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  1. Hey oh let's go

    Yeah i do i dont have user name though. trying to look it up in list.
  2. Hey oh let's go

    Haven't been on dgz in a long time. Do you want me to gtfbtp or later? lol this is going to be interesting. Have been kind of on and off playing for the last couple of years. Joining back up competitively and thought.. "Why not get back on dgz?" It's always been so welcoming - Sarcasm aside, here because it was always the best reliable source of forum. Hopefully, that hasn't changed?
  3. Domain

    Necroface can turn it around. Even ddv is a decent throw in but necroface allows a better draw by returning desires blow and reinstates edios.
  4. Domain

    -3 Caius +3 Mega caius -1 Armorgeddon -1 Erebus +2 Necroface -1 ddv -1Allure +2 Pot of desires