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  1. Ycs Bochum report-jitsu

    https://imgur.com/a/khHwm Last cards were reborn and judgement and raidjin and karbonala in ed This be the list
  2. Ycs Bochum report-jitsu

    This weekend I attended YCS Bochum with Tristan (along with 2 other friends) who I made friends with at YCS London a few years back. I wanted to do a report so they suggested I should do it on DGZ so here it is I was planning to play magician ftk but playing it the night before I wasnt really enjoying it so I decided to play my Ninja deck instead (Getsuga/Isolde Turbo) Sadly I didnt have all the cards I needed but it was fine as I had all the main important cards and I have been practicing it for a while and I felt really confident playing it This was the deck: Round 1 0-0 Game 1 I look at my hand an Im super happy that I can do stuff. I do my ninja combo and end on rhongomyniad. He top decks grass and mills two snow and I just lose because I cant otk next turn Game 2 He opens left arm and I dont side ash because Im poor so I lose. I dont remember what I did but I think I made dweller and he black rosed so he won next turn Round 2 0-1 I sat down and my opponent wasnt showing up and it turned out that he actually didnt come so I got a free win after 10 minutes. Boring but I cant complain about a free win Round 3 1-1 Sadly I lose the dice roll and he Summons Rescue Rabbit. I dont main deck hand traps atm so I had to let it through and he summoned.. Sabersaurus! I was really surprised to see dino rabbit but he made the detach 2 one and set 2 and passed. So I opened nuts this game, Soul Charge, top deck Reborn, Thrasher and Hanzo. I think he striked Isolde then I baited with Soul Charge and then reborned Isolde got UGN into Hanzo into Skulldread Getsuga and then won Game 2 I side 3 veiler and opened one so I won when he summoned Rabbit. I opened 2 warriors and he only had Goats set which I tornado dragoned and attacked and won next turn. Round 4 2-1 Pretty sure I won the dice roll so I went first but I dont completely remember what happened. I think I summon hanzo and he ashed it so I set 2 and passed? He shaddol fusioned so I Judgemented and summoned Ovi which I striked (i think it was 2 strikes actually) and then I somehow won lol Game 2 I made 4 mat Rhongo and won because dino dolls literally cant do anything into that. He tried to Kaiju it and was surprised when I said he cant summon so he tried to Kaiju my dread lool Round 5 3-1 Trickstar Round 6 3-2 Trickstar Honestly I dont even wanna talk about trickstars. I got droll reincarnationed 3 times. I should have played it safer and sat on blade armor and not added cards to my hand. Both of them were 2-1 games. I just need to practice my trickstar matchup a bit more. Sometimes its super easy but sometimes its really hard Round 7 3-3 I was really sad at this point because I played my trickstar matches sooo bad but I played against dino dolls again and won by summoning Rhongo twice as I won the roll and game 2 I went first too Round 8 4-3 This was my first pen magician game. I dont remember it too well but I do remember that I was going first and I opened something like empowerment, strike, ninj art, agent and dragodies. I used empowerment and discarded dragodies and as soon as I did i realised I messed up so hard cos if he has ash/ogre I end turn and he had it haha. Definately should have discarded ninjart dunno why I didnt Next game he made vortex with backrow and I think it was the first time in the whole tourny I drew 2 equips so I couldnt do much and scooped Ended 4-4 So thoughts on the deck My first thought is to put photon thrasher to 2 because I drew it way too much Secondly Im definately going to keep the empowered engine because it was really good. It either baits ash or ogre, and If its not dealt with I can constantly use it with divine sword. Also when I get my bamboo swords I can discard cursed to get even more draws Spyral engine was also really good I called it right most of the time and its amazing going second and also sometimes bad people handtrap it The event was really fun and im definately going to take the improved build to nats!
  3. hello

    You still can but quasar is shit when you can just hand loop
  4. hello

    Right now im playing something like this: https://imgur.com/sfDP15d It loses to hand traps super hard tho ): Morphtronics will always lose to hand traps because they are so weak alone But after exfo its something like this: https://gyazo.com/ce31c8ce46e1174317e672de1e207207 Going to work on the consistency and make it tier 1 :)))
  5. hello

    hi my names tommy and i play morphtronics nice to meet you!!1111