue it professionally, though I am not exactly "famous" by any means. Now that I've got a better program and tablet however, I can produce my work at much quicker rate.
  14. My Pen is Mightier than my Pencil

    My work can be found right here. My comics however aren't there, due to my wanting to restart them.