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  1. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    I topped 16 (14th on rounds) in european 200th YCS Ultrecht with this build : https://imgur.com/a/2kjr6DY The deck was ok, but I definitely got punished in the Mirror matches for not playing 3 Eagle boosters. Pretty much eveyrone in the top cut had 3 which made my Mirror matches very hard ... That being said, this decklist is definitely not up to date. I'm pretty sure Thunder Dragon will be a very played deck (at least on the short run) and I'm not so sure how to tech against it for now... I guess it'll depend if the deck can easily OTK, or if it will mostly play lock and board control. I didn't really have the time to test against it for now tbh
  2. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Yeah, that's a good point !
  3. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Well, yeah Gamma's definitely very good in both match-ups, but a bit weird also. It's very good being second, which goes well with Hayate as well, we have many reasons to choose to play second. But in the Gouki match-up, it seems better to just be first, widow's incredibly good and very reliable response compared to the handtraps. If you play second with 3 Gamma and 3 impermanence game 1, you have 57.71% chances to open at least 1 handtrap in 40 cards deck / 5 draws. That doesn't seem enough to me in 10 rounds tournament (We can maybe also count Called by the Grave as an out to their board, it often did work in testing, but not allways, not so sure how to value the card against Gouki).
  4. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Well, tbh the deck is kinda in a weird position right now to me. If we're in a Gouki format, we don't really want to play Phantom Skyblaster because the cards does nothing to advance your gamestate. It doesn't reliably outs the Gouki boards, doesn't prevent it. Sure, it can OTK, but if you do OTK with it, you probably allready won the game vs Gouki. And the game won't go to time against Gouki, so no need to OTK. What we need to win those games is reliable handtraps and outs to their boards. But at the same time, Sky Striker really needs a reliable way to get damage in for other match-ups. If we're forced to maindeck for the Gouki match-up, we're making ourselves kinda weak to Trickstar Sky Striker game 1, as an example (As Ghost Ogre, Cherries and impermanence are just bad cards in the match-up...). The thing is, if we loose game 1 to Trickstar Sky Striker, and have no way to get the damage in game 2, they'll just keep playing game 2 nice and slow with 10 less card advantage than us, until we eventually kill them and we'll move to game 3 at 2 mins from time and we'll just die to time lycoris damage... We either need to win game 1 against Trickstar (thus preventing the slowplaying) or to get damage in and close the game fast once we get the advantage to move to the last game. I just don't see any obvious way to build the deck arround those contradictions for now.
  5. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Well, the OCG combo only takes Needlefiber (which everybody runs and is a very good cherries target also), Borrelsword and Linkuriboh. This combo shows what makes Needlefiber actually so good. We want to start the combo with token + 1 card (3 monsters board), and end with link 1 + link 4 (5 monsters). Needlefiber actually allows to climb 2 link rates by using glow-up bulb and with minimal drawbacks / bricks in the deck and low extra deck space, while all the other ways to climb (Akashic / Iblee synergy, Summoning sorceress, Curious, Isolde ...) either have too many drawbacks, lock our extra link zone or are link 3 which makes them bad materials for Borrelsword ...
  6. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Well, yeah you can make Hayate + Borrelsword with 2 Drone + 1 discard actually, but we want Hayate to be in extra monster zone and borrelsword in main monster zone. There are ways to have them the other way arround, but the move's just not so good. If your opponent has a monster, and you have Hayate in extra zone, you can crash Hayate into opponent's monster (and mill raye with Hayate's effect), then bring back Raye. Then attack with Borrelsword, attack with raye, put raye to defense to attack again with Borrelsword, and tribute raye to attack with Shizuku. That's over 9K damage if he has only 1 monster with 1500+ ATK (quite common ^^), so OTK through upstart I was actually wondering if there are other nice ways to link climb into Borrelsword. Like if we have Drones + raye, we can go Hayate then Isolde in main monster zone, and maybe link climb from there somehow as we're already running 1 equip spell card ?
  7. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    For the skyblaster move : Just go Drones => Kagari => drones => Kagari into Hayate. normal summon Phantom Skybaster => 3 tokens. Turn Drones token + 1 other token into Knightmare Phoenix. 1 more token into Linkspider. Linkspider + Knightmare Phoenix + Phantom Skyblaster into borrelsword (1 token left in attack position, means you also have 8k damage on empty board which is nice) I've been trying to do this with the iblee build. I really like iblee, It turns drones + 1 discard into Topologic Bomber + raigeki effect live (by using 3 knightmare mermaid in the extra deck ^^). With 2 drones + 1 discard, we can go into a board of akashic magician in extra zone + Phoenix under (making akashic effect live, allways nice) + iblee on field + 1 token left. Sadly, can't find a way to go into Hayate in extra zone from there (if only we could turn Akashic into a link 1, or somehow move it to a main monster zone xD). We can definitely make this mvoe with goblin + 1 discard + 1 normal, or with 3 hornet drones, but it just gets too hard to setup I think. That being said, there's probably a nice move to go hayate + Borrelsword without playing Phantom Skyblaster (which is kinda a brick, doesn't advance the gamestate) and without needlefiber.
  8. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Well, no summon sorceress in Europe for now, we'll definitely have a different meta here ^^
  9. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Seing NA WCQ results of Gouki, I really considered maindecking the impermanence or effect veiler (because of the better synergy of veiler with shared ride when going first after side) and siding the Mind crush, but I didn't do it because I underestimated the Gouki deck, especially the ability of the deck to play through backrows (mainly several widows anchors). Playing Impermanence or Veiler probably wouldn't have been better in my case though, because I didn't play against that many Goukis, and I actually got quite lucky in my Gouki matches. Overall, there were 160 Goukis for allmost 500 Trickstar Sky Striker variants in the tournament. The mind crush was also very good for me the whole week-end. That being said, I expect to see much more Goukis in the near future (Because of the recent results, but also because of LinkKuriboh coming to europe), so I'd probably maindeck one more Veilerlike handtrap. I also think that people underestimate veiler against Trickstar, the card is actually quite good (When he goes Engage into hornet, hitting kagari with veiler forces him to search widow or afterburner in end phase and have no engage for following turn. Also, when he goes for candina turn 0, don't veiler. He then searches reincarnation if he already has lycoris, and you can veiler candina the next turn with no lycoris in his hand). Infinite Impermanence also has interesting advantages against Trickstar Sky Striker. In the matchup, the Lightstage effect to freeze backrow is really good. If you only have 1 widow Anchor and he targets it, you're pretty much forced to chain it on your own Shizuku, so that you don't die to the Firewall OTK combo. He'll then candina into a new lightstage and lock / kill another set spell/trap. If you have 2 widows (or 1 widow + 1 impermanence), you can afford not to chain it, keeping other backrows safe as replacing his field will unlock the one that he locked first. Because of this interaction, I really think Trickstar players should also candina into a second Lightstage even when you didn't chain your widow, and use the second lightstage on another set card (because they most likely didn't hit the widow if you didn't chain it), then comes the mind games in play lol
  10. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Hello, I just came back from european WCQ this week-end, and went top 16 with pure Sky Striker. I decided to post this here, because I found the discussions above quite interesting (although I didn't reply lol). Here's my build for the event (video in french, it's quite standard) : In testing, I found that the deck pretty much autowins every rogue matchup. To me, it only loses to Trickstar pressure, Gouki boards (which can be broken game 1 sometimes actually with called by the grave to target 1 knightmare goblin, he needs to negate otherwise widows can win the game, and then ningrsu can break the board), and some random imperial order or bricks. Because of the new time rule, I decided to maindeck against Trickstar (mind crush, only ash blossom as handtrap, 3 called by the grave, 2 Afterburner, 3 Phantom Skyblaster), to hopefully win the first game against Trickstar. That way, he cannot slowplay the second game, and it shouldn't go to time too badly. I didn't expect to see that many Gouki actually, it usually was not that popular in europe because we don't have LinkKuriboh, so I decided to stick to only 3 handtraps maindeck. Really wanted to have the 3rd Ra Sphere Mode in the side though, but couldn't fit it in. I'm using the 2 field + 2 terra forming to have 80% chances to open raye when going first, for consistency. I actually used everycard I ran in my side deck (except Ra sphere mode that I drew against Gouki, but never summoned) and used all my extra deck cards several times the week-end. I actually didn't expect Ningirsu and Topologic bomber dragon to be that good this week-end. I considered running pot of desires, but I just don't think the card's needed, and I'm actually playing the value game most of the time (except some hands with phantom Skyblaster, but I didn't do the OTK move that often : I just went into both Knightmares and ningirsu, then topologic bomber dragon to deal with boards most of the time) Quick Report : Round 1 : Sky Striker Trickstar Mekk : Lost 1-2 (He won the first game. I took advantage very quicly the second game, but couldn't kill him fast enough and he had no reason to play fast... Lost game 3 in time to lycoris pass...) Round 2 : Sky Striker Trickstar Mekk : Won 2-0 Round 3 : Mirror Match : Won 2-0 Round 4 : True Draco : Won 2-1 (very lame games. He had imperial order 3 times, and I had evenly matched 2 times. Phantom skyblaster into Knightmare phoenix helped a lot too) Round 5 : Mirror Match : Won 2-0 Round 6 : True Draco : Won 2-0 Round 7 : True Draco : Won 2-0 Round 8 : Sky Striker Trickstar : Won 2-0 (The game 1 was probably one of the most interesting games of the week-end. It lasted 32 minutes and we ended up both with less than 8 cards in our decks. I won the value game, but it was a very close game. I won Game 2 in time sadly, with a big phantom skyblaster play...) Round 9 : Paleo Frogs : Won 2-0 Round 10 : Sky Striker Trickstar : Lost 0-2 Round 11 : Gouki : 1-1 Draw (Both game were very back and forth, but he eventualy managed to push through several widow anchor game 1. I had a hard time getting the damage in when I took the advantage in game 2. We started siding for game 3 with less than 1 minute left...) Score after swiss : 8-2-1. Finished 42th after the rounds. TOP 64 : Won 2-0 against Gouki. I got very lucky this game Game 1, I opened Token into shizuku set 2 pass. He bricked, summoned Riscorpio and attacked, so i setup all widows on field next turn to stop his plays. Game 2, I opened 1 ra sphere mode, 1 hercules base, 1 phantom skyblaster, 1 infinite impermanence and 1 widow. He set 3, used exchange and gave me his phoenix blade. He took my phantom skyblaster, summoned it with token and passed, and I topdecked raye... He just couldn't come back with infinite impermanence and widow to stop his plays and engage in my hand. TOP 32 : Sadly played against the other French duelist left in the top 32... Won 2-1 against Sky Striker Trickstar with iblee. I can't remember all the exact moves. Nice back and forth games, but I eventually win the value game. TOP 16 : Lost 0-2 a Mirror Match. He played it really good, taking some really nice decisions. My hands were a bit weird, but his weren't that good either actually. I probably forgot a couple of moves in between, the second game was a bit more ressource trading, but overall, it lookied like this. Game 1, I opened 2 hornet drones, 1 mind crush, 1 metalfoes fusion and 1 called by the grave. I went hornet drones into kagari, and he negated it with gamma. I used the second hornet drones to go for shizuku and set mind crush, kept called by the grave to play arround ash blossom. He used foolish of goods for engage, takes it back but gets hit by my mind crush. He kills my shizuku and mind crushes my engage at the start of my turn. I'm left with called by the grave + metalfoes fusion + jamming wave, to his field + multirole in hand + shizuku on field and engage in his grave. The only way to come back I see is to jamming wave my set metalfoes fusion. I called by the grave his raye, and hoped to draw into hornet drones or raye or engage. I draw mind crush with nothing in hand, so I can't use it to stop his plays and I scoop... Game 2, I have called by the grave, raye, hercules base, twin twister and hornet drones. I go into shizuku and search for engage with called by the grave in my hand. He topdecks a ghost cherries, so I lose all my 3 kagaris (i considered going into 1 kagari with no targets before shizuku, but decided not to, sadly... And I also didn't set called by the grave because if I get ashed, it's game pretty much...). I couldn't play the value game at this point, so tried to setup a kill with phantom skyblaster. I searched a second engage following turn with shizuku. I used twin twister at some point to get rid of a multirole play). He took my shizuku, hit me with it, and gave it back to my main monster zone. Ended up locked with shizuku + 2 engages. I attacked into his shizuku (hoping to have mine die in the process as he had more spells in grave, bring back raye to summon 3rd shizuku, and empty my main monster zone for engage, because I couldn't go into kagari to do so), but he used his widow on his own shizuku, so I destroyed his shizuku by battle and he had no raye in grave (this was definitely still the right move for him). He kills me the following turn with widow anchor + summon raye into kagari. Overall, I'm happy with my performance (it's my first european WCQ), and it was a really nice week-end, I had a lot of fun with friends !