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  1. Yugioh Motivational Video!

    I made this video to inspire players to compete. Yugioh is the perfect game, it’s just that it lacks prestige which my video intends to add. I’m sad when people move on from the game but it’s definitely a booming game. I hope people aren’t offended by the people I used in the video. I included only people with the best resumes that I could think of. It would definitely help non Yugioh players see the game with more respect.
  2. Burning Abyss Options NAWCQ

    One Build I forgot to mention that I will have to try out is Burning abyss orcust, I didn’t want to really play that build but it may be the best version to play. I put so much hard work with Burning Abyss and it wouldn’t make sense for me to practice with another deck type with so little time to practice. Will post my results of Practicing with BA orcust. I want to win badly, it’s all I think about. I hate to lose.
  3. Burning Abyss Options NAWCQ

    Hi everyone I'm a dedicated burning abyss player, been play testing many nights with no sleep. I wanted to share my deck library with the different versions of BA that I play test. PK Fire is not the only way to play the deck. here are the builds I consider viable. 1. PK Fire- This build has a strong and consistent first turn, the goal in deckbuilding is to design this version to be good going second. the grind game of this deck is awesome. something I learned when play testing this build is that konami actually designed and preplanned for this build to be a contender this summer. It definitely helped my deckbuilding skills when i realized to look for techs that Konami themselves had in mind. In playtesting this the only con is going second. And if we can solve the going second problem then we have a chance to win events. I'm not saying that this deck going second game is bad, just saying that to win a whole event you need have a good going second game. This build would be the best version if it could master going second successfully. 2. Trapless Pure BA with kaiju heavy side- https://imgur.com/zEhcC73 This build is really good in my opinion, in my build I mained 2 vanity fiend, 3 rank up astral, 3 masked change second for darklaw, 3 beginning of the end because it draws one of these 3 cards turn one and my heavy BA count can handle it. The goal is to win Turn one with a floodgate/disrutive board. my build is consistant but going second needs to be sided for which it is with the kaijus. the motivation behind this build is none Yugioh related, I would use the Faith/Law of Attraction to win most of my die rolls, with knowing I will win my die rolls I can confidently build for going first. Pk fire would love to win die rolls too, but this build has solved going second with the kaiju heavy side. you can play both Pot of desires and beginning of the end here too but you would like to combo off first before activating desires 3. Kaiju BA with with a good going first side deck- This is basically a reverse of the above option. This is a very good option as well. It breaks boards really well, has answers to to Salamangreat, Sky strikers, Thunder Dragons. I haven't played much against orcust with this deck, though twin twister with calcab is strong. with a BA heavy count this deck will be able grind a bit but i would say the recovery of the deck is pretty mediocre but not weak. Mask change 2nd and Super poly are strong and make for good game pushes. You don't have to have faith in winning the die roll with this build. 4. Sekka Hand Trap BA- I playtested this one but not extensively- I love the option to play it though. So here is how it works- You main 15 or more hand traps with sekka light. Psyframe Gamma is so good in this one. A deck building challenge is staying at 40 card count. The Pros of this version is that it can consistently count on ending your opponents first turn with 1 or 2 hand traps. with the meta being Salamangreat, Sky Striker, Orcust, etc you have a good selection to end your opponents turn. The con I found with this deck is that if built incorrectly It lacks the ability to put Damage on board, and has a lower offense than all the other builds, but since it has the ability to shut your opponent down consistantly it can buy time to go for the kill. With running 15-20 hand traps the BA count is lower, so the deck needs a good normal summon. In my build I couldn't fiend room for a rescue cat package, but i think the mini chaos dragons could be of some help with damage out put. Maybe there are cards that aren't discovered that can help this deck main flaws. Damage out put would be the main thing to work on, and I personally would say It's possible. 4. Sekka Danger Burning Abyss (with Mare Mare combo)Thomas Rose build- This build is a beast but with Cherubini release It would be recommended that we max out on Scarm and Farfa, maybe an extra alich as well.I really love this build as it is very chain link heavy and difficult to Pilot. It's a going second build that intends to win Turn 2. The deck building goal is make the deck better with Cherubini. I mean what good is it to not take advantage of the new BA link. I said we should max out on scarm because that would help with turn ones a bit, and recovery in failed OTKs. I don't really know If Konami Designed this version to be as good as Pk Fire but It's worth testing. The Con is that this deck auto loses to mystic mine. So elite side decking is neccessary. 5. Trap Heavy Burning Abyss Control- https://imgur.com/Gjxj0ek I don't think the decklist I made can be improved on honestly, not trying to sound proud or anything but I did a lot of testing with it. This build is 60 cards but it mantains consistency and its so much harmony/synergy. It may be trap heavy but it has kill shots. My mindset in building the deck was to play the BA deck like it was designed by konami to be played. The BA trap card that swarms can be a blowout offensively and defensively, mask change second into dark law can is offensive and defensive. fire lake has the potential to be a blowout. Super Poly can be a blow out in so many ways, helping the decks kill shots. Anti spell is auto win in certain match ups. Pot of desires is activated after i combo or when i need it. Twin twister is good offensively and defensively. This deck takes advantage of using cards that has multiple purposes. evenly match is in here to help with going second. it auto wins against true draco and Altegist. Wind blast helps my turn one, and it can discard scarm to get my engine going. The deck is built perfectly and can only be improve with discovering hidden undiscovered cards. The side is kaiju heavy which makes going second great for me. The deck has a slower start than something like Pk fire, But it has killshots still and it can handle going second better than PK fire. I think Konami had both Pk fire and Pure BA in mind for this WCQ season, the harmony and synergy is just too good. There are other Burning abyss builds but these are the ones that I think are the best. I really want BA players to take advantage of Mask change second and Super Poly. I'm almost ready for the WCQ and I'm taking BA without a doubt. I may be crazy but I have a strong feeling that I'm going to be World Champion this year. I'm so hyped up and motivated. Any version of Burning abyss takes a lot of skill and deckbuilding with this deck is so deep that no other deck can really compare. Not to sound like a jerk but after 4 months of testing I feel like I mastered the deck, but people do catch me slipping on Dueling book lol. Thanks for reading.
  4. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    https://www.duelingbook.com/replay?id=105706-9635338 One of my satisfying wins that showcase why I love this deck
  5. I was just thinking about a card like Cup of Ace, it states, flip a coin and the winner draws 2 cards. I know it may seem crazy to run luck based cards that include coin flips or dice rolls, but what if we could use a card like this to increase our winrate on Dueling Book. I know many may not care about ranking up on there but for me personally it's addictive trying to grind on the Dueling Book singles for the number 1 spot. If we could discover a coin flip card that would give us in theory a 51 percent chance of winning long term I think it would be worth it for something like Dueling Book grinding. This idea is also present in cards that don't include coin flips and dice rolls. One of many examples is Running the one copy of Speed Roid Terrortop, with the Dead wind card alongside it. The reward of the lone Terrortop should pay off more than the downside in a deck like Sekka BA. So this idea is at work at the higher levels of Gameplay. But lets say I decided to use a card like Cup of Ace with strategic theory behind it. For example I can play it when I'm in a losing situation, or I can play it when I'm guaranteed to make an unbreakable board, or I can Play it when I draw a brick hand that's guaranteed to lose without help. Remember I'm just looking for an edge in ranking up on Dueling book, so If I can win more than 50 percent of my games I consider that enough to help me rank up the DB ladder. This Strategy could possible be useful in a tournament if we had the mindset that we need to get lucky to win the event. Overall I'm wondering if a edge can be found in coin flip/dice roll cards that can increase win rate in the long run. I understand that this idea is present in cards that don't include dice roll and coin flips but I love the game so I enjoy when Theory is used in Yugioh. I also have a love for Auto Win Cards such as the 2012 Chaos Dragon Future Fusion, and the lone Gateway spell in Six Samurai 2012. I'm currently running Burning Abyss faithfully so I love doing things like running Dark Armed Dragon as my medium risk, high reward card to mimic my love for the auto win type cards. Looking for more ideas to put this strategy in use. I play Yugioh for fun but I do want to win a championship, I just want to win it with one of my favorite decks which means I accept that I have to get Lucky to Win an Event. For example the person that won a YCS in Wind Up format 2012 with Six Samurai got lucky and opened Gateway a lot of games. I have faith that I can pull something like this off one day. Chess and Poker are the hobbies that I'm super motivated to play at the highest level, but for Yugioh I just want to win an high profile event, make a name for myself and switch to only Playing Goat format Yugioh at that point because I wouldn't really have any more motivation for Modern Yugioh once I win the event I desire to win the most. One other big Yugioh goal I have is to invent a FTK deck that forces an emergency banlist, similar to Frog FTK from 2010, That may seem like a huge and lofty goal, but I love trying and I love this game. Thank you for reading, let me know what you think.
  6. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Been Practicing with BA all year. Can't wait for the link to come out in May. I still need to improve in the chain link area and figure how to make my opponent miss timing and what not. It's such a hard deck to master, even though It may not seem to hard to play at first glance. Definitely is the deck for intellectuals. Will go to the NAWCQ this summer for sure with BA. Hoping the Ban list helps the deck cause this will probably be the last chance for the deck to be champ again. I recently broke someone killer board with BA and went on to win. It was most satisfying. Will Be Starting Trucking this week, so I would like to kindly ask if somebody can post their games with the new Burning Abyss link on YouTube so it can help me prepare. I love next level plays in Yugioh lol. Will definitely pay for that. After Nationals I may switch to Paleo as my new main deck, as long as they can stay tier 3. Not sure if there are any other decks I would like to play. Before Links came out Junk Doppel was one of the most hardest decks to master. It couldn't do well in events because it had no representation, but it had a killer first turn if it could dodge hand traps. Don't get me wrong, I play to win and I'm not satisfied with anything less than World Champ, But I accept that I will need to get lucky to win an Event. I believe an example of this was when Six Samurais won a YCS in 2012 wind up format. The Player got lucky with opening Gateway most of his games. All in all we just have to have faith and know when an event is ours to win. I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for reading.
  7. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    NB96 spot on comment. BA and Paleo seem like the only two safe decks that will be around eternally. I think we can get another good year out of BA because of the new BA link that’s coming out at a unknown time. So practicing the deck wouldn’t be a waste of time. I love the little small tricky plays you can make with this deck so I’m definitely going to focus on mastering the deck.
  8. Hello everyone, I love mind sports and I get a thrill off of competing. I wanted to share a list of goals I have for my 3 hobbies listed above in the title. I’m hoping someone can benefit from the mindset I’m presenting in my goals. I’m just happy to vent. I wish I could stick to just one hobby but it’s impossible for me to do such a thing. I realized it was stressful on me when I would focus more on Prestige in hobbies rather than fun. Yugioh for me is a great hobby, but it lacks prestige. If I win a Yugioh tournament I would feel nothing. But the game is indeed very fun in numerous ways. Deck building and gameplay, nostalgia. Poker for me is fun now that know how to play the flop really good. Poker has lots of prestige but it should be motivated by fun and not pressure to make money. Chess is the least fun for me but it has the most prestige in my mind. It’s the hardest game in the world, with probably 200 years of theory and study. The competition is deep. For me personally when I play chess I fantasize about being a boxer. This was my dream before I severely injured my foot. Chess is literally the closest thing to boxing that I could play. So how in in the world could I make time for all three hobbies? on top of pursuing a degree online. I’m glad you asked. To make time for all 3 hobbies I had to humble myself and not seek prestige over fun. So here are my healthy goals for YGO, Chess and Poker. For 2019 1. For Yugioh my goal is to become the perfect BA player. I don’t care about winning tournaments in Yugioh, I just care about piloting this deck perfectly. This is not a stressful goal at all. Also I think Burning Abyss deck will get a new link card that will make sure the deck stays relevant for atleast 1 year. If the timing is right I might can compete in a YGO event with BA before 2019 is over. 2. For Poker my goal is not success but only to improve my game while continuing to have fun. When I graduate from Seminary School and buy my first house, I hope to be able to travel regularly to play in Bracelet events for fun. I don’t care about the money, I just want to get a thrill from competing. This is a long term goal. But for now the only goal is to improve my game. For Chess my goal is to play without fear while increasing my Elo rating. Use my childlike imagination and Also improving my game as well. I’m content with being a Class C player for now. Getting to 1800 Elo is a minimal pressure goal for 2019. I’m so happy that I lowered my stress by choosing fun over prestige. Prestige is important but fun is most important. Please don’t fall into a trap of starting a hobby that you know full well that you don’t enjoy. If you liked what you read please leave a comment.