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  1. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    I guess I'm about to be lynched, which is kind of comical. Lesson learned, don't join random games in discord assuming players are going to be at all competent or attempt to play a game they sign up for. RIP. Kill Faint, and possibly Mascis or rei. Good luck.
  2. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    Like, Faint spam posted some stuff at start of day, doesn't follow up on any of it, doubtcasts almost the entire game, and then votes for someone he wasn't even calling scummy because of nonsensical reasons, then abandons thread once a mislynch is secured. He's a wolf. It's all hot air, and there's no active attempt to figure out who the wolves are, just to seem townie enough to dodge the lynch, and then vote off the wagon so he's not held accountable.
  3. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    Where are people anyways, isn't EoD pretty soon? Do you guys just. Not care about games you sign up for or something? @Brandis72 @rei @Wunterslaus @Mascis etc Pretty sure Faint is a hit. Can rake me over coals tomorrow if I'm wrong, let's CFD this.
  4. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    Like, all of these reasons for how people can be wolves and he's gonna look at interactions and then just. Parks vote on something that's obviously not going to happen. There's no followup to any of it. Unvote Vote: Faint Die, wolf, etc. Partner is almost definitely someone he's calling wolfy but not pushing/doing anything about. Mascis? rei?
  5. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    Like Faint makes a series of posts right before this that are all perfectly reasonable, identifies some people as possible wolves, and then just...votes for Brandis because he can't keep up with the game instead. ??????
  6. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    God. it's just so self-aware. I think it probbbbbably comes from a villager, but it's not impossible he's a super self-aware wolf. Just a weird post to make in general.
  7. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    I kind of liked him seeing what I saw wrt Soph here, though - the Overly Helpful Townie archetype of wolf, that can state the obvious to post while avoiding posting anything game-relevant. Hum. Mascis/Faint team?
  8. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    Malcom's probably toughest player in game for me to get a bead on because they're either terrible, lazy, or a wolf, and I can frankly see any of those options. I also tend to struggle getting accurate reads on people that push me, because I usually tend to think wolves wouldn't have the balls to push me, knowing I'm a strong player and difficult mislynch, but I obviously haven't posted much here, and it's first game on site, so that's irrelevant. Like. My problem with the push on me in general is that so much of it is based on something that is a playstyle decision over something that is alignment indicative. You can think it's 'bad' to try and generate reactions and make something happen, but almost no one has posted anything this game, it was dead, and I wanted to try and get some easy reads on people. Doing something you consider 'bad' play doesn't make that person a wolf, and just voting them and then doing no followup, and making no attempt to actually figure out my alignment is either a wolf just hoping the mislynch takes, or bad play on its own.
  9. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    My vote stayed on you because I wasn't in the thread. The original post said day ended on Thursday, and I thought we had 24 more hours. I'd still have voted you over Tyranno probably since he seemed solidly town to me. Entire reason I voted you was that someone else voted you, and I wanted to generate reactions from both you, and others, but then like... no one responded, and it was useless.
  10. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    Man, looking at this post though, I almost have trouble seeing it coming from a wolf because it's so low effort. The reasoning behind voting for Wunter is basically 'He voted so someone else would die over him' which.... that's not at all alignment indicative. Does a wolf like, make that the backbone of a lynch they're trying to push? Eh. Maybe? Low effort mostly sums up the game as a whole though, makes it pretty easy for wolves to blend in.
  11. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    Didn't like this, felt overly nit-picky, a really easy kind of 'gotcha' thing. And this is a waste of time, he's dead, he's town, but regardless of the convenience factor he was my strongest scum read going into d2. RIP etc.
  12. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    With regards to Soph I assume? Ye, sure. I didn't like this, since it felt like he was trying to be seen posting, but didn't actually do anything to get the game moving. Didn't like the next post because 'Take a breather buddy' felt over-defensive, like, I struggled to see a villager mindset in wanting someone to... not try and get the game started and look for wolves. And christ this software is miserable to try and multi-quote on, can't get my cursor down below.
  13. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    Around until EoD. West coast is not forgiving with phase lengths, but can work from home later tonight. Final Vote Count: Tyranno - (4) Soph, Mascis, rei, Wunter Wunter - (3) notawolf, Tyranno, Faint notawolf - (1) Malcolm Not Voting: Brandis Was the EoD1 VC. Soph is a villager, and I'm kind of coming around on Wunter being a villager. He's making at least some attempt to keep the game moving, when it's pretty easy to just be content with gamestate as wolf and let the mislynch happen because of general intertia. I've kind of liked a couple posts rei has made, but don't remember them off top of head. I'd be very surprised if at least 1 of [Mascis/rei/Wunter] is not a wolf though, and I think Mascis is probably the most likely one there. I think Brandis is a villager from early D1 stuff. NotAWolf Tyranto Soph Brandis Wunter rei Malcom Faint Mascis This is roughly where I'm at reads-wise, so Vote: Mascis Doubling back to answer questions/quote some stuff now, just wanted to drop a general state of union thing to process where my thoughts are at.
  14. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    I'll be around before deadline for a few hours to catch up and dump some thoughts. Been a kind of hellish couple days, but life happens I guess. Out of curiosity is like... it common here to just...not claim if you're about to be lynched and are a PR? That was one of the most baffling things I've ever seen in a game. At least force them to kill you at night instead of being able to hunt for the other PRs, christ. Betting one wolf on Tyranto wagon and one elsewhere, but obviously not an ironclad thing. Just no way in hell he died with all villagers on him given he's one of the only competent players that was existing on D1. Would like to see people going back over the votes and reasoning given for voting him and do some analysis themselves if it hasn't been done yet. (Semi-unrelated, but kind of amusing, I was going to be tunneling Soph today because I thought he looked terrible yesterday, a ton of 'overly helpful townie' archetype posts with minimal content, so, rip my D1 scumdar I guess)
  15. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    Sorry, probably shouldn't have made that post, holding until confirmation etc.