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  1. Long time no see --

    Hello, everybody! It's been a while & I don't exactly have the best reputation, but I thought I would log in & say "hello". How is everybody? Are you well?
  2. Hey, guys! I'm certain I'm not alone in having a card with deeply rooted meaning to me. I often value cards for their artwork & want to make them work no matter what. Ergo, my love for Haniwa, Green Phantom King, & Xiangke Magician. But I also have cards that mean things to me that I value more deeply for other reasons. What's the story behind yours? Well, I'll begin by telling you mine. You see, I know this is gonna sound weird, but one day, my whole world changed. You see, cards started dropping from the sky, coming down like rain. At first we didn't know where they were coming from or who sent them. We only knew they were more than just ordinary playing cards. And it was happening all around the world: in the north; and the south. They landed everywhere. Together with my new online friends from around the world, we invented a wicked new game we called 'Bakugan'. That's when the power of the cards was revealed: Each one held its own battling beast which came to life when you threw it down. The battles were intense, and if you chose the wrong card, you lost it AND the beast inside. But that's only half the story: another even bigger battle was taking place in a parallel universe called Vestroia. My name is Dan, and together with my friends Runo, Marucho, Julie, Mr. Hotshot himself Shun, and Alice, we are the Bakugan Battle Brawlers!
  3. Favorite card?

    Hello, DGZ! As many of you have already noticed, I am very new to forum posting & the taboo to which it's users are accustomed to (ergo my color posting & generally negative feedback). I post general questions because I have nothing specifically to discuss. So today, I'm curious; what are your favorite cards? My own favorite card is probably Mark of the Rose. I'm pretty sure I already said that before in a previous post though. Aha...
  4. Best tier 0 format?

    Please continue sucking royal dick at this game.
  5. Best tier 0 format?

    It'd be a contradiction if I said that I want to win. It doesn't matter if I win or lose when I'm having fun. That's how it should always be. It's a game.
  6. Best tier 0 format?

    Nobody said you weren't allowed to do that. I certainly didn't & you're clearly not reading what I'm posting because I've very clearly said TWICE now that that's totally fine. I don't care that people play to win & only pick the best cards. What I DO have a problem with is people getting mighty about themselves & telling others they're bad because they don't play the best cards or because they don't care about winning. Not everybody wants or cares about using what will win for them or what's the best for extending their own combos. Playing the format's best deck/combo doesn't make you a better player & it doesn't make you inherently better than people who play "bad decks". Don't confuse the player with their cards; they're separate entities. The only argument you could make to say that someone is bad in this game is if they use bad cards & play poorly or if they have good cards & play them poorly. In both cases, it's entirely on the player's skill. If playing the best deck meant that you were the best player, why don't mirror matches end in draws? Why can mirror-matches be one-sided? Top players are top players because they use both the best cards & have the best skill. There are plenty of people that literally do not care about either of those things. I never complained about people not letting me play the game. I don't care about what cards people use, I care about having fun & having a good game. HEY GUYS I JUST FINISHED PLANNING THIS VERY ELABORATE ENGINE BECAUSE I'M A GOOD PLAYER AND THESE CARDS REQUIRE ELABORATE PLAYMAKING TO FUNCTION THIS IS ENTIRELY RELIANT ON MY OWN SKILL AND NOT LITERALLY CANCER THAT ANYONE CAN PLAY Hi there, I like playing Yu-gi-oh. Here are some of my cards. They are certainly not the best by any means, but I like these cards because they are my cards. Konami plz
  7. Best tier 0 format?

    Tyranno plz who is the "Punka" fellow?? Um... I enjoyed your input on Zoo format, but I've never played against full-power zoodiac cards. It doesn't seem like it can do very much now with Ratpier at 1 & both Drident/Broadbull banned. Did you play Zoodiac? What did you like about the cards?
  8. Best tier 0 format?

    I don't care about winning; that's why I use the cards that I do. My "Personal Favorite Deck" is just a compilation of my favorite cards. For me, when I'm putting together a deck, I like for there to be a certain theme of my own going with the artworks; as crazy as that sounds. I have "Mark of the Rose" & "Xiangke Magician" in the same deck because I like how it looks in my head. I don't use decks without "HalloHallo" because it's cute & it represents a lot to me. I don't ever put in cards that I don't like just for the sake of having them to win because I don't care about winning in the end; I just want to play the game & I want to have a good game. I know you're going to argue "But if you don't care about winning, you aren't competing!!" Well, playing be default is competing. I believe whole-heartedly that competing is giving your all with everything you've got. YOU. Not the format's most notorious combo, nor the E-heroes you use because you think you're Jaden. lol I mean what YOU want to use & what YOU want to win with. All of it begins with you. It's not very sportsmanlike to tell other people how to compete or even what to compete with. Everybody should compete in their own way. Their aim above all though should be to have fun, because it's a game. It's a game before anything. I compete with my favorite cards because that's how I play. It's a game & you needn't take it seriously. I've already defined "fun"- but I'll repeat myself. Fun is a game where either player could win. The state is not one-sided & both players did very well in playing the game. If a game was fun, does it really matter how bad one or the other's cards were? If both of them did well, it doesn't matter.
  9. Favorite card?

    I have two favorite cards. Both of which are definitely my favorite for their artworks. I LOOOOOVE Xiangke Magician & Mark of the Rose. Mark of the Rose is my favorite spell card because it reminds me a lot of "change of heart". The idea of taking control of my opponent's monster with a rose mark is very appealing to me. Roses in general are very pretty (how cliche!...) Xiangke Magician is my favorite monster card because of it's design & how cool it looks. The staff thingy in it's hand is so cool with how it lights up like stars & forms a ring of light. The markings on it's face make him look serious.
  10. Best tier 0 format?

    There are two things wrong with this post: #1: Every player should be allowed to play this game without scrutiny for using cards they personally enjoy using for whatever reason; whether they like the cards because they're good or because they just like the artwork & style of the cards. This is a game above anything else. Yes, obviously some cards are better than others. And obviously match-ups against cards from different eras don't go so well very often. Games are supposed to be fun though; win or lose. It's neither player's fault when a match-up isn't fun. Neither of them is wrong for having fun for different reasons. Personally, I don't care if I win or lose, so long as I get to play using my favorite cards. I just want a good game. Your idea of fun is very obviously winning & using what cards are available to you at the time to do so. That's fine, but you should respect that not everybody cares about using the latest & greatest cards. #2: You're assuming that because I don't have fun in tier 0 formats, I'm a "scrub" and I think that what I'm using is going to win me games consistently. I'm fully aware that what I'm using will not win me every single game & I know very well that there are much better decks I could be using to win me games consistently, but I don't care about winning. I play for fun because I just like Yu-gi-oh!...lol.
  11. Best tier 0 format?

    Literally just being able to play the game? Did you play the game last November when SPYRAL dropped & nothing else could compete? One-sided games are disappointing & boring games.
  12. DuelistGroundz Awards 2017

    Best Staff Member - M&M! Best Duelist - Obviously BuildTheWalia. Skullservant tier 0???? Best New Member - Myself! Aha... Best Post - (Provided image) Best Poster - Digbic ezpz Best Sig - What the fuck is a sig??? Best Thread - I dunno I saw some guy with a thread about his HERO deck. Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Team - You know I have to pick FuZe... Worst Staff Member - FUCK Digbic Worst Duelist - Probably me...lol Worst Poster - Also probably me... Worst Sig - ... Worst Thread - Literally all of the DGZ; DGZ was a mistake. Mafia God Best Meme - AY WHERE MY FUZE GANGEKDSLJ;GALKA Best Thing to Happen - Me forgetting this place existed three months ago. Angriest Poster - Me when I get shit for side-decking Pot of Desires. Biggest Shitposter - I have no idea. Stupidest Fucking Idiot - I'm very intelligent! Don't nominate me for this, that's mean. I don't think anybody in particular in DGZ is stupid. Arvin is a big gey stupido though Where is Big P? - In my ass. Duelist You'd Like to Fuck (DUELF) - Kitkatsune <3 And returning from years past: Most Likely To Be Banned - Honestly, it's probably me again.
  13. Best tier 0 format?

    Tier 0 formats are often uninteresting & make the game less fun. However, it's hard to outright deny that tier 0 formats have been interesting in the past. What are some of your favorites? 2011's tier 0 is the most iconic tier 0 format for myself, since it was when I began teaching myself about the metagame. I was 11 at the time, however, so it's hard to detail. Wind-up tier 0 is the most memorable for me. Likely because Tour Guide was at 3 & it got to an absurd price.