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  1. Or better yet, "why do I want to associate with people who don't like me"
  2. I think all of us were pretty bad as teenagers. I read some of the shit I posted back then, the way I dealt with confrontation, and my skin crawls. But you take it to another level dude. You're quite literally the type of user that wouldn't last a day back when I first joined here. There was no one to protect your sensitive autistic ass.
  3. Lol are you fucking serious? You brought me up, randomnly and unprovoked I might add, in a bunch of your jokes while making light of drug addiction at the same time. You're just a moron who has no self-awareness and a little punk who can't handle a joke, an insult, or even criticism for that matter.
  4. Also, again, if you are going to break the bank getting a degree in philosophy and live in NYC and have dreamt of attending those schools, why wouldn't you try? I only say this because I myself have been mulling over grad school options and always find myself considering the same two options. And I'd certainly do it if I wasn't already invested in my career and lived rent free.
  5. I mean he's right in a very broad sense? At an executive level most business strategy is based on more gut instinct and subjectivity than anything else. You certainly want to be in correlation with hard data most of the time, but like he said, those numbers will always be there, creative problem solving is something that can't be generated in the same respect. I would still have to say I disagree with the assumption this would cause a rise in valuation or demand for liberal arts majors. He's assuming people who have an academic or traditional understanding of business operations, finance, etc will not be able to provide fresh perspectives.
  6. tbh the only philosophy majors I see on linkedin with good jobs are not only from prestigious universities, but also seem exclusively white. to me that screams the need for other skills and/or connections in a firm where you'd somehow leverage your "worldly" views in a client-facing role. just my .02
  7. not applying to Columbia and NYU due to lack of funds for tuition is kinda poor form. if you are going to go all in, just do it. worry about how you'll pay for the loans later, esp if you are getting a degree from one of those 2. although I gotta say the degree choice is really poor as well. did you not learn from earl? unless you have some good finance skills or data skills to match your philosophy major, it's pretty useless in terms of trying to make a living off of it.
  8. the hypocrisy is so real. was I crying when everyone was at my neck for calling you a faggot x100? nah. grow up, it's a fucking forum, meant for ygo no less. if ur gonna be a little bitch at the slightest bit of adversity you face, I fear you have an even tougher life ahead of you. the fact i have to explain this to someone in their late teens is sad in itself tbh.
  9. idk whats worse, this thread, or the fact you think ppl care
  10. damn if this unswallowed load is banned, i have no purpose
  11. Ur not allowed to say nigga when ur a paper white, justin bieber haired, beanie wearing faggatron.
  12. got a promo at work. officially took over digital marketing. now i can SNORT MORE FUCKING COKE FUCK YEAH FUCK
  13. Soul Soul Prefer current Free almost every weekday after 6:30 PM EST as well as all day on weekends. No noobs I'm me
  14. Also idk about anyone else but all my zone card counts (deck, extra, rfg, gy) glitch and display random incorrect numbers at times which makes playing a card like Desires or Grass dangerous/incorrect.
  15. Yah I was gonna mention, only reason our single game lasted so long was; 1.) We didn't know full effects of a lot of cards 2.) Actually reading them is a pain in the ass. Someone mentioned earlier in the thread to implement intentional/additional latency for when card data is displayed to the user, but I think they should just fix it to a simple click, meaning they only display card info on a card that's been clicked, and doesn't change until another card is clicked/played. Also I made the mistake of viewing a bunch of the group chats on this program, and it doesn't let you leave them. You'll continuously get notifications for every group you click on (there's over 100).