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  1. thx

    heard he was a great guy. rip sec
  2. DuelistGroundz Awards 2017

    Best Staff Member: mmf Best Post: acp manifesto ed mmf Best Poster: mmf Best Thread: acp manifesto ed mmf Worst Staff Member: markus/digbic, prolly digbic more Best Meme: look me Best Thing to Happen: lpg vs bc war Biggest Shitposter: fuze guys
  3. Name/DGz username: nicey What year did you start playing YGO? What year did you join DGz? prolly 2012, joined dgz 2day What credentials and achievements do you have in YGO? dont wanna make rest of applicants look bad What hours are you generally available to commentate? What hours will you be able to commentate on the following days: March 10-11, March 23-31? anytime What is the best kind of YGO commentary in your opinion? What kind of commentary do you think you are best at? i can do anythin my g What else do you think you can bring to the table as a commentator? rest of these niggas dry af, i'l bring life godbless