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  1. Domain

    Preciate it bro. I have thought about 60. Made some updates after my little local tonight.
  2. Domain

    I pulled 2 of those and traded for a third and didnt think about that. As quickly as the deck can thin out, I may just add two in without losing anything with this one. So far in side I had thought about x? Des wombat x2 cosmic x1 dark hole x1 raigeki x3 solemn strike x2 drowning mirror force
  3. Domain

    Got it captain. lol. Anyway, being is how I have stepped away from the game from for so long, is something like this worth playing or is it wasting time? I again have only tested against; Spirals, Pendulum magician, and some weird zoodiac. I don't know if domain can stand up against trickstar? Have any good ideas as far as good sides? Im stuck on that right now.
  4. Domain

    Is there no pleasing you? :/
  5. Domain

    Well generally the idea is to maintain hand/field control while Ash, Droll, and Ghost shut down the searches. Mezuki is to bounce in ghost or ash from grave for synchro. I have only played against domains, pendulums, and 60 card zombie shit thus far with it. Domain 2-1 over me, pendulum I managed to 2-0, and 2-1 over zombie. I don't want to even try against trickstar lol. The point of was quite literally, I spent too much coming back into the game and seriously miss the days when BLS and Tsu were not on the ban list and since they are off, I felt like getting creative. The point of the game is fun, chaos has taken me into so many top8's and better, the nostalgic part of thought it would be amusing. That is all. Originally I kicked around the idea of 3 ryko, 3 lumina, 2 lyla, 1 erhen in here just to play on the ss but mezuki turned out better and gave me more options. Also, considered removing the solemn warning and tt for 3 threatening roar.
  6. Domain

    Yeah, no I didn't want to get serious with this thing man. I have been playing pendulum and domain a little. Really wanted to try trickstar. Nostalgia was taking over so I made this to mess around with. Its actually trickstar or pendulums I planned on going into regionals with. I ordered a couple cases of sealed boosters on ebay, some single cards, and just waiting for those to get in before I get all too into trickstar. I only have pendulum magician, domain, and spiral capabilities until then
  7. Domain

    Since 2009-2011. Ya know, still trying too hard though.
  8. Domain

    So after playing my first local in 7 years, I made some adjustments. Ash seemed to be too clutch and march was nearly useless in first game of match. Always seemed to be an open monster card zone and 3-4 darks in grave at a time so I added dark armed to be the extra. 3Erebus the underworld monarch 3Edea the heavenly squire 3Edios the underworld squire 1Mithra the thunder vassal 1Ehther the heavenly monarch 3Caius the shadow monarch 1Level Eater 1Majesty's fiend 2Armorgeddon Knight 1Vanity's fiend 1Dark Armed Dragon // 3Domain of the monarchs 1Pot of desires 1March of the monarchs 1Monarchs stormforth 1Reinforcements of the army 3Allure of darkness 2Return of the monarchs 1Pantheism of the monarchs 1One for one 3Tenacity of the monarchs // 3Prime of the monarchs 1Deck Devastation Virus Side Deck; 2Deck Devastation Virus 1Return of the monarchs 2Foolish burial goods 2Royal Decree 1Vanitys fiend 1Maxx C 1March of the monarchs 1Jinzo 2Cosmic Cyclone 2Ash blossom & Joyous Spring
  9. Pendulum magicians

    3Wisdom eyes magician 3Purple poison magician 3Black fang magician 1Maxx C 2Ash blossom & Joyous spring 1White wing magician 3Double Iris magician 3Performapal skullcrobat joker 2Performapal pendulum sorcerer 3Harmonizing magician 1Astrograph magician 1Oafdragon magician // 3Wavering eyes 2Duelist alliance 2Pendulum call 2Star pendulum 2Pot of desires 1Cosmic cyclone // 2Time Pendulumgraph Extra XYZ 2Timestar Magician 1Performage trapeze magician 1Number 41 Bagooska the terribly tired tapir 1Supreme king dragon dark rebellion 1Abyss dweller 1Number 39 Utopia Synchro 1Ignister prominence the blasting dracoslayer 1Enlightenment paladin 1Supreme king dragon clear wing 2PSY-Framelord omega Link 1Decode talker 1Topologic Bomber dragon Fusion 1Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom Open to any suggestions. Haven't played the game since 2011, this weekend will be first visit back to locals. So havent got much testing in, just yvd. Need to build side deck still. Let's keep the negative criticism to a minimal fella's.
  10. Hello, the game changed huh?

    Thank you, the value of that information is priceless. Is this better?
  11. Mats shouldn't be a requirement. I realize the game has changed a lot since I last played, but either way, if players can't find resolve in the # of cards they have on the field - Then playing children's card games have taken too much toll on those players maturity and they need to take a break for a while. Maybe it's me being old school, I barely played past the point of synchro monsters introduction, but if I can't use my OG top 8 mats(which I never pay attention to zones in anyway)from dates starting back in 2003, respect has been lost. Lol. *Edit* ; They give everyone mats at regionals now? That's sad.
  12. Hello everyone, Admittedly, returning to yugioh has me a little concerned as far as what to expect next. This game has obviously changed since I last played. The reason I am returning(I forgot my old log in info) to duelistgroundz; If memory serves me correctly, this is the best place to keep up with meta and give/receive criticism which I will surely need as I have not played since the rescue cat days. 2011 or around that