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  1. Now, it has always been a big debate about if this is really a sport or not. People who say it is a sport are saying that it is replacing all the muscle and brawn of other sports such as football among many other sports, with strategy and quick reaction. People who don't agree are replying to this saying that sports are suppose to be athletic and since you are sitting down and just playing a video game, there are no real athletics. So if football is aloud to be a major sport at high schools, why can't Yugioh? Some people thought, well there just aren't that many people who would be interested in that. I would gladly prove them wrong. I know there are at least 200 people at my old high school that play yugioh. Now that doesn't mean they are hardcore gamers enough to enter a SJC function, but they would most likely be interested in it. I don't know about everyone else, but I only went to football games for the social environment. Some percentage of the people there are not even watching the game, which means everyone is not interested in football. One last note, If schools are so pro-knowledge and are so for students with good problem solving skills, why have football as a sport? I'm not going to strike down football because I see that it is barbaric, I understand that other people think very positively of the game. I think that football is mainly about who is bigger, bulkier, who can run faster, and who is more agile. People say that I'm crazy for saying that, but I thought it was common sense that if you see someone coming at you, get out of the way. It all just seems very immature to fight other people to get a ball 100 yards in one direction. Yugioh on the other hand is all quick thinking, strategy, knowledge of the game, intelligence, and most of all, problem solving. So why shouldn't Yugioh be a sport at High Schools and colleges?
  2. The Michael Jordan of the sport of Yugioh
  3. Returning after 10+ years

    YGO fucking sucks now Emon Ghaneian was the best ever and quit cuz this game became shit
  4. Yugioh Athletics

    Yugioh is like sports in the aspect that it is very competitive and requires lots of skill to exceed. Obviously yugioh doesnt require the physical endurance that most other sports demand, but the mental endurance of gaming ranks right up there with any sport. Why would playing in the Super Bowl be mentally any different from playing in a World Championship Finals match? I guarantee that both events require the same amount of intensity from each participant and the same amount of anxiousness that would force even the biggest competitor to shake from the pressure. The comparison between sports is not way off, it is actually an extremely good comparison that should be noted by all.
  5. Emon would def have over 6 titles if he wasn't unjustly banned.
  6. 1. Emon Ghaneian 2. Adam Corn 3. Paul Levitin 4. Lazaro Bellido 5. Dale Bellido 6. Shane Scurry 7. Dario Longo 8. Kris Perovic 9. Anthony "Big Shark" Alvarado 10. Matt Peddle Agreed any thoughts?