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  1. I'd like to hear from both former and current players of the game. What is it that you like about yugioh and the things you find enjoyable about it? And then what are the things you do not like and is unhappy about with yugioh? As a former yugioh player myself, I became unhappy with the costs involved, but I really should have been smarter and realized it sooner since virtually almost all trading or collectible card games are money sinks. I could have avoided this if I had started off with playing only electronic and digital formats and stuck with only those formats throughout instead of ever touching the physical card game. The costs of having to keep up with the constant changing and updated banlist and keeping up with the latest meta. It really is a rich person's game more or less. If you can't keep up, and fall behind it's going to be very hard to catch up, and then I realized maybe it's still not a good idea at all with the way how the banlist really is and how it affects the cost of keeping up with the game's meta. The game balance is the other thing I wasn't satisfied with and realized that the game does not get more balanced each banlist, but rather becomes even more broken from new and more overpowered cards that are released. And I realized it was necessary because that's the only way Konami can continue to actually make a profit off of it. The lack of multiple formats and inflexibility is also what I didn't like about it. Because in general, you can only play advanced format, no variety of formats offered, not even an alternate format that isn't very broken and so fast paced. Even if they are used such as sealed deck formats, etc., those are very rare, at least throughout in my area. The things I did however enjoyed was back in the days of playing with starter decks and structure decks, as it was more playable and games don't end so quickly. I probably should have just stopped at the first 4 starter decks for Kaiba, Yugi, Pegasus and Joey, but the later structure decks were much better and funner overall. The early days when the cards are relevant to the first saga of the anime, although I barely really keep up with the anime episodes and realized that the cards in the anime are drastically different than those that are in the actual card game itself.
  2. This ugly son of a...

    I do notice most of the very active yugioh forums have less activity than they used to 3 or 4 years ago. It could be because of the latest changes and updates they had made to the game that made it difficult for many players to keep up with and they became frustrated enough that they had decided to leave. I'm a former yugioh player myself, but started way back in the earlier days from 2002 throughout 2008. It didn't work out for me eventually either, I really tried to get back into it by watching games first and decide if this is really what I'd still want to play and spend more of my money into, or whether there could be other alternatives I could look into and experiment and play instead that I would enjoy better. I decided to go with the latter.
  3. Thanks for mentioning keyforge I'll look into that. Dominion is where the whole concept of "deck building games" began if I remembered correctly. Maybe somebody pay the original designer or creator of the system to reuse it to create new games based on the original system and modifying it to suit various themes. And I guess you can say they are more like "board games" but in playing cards format. And typically I think they are more cooperative oriented than competitive, although competitive options also does exist. There are other games that came after that uses the same or similar concepts and systems, in particularly to UDE's "Legendary" line of deck building games, which may be more popular and recognizable, although I have seen a Street Fighter Deck Building Game and even a Harry Potter one if I recall correctly, but they aren't done by UDE though: They go for between $20 to $60, as you can see from the screen capture of the manufacturer's store page. And there's just very little collecting and/or trading involved if any at all, as some of them had receive expansions while others are just stand-alone releases and are typically based on either a tv or movie franchise or license. You just get everything you need pretty much out of the box and if there are any expansions at all they aren't a necessity anyway. Those that are fans of Marvel characters and stuff probably would want to give these card games a try and see if they like it or not. Still more bang for the buck from the way I see it. I mean for most traditional TCGs, and CCGs, to put together and build really good and competitive decks easily goes into $200-$400 at least, maybe more sometimes. Depending upon how many reprints of much needed cards and staples there are and available, etc. However, I don't ever hear of any tournaments or competitive or organized play for Deck Building Games at this point, maybe they do exist some place, I don't know yet. But I do know LCGs have those. LCGs on the other hand, as you put it they do put out lots of expansions over time once the sales pick up and enough people are playing them and buying them. I just like the idea that it's equal access to all cards, no more having to squeeze a budget for those much needed rares to build a competitive or really good deck unlike the traditional trading and collectible card games. But yea, even then there's still keeping up with them and buying the latest expansion set or deluxe expansion set they release, especially if one wants to keep up and stay competitive. Otherwise, one can simply just stick with the core sets which are essentially starter decks/structure decks/theme decks, etc.
  4. Or just stick with only the starter decks and structure decks. That's the least broken form those games would be in and would be more playable with a more limited card pool. It's just too bad back in the day when I look for casual players to play with locally, majority of them attend local tournaments so almost always they only have a deck made specifically for tournaments and games tend to end quickly for me. I could have just gave up then, but I decided I'll take my chances and try to keep up. It wasn't a good idea at all in the end when I could have invested the money and tried other games instead. I'd probably wouldn't be willing to invest heavily into magic either, although I've heard there's much more flexibility there and a variety of formats one can play for different skill levels, etc. Think they had released stuff like structure decks before too and I heard they were really good for newbies that want to give the game a chance without breaking the bank. Never mind, I meant "Theme Decks" for Magic the Gathering, I heard those are really good for newbies on a limited budget. More bang for your buck basically. Never liked the idea of paying more for less anyway. I'm also looking into the re-launched VS. System known as 2PCG, which I believe is essentially a "LCG" edition of the game. No more randomized distribution and very rare and expensive cards to look for and to maintain and keep at a competitive level. Don't know if you ever seen or heard of them before. I even saw UDE release two 2PCG decks that aren't even for Marvel Characters, rather instead it's for two science fiction franchises, Alien and Predator. I'm not that big of a fan of Marvel stuff, but if they are legit about no randomized distribution of cards that seems more budget friendly already. And the Alien and Predator idea as card games, I never thought that would be possible for that to end up in VS System, so that surprised me. Typically I think one of those 2PCG deck packs or core sets cost around or between $25 to $30 USD. Actually, they cost less than $20 USD on average, seems to be much more affordable and something worth looking into, in particularly for anybody that is interested in Marvel characters, still no word if DC characters would be re-added back eventually, maybe it will happen, maybe it won't happen, only time will tell:
  5. By any chance, is Gwent a Living Card Game or Deck Building Game? I more or less am trying to move on and away from TCGs and CCGs because well obviously like my username says I would be more favorable of budget friendlier alternatives. I've also had my fair share of bad experiences with yugioh myself. I just wished Konami would be more flexible and develop and implement multiple formats or come out with a format that would change the pacing of the game back to the days when it still felt like a duel instead of how now it feels more like a form of solitaire happening at lightning or turbo speed. That way it won't simply just a be a one and only format that is available where the majority of players would always play, even when playing casually outside of tournaments. But until i see something interesting enough for me to actually play it again I would rather just watch others play for the time being and play other games. Most CCGs and TCGs require significant investment in order for players to be able to keep up to even have a chance, especially if you are trying to stay competitive with majority of players that play those games. Sometimes they just have ridiculous powercreep. And then typically they always have some really uber broken and overpowered cards that are very expensive because they are scarce and rare and would quickly run up the bill if one is trying to keep up with them. Clearly they are or sometimes become a rich person's game which is also why I'm looking to try and play non-TCGs and non-CCGs. Although it may not always be the case where every CCG or TCG is a richer person's game I think most of them probably would be designed in a way that give those that can invest the most money and time into it most of the advantage. Some CCGs or TCGs might hardly even require players to get much or any rare or really rare cards in the game to have a chance to win and be competitive. I was never all too interested in Hearthstone, although I do have to say I prefer electronic and digital format somewhat over physical format due to convenience. But I'm definitely not favorable towards the idea that there would be many microtransactions required in order to stay competitive and keep up with the game either. Although I suppose players can keep playing to try and earn new and better cards in their profile. This is one of the things that I saw on youtube that had completely deterred me from returning to play yugioh: As you can see from this video as an example the pacing of this game is just way too fast now. Way more faster compared to when I last remember playing the game back in 2007 through 2009. Now it feel like a form of solitaire; solitaire at turbo speed. Just for the record, I didn't make this video, somebody else had, it's just an example, maybe other players' experience might be different than this and their experiences aren't always like this, I honestly don't know. I just don't find that to be something fun to play, regardless if I was the player that won like that or the poor player that got crushed. Although somehow I thought it's funny to watch.
  6. New to Yugioh / where to start

    There are tutorial videos from the official yugioh youtube channel. After watching these tutorial videos you'll understand better how the game works:
  7. I joined only because I used to play yugioh long time ago but I currently I would be more interested in reading about other players experiences and watching them play the game instead. The last time I remembered playing with the actual cards themselves was sometime back in 2008 maybe 2009, can't remember exactly. Everything after that is mostly from electronic and digital or online formats, but I had more or less stopped after 2014. So if anyone wants me to watch their duels, and typically I would watch players duel over at Dueling Book, please let me know? I'm also looking for former yugioh players that had played the game and then stopped playing it for whatever reason, and see if they have any recommendations or ideas on what else is new or more interesting. Or if anybody ever thought about quitting or is planning to quit I'd also be interested how come they decide to quit now? Is it because of the costs and expenses to keep up with the game? Or could there be any other reasons?
  8. If you did like them and play them what do you think of them? How does your experiences playing with Living Card Games and Deck Building Games compared to the more traditional and popular Trading Card Games and Collectible Card Games such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and many others well known and recognized card games. Do you enjoy Living Card Games and/or Deck Building Games more than than the traditional Trading Card Games or Collectible Card games? If you did, then how come? Any recommendation of LCGs or DBGs is also much appreciated, thanks.