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    Bellido later won that tournament against Calvin I think (Calvin played Zoo?)
  2. Goat Duel Review Thread

    Just rewatched this, I am dying from laughter. WorldGoneMaad is such a scrub :D

    Took out Dale Bellido in round 2, a famous competitive player. His brother is also in the tournament and I think he made it to round 3.

    Hello everybody! Why does it seem to me that this Goat forum has died a little? Anyway, Luxury Gaming (https://www.facebook.com/groups/LuxuryGamingLLC/) organised a FREE 64-man Goat tournament, award the winner with 100$ prize. It then changed it to 128-man because slots were quickly taken. Since this is the biggest Goat tournament since 2005, I feel like it should be talked about! Round 2 is in progress today, each round lasts for 2 days, we are playing single elimination best of 3. IDK what else is there to say. My friend just took out HyperBeam, I will post interesting replays after the tournament is over I hope that some other participants of this tourney also see this post and tell how it is going for them
  5. Goat Deck Statistic on DN

    I didn't notice that this topic was posted 3 times. Sorry.
  6. Goat Duel Review Thread

    How is setting Heavy even considered here
  7. Goat Deck Statistic on DN

    Double post sorry
  8. Goat Deck Statistic on DN

    After playing 77 matches on DB, this are the decks I faced: Chaos: 10 Warrior Toolbox: 5 Goat Control: 16 Zoo: 8 Burn: 2 Monarch: 13 (not the most objective as some games I played against a friend) Other: 23 (mostly DFT, Empty Jar and PACMAN can be named, other was really just random)
  9. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    DuelistGroundz username: siwskiDiscord Account Name: vapenationFormats: GoatExpected level of activity: daily Optional Blurb: ritual beast rekts nekroz any day
  10. I will Is anyone also on DN? I sometimes see Pero and ACP. What about others?
  11. I'm new here. What is this warrinh thing and where can I join, if it's still a thing?
  12. I found out about DGz from Googling goat-related topic and I'm here mainly for goats