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  1. Now to start getting on a healthy diet! Funny enough, I ate a snickers after work! (Slaps wrist)
  2. I can only list the people that I personally played with and have spoken/built things with. It's really hard to put an order here, (and hard to write a definitive top 10 - so many great players) so I will just write this as what I believe was the top tier. These are also players that I saw as visionaries and innovators of the highest calibur. I believe that these were some of the best minds that have ever been in this game. 1. Matt Peddle 2. Cas Stomphorst 3. Max Suffridge 4. Wilson Luc 5. Kris Perovic 6. Jae Kim 7. Hugo Adame 8. Lazaro Bellido 9. Dale Bellido 10. Kyle Duncan / Stephen Lusko (tied) There are some people I am apt to consider, but will not list them due to issues of integrity that have been exposed and written about, and issues I have observed first hand.
  3. Hope this is finding everyone well. I am in need of some guidance for my diet and for beginning strength training. Foolishly, I have been running long distance without keeping any of this at the forefront of my brain, and thankfully, I haven't suffered any serious injuries. I do not want to keep making these mistakes because I know it will catch up to me and I don't want any part of that (especially since I don't have health insurance). I am running 10ks and half-marathons at the moment, with the goal of completing my first marathon late summer/early fall. I started running partly due to my weight (was 150-155 lbs growing up and gained up to 200 - currently at around 175), and I am trying to lose some weight to get down to 160-165. With the strength training, I'm not looking to get ripped, but toned, with an emphasis on gaining more flexibility/mobility/support for my joints. I am really in the dark with all of this stuff. I have spent my whole life neglecting my body and I don't want to keep living that way. As far as diet goes, I'm a sugar fiend, but have cut back significantly, and I cut soda/fast food out altogether. Other than that, I'm quite ignorant. Any help and guidance is greatly appreciated.