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  1. Help with Blue Eyes deck

    Lol oh dear. Yep got them thanks! Anything else?
  2. Help with Blue Eyes deck

    Hi guys need some help with my Blue Eyes deck please. Started collecting Yugioh a few months ago so very new to the game and only had a handful of games so far. My first purchase was the Kaiba and Yugi reloaded starter set so I played these against myself to learn the ropes whilst I gathered cards for a decent Blue Eyes deck. With my deck pretty much built (bar the extra deck to fill out) I played against my mates Dark Magician deck. Unfortunately I got kerb stomped! First 2 matches he won on turn 2, getting demolished by Crystal Wing synchro dragon, the 3rd match I managed to prolong my demise but it was certainly inevitable. Anyway I don't know how much of this is due to me not knowing how to play properly or whether my deck is just straight up bad! I built the deck around various lists online (I will get my deck list so far posted up here) but I just wanted to ask, going back to basics what are the key cards I should be trying to combo and how do they interact? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. New to Yugioh / where to start

    Oh one other question I had, bit of a weird one, but does your opponent have to touch your own cards at all in the game? May be a silly question but I don't like the thought of someone roughly handling my cards that cost £20-30 a pop!
  4. New to Yugioh / where to start

    Hi Buildthewalia cheers dude yeah thanks think I'll head over to the deck garage and post what I'm building. I think it's a Gamemasters 2018 blue eyes competitive deck (lists currently at work) but I have no idea if that's good or not. I've basically bought a load of cards that people say are the best to combo with blue eyes but then narrowed it down to that deck as it said was a good one for 2018. Anyway thanks for the welcome, I'm sure I will! Hi Golden T, I think I'd like to play competitivey within the year, even if it's just a local tournament for fun. Never played warhammer competitively but a card game appeals to me more in that sense for the quicker turnaround in game time/setup and a lot less to transport. For the moment I'm going to play against my mate and myself even (kaiba vs yugi starter when my other card sleeves come) to learn the ropes. Need to get to grips with the rulebook and various summons etc. I will keep gathering cards for this blue eyes deck and hopefully end up with something half decent!
  5. Hi guys new player here and first post, names Ashley and I'm from England. Recently got into Yugioh cards after a mate said he was buying some and building a deck. Only played one game so far so very much learning the ropes. I mostly play Warhammer 40k and have a few large armies as well as a Pokemon card collection. Anyway hoping to get deeper into Yugioh and get some more games under my belt whilst learning the mechanics. Never really saw the animation on TV but I am very drawn to the card artwork which is amazing and the game/deck building seems clever and strategic. Not one to do things by half measures I purchased a mixed 2000+ card joblot off ebay, some booster packs, a link deck, the Kaiba/Yugi reloaded starter decks plus a good chunk of the cards recommended to make a Blue Eyes deck. Good to meet you all! Wondering if you have any tips and could point me in the right direction for where to post the deck list I'm working to. Not sure if this is a good one and looking for feedback, pointers on playing and alternate cards I could include. Many thanks.