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  1. Oppressed People (viability?)

    Quite annoying how this Thread was posted twice without me wanting it, sorry for that.
  2. Oppressed People (viability?)

    http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Oppressed_People Ok so, I have been interested in this card since I played someone on Dueling Book who played it in his deck. Unfortunately at the time I was quite new to the format and thought it was something other people might have tagged into there deck before as well but after a little bit of research I realized there is nothing to find on this card (or I was just too dumb to find anything). In case anyone is not familiar with Oppressed People I don't blame you. The card itself was to what I found only played in a deck which tried to get off the card Huge Revolution (http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Huge_Revolution). Since this is quite a difficult task though it was never viable. Now after playing against this player on Dueling Book, (I wish I checked his username) I was surprised by what this card can actually do. The way he abused it was first of all to bait Nobleman of Crossout, but also as defense. Getting over a 2000 defense body is not easy and usually requires you to have specific cards. Very important to note is though that this card is level 1 which makes it perfect to Metamorphosis into TER with it. On top of that he used it as discard fodder. Next to cards like Graceful Charity, he used it for cards like Abyss Soldier, Tribe, etc. After using several of them he was able to reuse them with Salvage, I'm not sure if there were more useful Salvage targets in his deck though. Besides Abyss Soldier, Oppressed People and Salvage it seemed to be a relatively standard goat control deck. I have seen people making similar plays with Ameba, though I feel like that it's significantly weaker than Oppressed People purely due to it's low stats. In case anyone knows what kind of deck I am talking about or what card choices can be made with this card, pls let me know. I myself find it an interesting topic, especially since I haven't seen anyone ever talking about it.