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  1. This ugly son of a...

    i think it's unrealistically difficult to create a meaningful "introduce yourself" blurb without coming off that way... i did what i could ok also I did come here to laugh at you
  2. This ugly son of a...

    is joining your forum, and basically you are fucking retarded. That being said, my name's Zᴇɴ'ᴏʜ-sᴀᴍᴀ. I run that /dng/ discord some of you might have heard about. I don't like Yugioh. Game was only mildly interesting to me during the 5D's era, and that was mostly the fault of the anime being interesting and not the game. Don't expect me to participate in Yugioh related discussions. Do expect me to shitpost where otherwise applicable. Essentially what this means is:
  3. Tell us why you joined, get 100 free reputation points

    I joined to shitpost in a thread about a guy who got banned from the discord I own by my mods, because apparently the guy diddles children or something. Very poor form from that guy, solid 0/10.