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  1. Wondering how to make a custom Speed Duel deck...it's hard

  2. I just joined because I needed to know more about YuGiOh as a whole. I hear good things about that but I never really took the time to actually get into it. So I boutght some decks from my job and tried learning the rules with my roommate who was into it more than me. While he's at work I figured I would learn more about the game and maybe one day go to a local event to test my mettle. I played a bit of everything in the spectrum and never found a solid place to stick at. Never really had a fave gimmick or summoning type I just enjoyed the game as it happened in my lap. I guess what I'm getting at is, I am a complete newbie and, like a Duel Academy student, I could use a mentor or something however, to help elevate my game to a reasonable degree...