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  1. THe quality had a big drop in the middle there
  2. Form will be here and I'll be able to answer most hours of the school day. Be sure to give me the replays. I'm thinking of posting this on youtube. Here are the Rules 1. Current Banlist 2. It is on YgoPRo Percy 3. No anime OCG or Promo cards 4. Try to build creatively
  3. What's third? The barain arc in Zexal (things get really good)? Early Arc-V/Maiami City Tournament? Or GX's 3rd and 4th seasons.
  4. Here are some simple flavor text for iconic cards (does not work for normal monster as they already have flavor text) Black Rose Dragon Perhaps the garden if faulty no nothing has been destroyed at least nothing of value Five Headed Dragon And they say two heads are better than one Thousand Dragon He has lived 1000 years, he will deal you 1000 damage Insect Queen Even among bugs and filth there are rules and for every rule there is a ruler The Legendary Fisherman Known among the Umio as a god like legend. He is with the ocean and the ocean is within him. Coycat Nobosy will consider themselves unique after meeting me. Silfer the Sky Dragon For the dusk. Toward the Sky And enter Heaven without dying THe is the story of Osiris god of the sky Jinzo Our perfect creation Monster Reborn Senet anyone
  5. So me and my friend Mohammed were playing Yu-gi-oh. We decided to do a deck swap (I was playing Bujins and he was playing what I could only describe as Removal Swap) (I'll make a post on Swap sometime later, it's actually kinda interesting). We took our starting hands and I drew (A bunch of spells that required me to control monsters (including Creature Swap) a birck so I decided to go second. Mohammed opened and set two cards. Then he ended his turn. I drew a copy of Ghost Ogre. I passed. Mohammed took his turn and drew card. He set another card face-down. I took my turn. I set the Ghost Orge face-down. HARD. I took my 4th or so turn and I finally drew a monster. Mystic Tomato. Yes my freind runs Mystic Tomato. It is actually kind of good for combo's in Swap (ie, Swap Tomato with bigger monster, destroy Tomato, Float onto your field (presumably a Gandora X but other option are there) and attack with Floated monster) though it isn't that great it is certainly a +3 with Gandora X. I direct attacked with Tomato. Mohammed didn't respond. This continued until Mohmaed finally summoned a monster. A boar in defense mode. I couldn't run over it Tomatoo so I did a pretty neat play if I do say so myself. I flipped open my Ghost Ogre and used swap to get out his Boar. Then I switched Boar to attack and swung for game.
  6. Monster Lunalight Black Sheep x2 E-HERO Neos Alius x2 Sangan Neo Spacian Air Humming Bird Neo Spacian Grand Mole Destiny HERO Diamond Dude Destiny HERO Decider The Dark Hex Sealed Fusion Elemental Hero Neos Summoner Monk E- HERO Shadow Mist x2 Elemental Hero Stratos Elemental Hero Solid Solider Keeper of Dragon Magic Destiny Hero Dynatag Spell Mash Changex3 Skydive Scorcher Monster Reborn Destiny Draw Fusion Tag Polymerization x2 ROTA E Emergency Call Miracle Contact Miracle Fusion x2 A Hero Lives Mask Charge Trap Solemn Warning Crush Card Virus Hero Signal Destiny Signal Extra Deck E-Hero Gaia E Hero Great Tornado Masked Hero Dark Law Elemental Hero Nebula Neos Contrast Hero Choas Decode Talker Elemental Hero Air Neos Masked Hero Koga x2 Mudragon of the Swamp Masked Hero Divine Wind x2 Firewall Dragon Arcana Extra Link Joker Link Spider Number 39: Utopia I know this variant seems somehwat weird but here me out. I'll explain my more bizzare chocies Lunalight Black Sheep x2: An extra Poly. Pretty Important for making Great Tornado and Gaia Neos Engine The Dark Hex Sealed Fusion Elemental Hero Neos E-HERO Neos Alius x2 Neo Spacian Air Humming Bird Neo Spacian Grand Mole Keeper of Dragon Magic I know it seems pretty bad. I mean I don't even run Panther but they synergize pretty well with my other HERO's. Neos And Alias are searchable by Stratos/Decider, Grand Mole is decent removal and Humming Bird summons the fusion. Plus Dark sealed can work for any fusion and Dragon Magic can discard Miracle Fusioon. You see. Synergy. Destiny Hero Dynatag: Honestly I'm thinking of chainging this one. Who should I replace him with. Skydive Scorcher: They work well with Gaia, Great Tronado, and the Neos Fusions. Mudragon of the Swam: Don't really summon him, should I replace him. Fusion Tag: Can summon Contrast Hero Choas pretty easy. Crush Card Virus/ Sangan: Crush card can work with both Shadow Mist and Summoner Monk and Sangan is a good combo with it. Hero Signal/ Destiny Signal: Summon Mist/Decider/Stratos. E-Hero Gaia/ E Hero Great Tornado: Fusion. Use Miracle or Regular Poly. Synergizes with Neos Masked Hero Dark Law: You only really need one of them. Deck that it kills don't have any real outs and if it isn't a deck it kills it can be easily revived. Elemental Hero Nebula Neos/ Elemental Hero Air Neos: Air can OTK and Nebula can be useful for a comback Contrast Hero Choas: Again Quick play Negation plus give Fusion Tag a use. Decode Talker: Link Shokun Masked Hero Koga x2: Running Koga at two is pretty odd but it's nessicary for the Koga FTK. Masked Hero Divine Wind x2: YOu only really need one for drawpower but I run two just in case Firewall Dragon: LINK SHOKUN Arcana Extra Link Joker: Warrior Link, summons Alias, SYNERGY Link Spider: SYNERGY Number 39: Utopia: My Excitons are in my Bujin Deck.
  7. Titan will return again???

    Crowler didn' pay him rent XD XD XD XD
  8. The Neos stuff actually has synergy with the HERO stuff
  9. It;s not a joke. It's actually rather consistent
  10. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    IDK. I'm reading Death Note for the first time. Rereading the BNHA novels. The usual. But i do have to reccomend Bakuman. Same creators as Death Note and really really good. It's one of my favorite pieces of media ever.
  11. Favorite card?

    Oh I have two. THe fountain in the sky and Memory of an Adversary
  12. Intresting. Abusing the Odd-Eyes cards, PRohibition and Psiblocker This could be a fun format. If people use these weird synergetic combos
  13. Theme Song Rock Away Rock Away In my creation prison Books and movies The game to play it chews me today Crayons in my hand Show me the way If I can not escape I can be at least free Liberated from those who hate me However, it appeared after it appeared I hasten to write Their arrogance was fainted With the Misasli I am justice I cry for my fans i don't know why I am trapped inside To try to leave Fans certainly exist No one knows anymore If I am crazy Locked Blood and hatred I can not escape From all anger They tease me To infinite hatred I can not escape I can, I will escape Rock Away In my creation prison Books and movies The game to play it chews me today Crayons in my hand Show me the way If I can not escape I can be at least free Liberated from those who hate me I will escape My fans and crayons lead the way I stumble and I will not take it in autumn Have you show my hatred Confront the pain I suffer from all the scars But I asked one question AMMMMM IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII FRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Ash Ketchum woke up late. He looked at his clock in a haze. He saw just a single glance and rushed out excitement in his eyes. Yet he didn't know how SPECIAL this journey would be. Ash rushed out the door with a single piece of toast in his mouth, not knowing he was 2 hours late. He rushed to Oak's Labritory, but not before a quick breakfast. Once he got there he looked at the three pokeballs opening one on instant not knowing which one it was. Or that it was empty. "Sorry Ash. You can't have Charmander" said Oak solemnly. Ash opened the next one "Sorry Ash you can't have Squirtle" . And then the next one "No Ash you can't have a Bulbasaur either. Sorry but. I'm all out" said Oak finally. "What no way?!?!?" said Ash in shock. "Well there is one option" said Oak contemplativly. "I'll take it" said Ash excitedly "I'll take anything you got." . "Well" said Oak. "He took out a Pokeball.". "Go, Pikachu." said Oak dramatically. And thus came out of the ball an electrical mouse, adorably itching it's ear. "Oh cute" said Ash trying to hug pikachu. Pikachu shocked Ash. "Waa" he yelled in pain. "One thing, this Pikachu hadn't been fully trained. He appears not to be loyal to anyone and overly violent. How odd" said Oak. "Now you tell me" responds Ash. Oh well, I guess it's something. As Ash walked outside he saw a most unusual sight . 7 bored looking little girls in cheerleader outfits much too big for them and Ash's mother excitingly yelling out "A_S_H Yippie YOU"LL BE THE BEST FOR EVERY". The cheerleader girls followed in boredom. All through a loud speaker his mom asked "Did you pack your extra underwear?". The girls burst out laughing. "Yes mom. We went over this a million times" said Ash exasperated. Ash then began his journey. As Ash entered the forest slightly annoyed at the level of setbacks. He was at a massive disadvantage with a 2 hour delay and a disobedient starter pokemon. Ash nicknamed the thing Discharge. Then Ash heard a noise "Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiro" . Ash looked around and found a Spearow. Ash looked at the Pokedex he got from Oak. "Spearow, the fierce bird pokemon, Viciously cruel, they hunt everything in sight and they have a perfect memory and sight making them truly awful preditors " said the Pokedex. Ash looked at the Spearow. It appeared to be dive bombing the ground repeatedly. Ash walked over to the Spearow. On the ground there was nothing but a crude outline of a Rattata. And Spearow was missing it every time. "Go Spearow" thought Ash sarcastically in his head. Suddenly the Spearow noticed Ash. It began to rush toward Ash. So in response Ash threw out Pikachu "Pikachu use Thundershock" yelled out Ash. Yet instead of obey Ash Pikachu shocked Ash making him fall flat. "WAAAAAAAAAAH" yelled Ash in shock. Pikachu proceeded the run up a tree and begin munching on an apple. "Hey get back here!" yelled Ash turning to the tree. On the tree Ash saw Spearow rushing towards the tree missing Ash. It appeared to pecking at a apple. "What a birdbrain" thought Ash in private. Ash watched the Spearow. It pecked at the apple making significant dent's in it. Ash began look at the supplies Oak gave him. 10 pokeballs, the pokedex and 1 potion for good luck, plus a bit of food. And 1 rock as a joke. He looked at what he packed himself. A second set of clothes and some soap. Ash smiled. He had a plan. Spearow had just finished off the apple. It hadn't yet been noticing what was going on around it. Like an idiot. So like a bat in the sun it swooped forward to it's training spot aimlessly. Suddenly a piece of rock came hurling towards Spearow. Spearow ducked for cover charging at the tree toward Pikachu knocking Pikachu down. In response Pikachu Thunder-shocked the Spearow sending it to low health. "Well that was easier than I excepted" commented Ash as he walked over to catch the Spearow. Unfortunately Ash had forgotten about his own trap. Ash was flown up of a string of fate. Up into a tree wearing two sets of clothes. Pikachu began laughing like a hyena. "This whole thing is your fault you know" snarkily responded Ash. Spearow then flew away. "Come on!' said Ash. After using a rock on the ground to cut himself free Ash began to scheme up a plan. Spearow continued pecking the ground aimlessly. Or at least aimless to Ash. Why did Spearow do that? Ash didn't know. Yet Ash had decided to do something proactive. Throw a pokeball at Spearow. Ash launched the red and white orb from his gloved hands toward the absent minded avian. Launching threw the air like a bullet the pokeball directly hit the simple Spearow as it began to glow deep white. It entered the ball. Tick, tick, cling. The ball closed shut rather quickly. "ALRIGHT!" yelled Ash responding to the capture of the foolish feathered friend. Ash opened the pokeball releasing Spearow. "Hello Spearow I'm Ash" said Ash to the Spearow. "Spear Spearo" said Spearow happily accepting it's capture "I hope we can be friends" said Ash. Spearow appeared to nod in agreement. Then it nodded to sleep. Ash was confused but then he looked at the sun. It was setting under the orb of the earth. "I guess I should go to sleep now" said Ash not feeling particularly sleepy. He had a quick amount of food and began to pack up tent/ sleeping back. He handed out some pokefood for Pikachu. There weren't anymore apples on the tree (the ones Spearow and Pikachu ate were the only ones.). It was just enough to feed Pikachu and Spearow. Pikachu confused by this act of kindess crept over to the food and started nibbling. Put suddenly Spearow stole his pokebean. "Pika!" yelled Pikachu. "Spii" responded Spearow. The two glared at each other with faces boiling with anger. Ash was yet sleeping like a log yet in his sleeptalk he said "Share please". Pikachu feeling a bit more trust decided to eat with Spearow. So the unlikely allies slept toghther, if just by accident.
  14. AU, Spearow Chapter 1: A Journey begins

    I'm not sure. I'm planning on doing chpter two sometime soon
  15. Hey Fate, There both equally relevant
  16. Shinometa: A world where dirty jokes don't exist
  17. Who the hell is she?
  18. Pioneer Format Theory

    The purple building gleamed. Yuta Hanoi, a young boy around 13, stared at the building. "So this is where dad works eh" thought Yuta. His father, a nebbish man around 33, was a scientist at Leo Institute. Yuta walked in with his father." So how do you like it?" asked Yuta's father. "It's cool" said Yuta half-hazardly. The dou walked upstairs to his fathers office. Yuta's babysitter was sick and his mom. Dad never talked about his mom. Whenever Yuta asked the question his father gave him the same look you get when you accidentally call something "the bomb" next to a Hiroshima survivor. Yeah, that look. Yuta didn't ask the question often. As Yuta and his father got up to the third floor he heard loud yelling. "Oh, must be my boss" said his father nervously. The dou went into his bosses room. He appeared to be arguing with his daughter and some weirdo with white hair. "ME AND ZACHARY ARE ENGAGED AND NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!" yelled the girl. "Yes I can. I refuse to allow you to marry unless you Zachary can beat" the boss paused, suddenly he pointed at Yuta "THAT KID OVER THERE!" he yelled with extra infaction. "Wha? I don't agree to this?" Yuta responded back, stunned at the bosses bizzare personality. "And kid over there, if you don't win, your father loses his job!!!" declared the boss. "WHAT?!?" yelled Yuta and his father. "I'm in" said Zachary. "Huh your really going along with this." responded the bosses daughter. "I can take him down. Don't worry" Zachary said laughing heartily. "The duel will commence in one hour at the Leo institute dueling arena." called out Leo. 55 minutes later Yuta was looking over his cards. Sigh. Were they good enough. His deck wasn't that great though he had a decent win record. Yuta's father entered the room. "Hey dad" said Yuta depressidly. "Hey Yuta" said his father calmly. Then his father handed him a card. It was the Clear Kuriboh card. Yuta stared at the weird fuzzball. "Who's this guy?" asked Yuta. "The card that will help you win." said Yuta's father. "IT was a gift from ... your mother." he said. This perked up Yuta's ears. His mother. His fathe never talked about his mother. Yuta's father sighed. A robotic voice said "Duelists get ready. In 1 minute it's time to duel. His father left the room and Yuta added Clear Kuriboh into his deck with a new since of determination Yuta and Zachary walked out onto the playing field. "I'll go first" called Yuta. THe two draw there 5 ards. "I start things off by summoning my Daze Kid.". A purplish child appeared in front of Yuta. "Then I tribute Daze Kid to draw 1 card." said Yuta. Daze Kid dissipated and Yuta drew his card. It was Clear Kuriboh. Yuta smiled. "Since I drew a monster I may reveal that monster, then summon one "Dazed Copy" from my deck." . A piece of fuzz with two eyes on it appeared onto Yuta's field. It had 1000 attack and defense. "I set one card face down and end my turn." said Yuta smiling. Zachary smiled back "A "Daze" Replace deck eh." he said calmly "How do you like my DRACOENVIS!" he suddenly yelled. He drew a card. "I summon my Stone Dragon, and when he is summoned I get to shift him into defense mode to add a Wyrm type monster from my deck to my hand." called the white haired boy as a Chinese Gong with a Dragon imprint on it. "Next I activate the spell Celestial Choice." called Zachary. His his Stone Dragon exploded and summoned an Unsealed Dragon from in hand. "Unsealed dragon." said Yuta in shock. He had never seen a card like this.
  19. Good Stuff LINK

    White Dragon Wyverbusterx1 Mekk Knight Indigo Eclipse x1 Maruading Captian x2 Mekk Knight Orange Sunset x3 Psy Frame Driver x1 Psy Rame GAMMA x1 Stack Reviver x1 Gilarsaurus x1 Mekk Knight Green Horizon x1 Heroic Challenger Extra Sword x1 Bitrooper x2 Glow Up Bulb x1 Mangarokket Dragon x1 World Legacy World Shield x2 Heroic Challenger Knight Watchman x1 Fishborg Archer x1 Shellrokket Dragon x1 Unknown Synchron x1 Summoner Monk x1 Black Dragon Collapseparent x1 Fishborg Launcher x1 Mekk Knight Arvam x1 Fishborg Planter x1 Bitron x1 Draconnet x1 Spell World Legacy Key x1 Reasoning x1 White Dragon Wyverbusterx1 Mekk Knight Indigo Eclipse x1 Maruading Captian x2 Mekk Knight Orange Sunset x3 Psy Frame Driver x1 Psy Rame GAMMA x1 Stack Reviver x1 Gilarsaurus x1 Mekk Knight Green Horizon x1 Heroic Challenger Extra Sword x1 Bitrooper x2 Glow Up Bulb x1 Mangarokket Dragon x1 World Legacy World Shield x2 Heroic Challenger Knight Watchman x1 Fishborg Archer x1 Shellrokket Dragon x1 Unknown Synchron x1 Summoner Monk x1 Black Dragon Collapseparent x1 Fishborg Launcher x1 Mekk Knight Arvam x1 Fishborg Planter x1 Bitron x1 Draconnet x1 Spell World Legacy Key x1 Reasoning x1 World Legacy Scars x1 Monster Reborn x1 Lullaby of Obiencance x1 Monster Reborn x1 Trap Memory of an Adversary x1 Evenly Matched x1 Solemn Strike x1 Contreversal Choices Memory of an Adversary: A personal favorite and a hidden weapon Psy FRAME engline: Making Omega is one of the few good Synchro plays I can make World Legacy/ Mekk Knight Engine World Legacy Scars : Good Drawpower World LEgacy Key: I don't have a lot of option The MEkk Knight Core: Great turn second cards Mekk Knight Arvam: Good for Linkuriboh. Lullaby of Obiendance: Another underated choice (and semi counter to Gouki) White Dragon Black Dragon Engine: The decks weirdest choice, but they have proven that there searching helps you make your best board (Recovery Sorcerer+ Firewall (o-linked) with a Summon Sorceres). Or Maybe Honeybot+Firewall (Colink)
  20. My Fluffal Deck

    I built this deck yesterday. It's pretty expieramental but I've had some success Card Car D x1 Draw Power Archlord Krystia x1 This deck can turbo her out if it's lucky. Plus it locks the opponent out of special. But it's Lv8 so It's bricky Sangan x1 Crush Card Combo Fluffal Cat x1 Not a very useful card, but he can go into E-HERO Gaia Edge Imp Frightfuloid x3 The heart and soul of the deck. It can ditch Sheep and is the core part of going into Chimera LAzion the Timelord x1 He's just a cool tech lol Bazoo the Soul Eater Thinking oof ditching him for a PSY-Frame engine. Fluffal Sheep x3 The other heart of the deck. Summoning an Edge Imp is just too good of an effect to pass up. Artifact Achillshield/ Aegis x1 Artifact Engine woot
  21. Does Yugi beat Rapheal

    Does He?
  22. Quess weq dos man. This is a unigue board