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  1. So as of right now I got a reddit post up! I went above and beyond and did like 30 comments/posts on topics I didnt even really care about just to unlock the feature to post a thread haha. https://www.reddit.com/r/yugioh/comments/atq6h8/have_you_heard_of_this_yugioh_game_duel_monsters/
  2. Thanks so much! I hope I can see you there and I could always show you the ropes of the game, im not afraid to post my social media here for anyone who wants to contact me with trying to get on the game, its Fatalfox#2309 on discord if you or anyone is interested. Also I did try Reddit sadly but they won't approve my post because I dont make other posts so its gonna be some time before I can do it... if anyone here who is an active Yugioh Reddit user would like to talk about the game though in the mean time it would be very much appreciated!
  3. Before I even start this post I just want people know I am not the creator of this game or affiliated with it in anyway so I am not self advertising my website. Just a person who plays on it and would like more people to know it exists. With that said this seems to be a yugioh game that gets overlooked by almost everyone in favor of the more well known mainstream ones. Its a really unique one that plays like the older GBA style games where you had a map you walked on, characters you controlled and just a place to explore in general. All other yugioh games are just lobbies where you click "Duel" and one begins and it is convenient and straight forward but its nice to have some uniqueness and variety now and then. Some features of Duel Monsters Genesis include: Speed Duels, Turbo Duels, Tag Team Duels, Free For All Duels, A world map to explore and various dueling areas, Character customization and custom avatars, Custom attack names and summon chants for monsters, cards usable from the anime and video game series that did not have TCG/OCG prints and so much more! Don't get me wrong its great playing those ones and I don't want anyone to stop playing them but I at least want this game to have its fair shot to see if people would enjoy the aesthetic of it. I've played on this game for years now and it still hasent lost its charm, the only thing its lost is its high player base and so sometimes its hard to even find a duel anymore which is extremely saddening. In order to play the game you need BYOND and to have an account so ill leave that in here as well. http://www.byond.com/download/ https://secure.byond.com/Join and after that you can either find the game in the BYOND pager by name to join it, the pager has been opened already in your toolbar so you gotta go right click it and hit Open or it wont open automatically. You can also join it from the website link if you dont want to use the pager http://www.byond.com/games/EternalDuelistSoul/DuelMonstersGenesis When you join the game you may see a black screen and lag for a while but thats normal. The game is on an older program and takes time to load everything in for your first time or when a major update hits the game. The game can take some getting used to so ill leave this rather handy video guide someone made for the game. It may be missing a few things but if so don't be afraid to ask anyone in the game for help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuIVkF_eAOY