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  1. also selling systems is not the same as selling a phone, not even close lol. not all sales jobs are created equal, and someone who didnt know their shit walking into a boardroom throwing out imprecise pricing would likely be laughed out of any company ive worked for.
  2. and if you do get a techy person in your store that knows their shit and has to speak to her, you will loose all negotiating leverage and quite possibly even the sale as it's rather insulting to be sold something by someone who is noticeably unprepared.
  3. sad reality is most consumers aren't educated consumers, so the logic that the hot girl draws them in isnt completely off base. however being someone whos likely been rejected in favor of white kids with no experience and liberal arts degree from a top-tier uni, not picking the most qualified person imo, is a scum move. ppl are struggling out here, etc.
  4. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    How is it 50/50? Fortress trades with everything and Gearframe trades for free essentially. All a QD player needs to do is pop your field 1-by-1. I feel like people forget things like Hamster, Ryko and BoM are @ 3. Unless you open BWW early, there is no way you keep up early game barring Skill Drain (even then). Again idk what you are talking about. No BW is really free, and Icarus Attack is easily played around. Again, only cards you have at your disposal are Drain and Oppression, both of which probably result in a fairly inconsistent deck overall/all current meta considered. Frog Monarch is not the best game 1 deck even, but if you think so go, sure. The deck can draw worse than many others and you can simply be locked out of games. Play against a competent player who will lock you out of Soul Exchange/E-Con plays early on and you are fucked. Quickdraw Frogs would not lose to GB more than standard QD for sure, since QD plays more 1-for-1 removal, but more than Frog Monarch is ridiculous. You can literally play around Chariot if you have QD, not to mention you play the best of both decks in E-Con, etc.
  5. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    BW actually just sucks. Your only good matchup is basically GB. Unless you are straight up OTKing your Quickdraw or Gadget opp, or drawing RO/Drain (playing both is pretty awful imo since Drain, given the prevalence of Book is just not good out of a few matchups), those matches will always be an uphill battle since they will trade all their cards for free. Your matchup against Frognarch is absolutely terrible barring few situations. As far as Frognarch being the best deck, I'm far from convinced. Summoning double Dupe and dumping Frog is not that good. Winning post sideboard is extremely hard as well since you are limited to 1 summon per turn. I guess most people don't realize you can actually just summon 1 monster at a time against pure Frognarch and actually get there, especially if you go 1st. Quickdraw Frog built correctly (not saying I've built it correctly either) seems like it might be a tier 0 contender since you can play minimal tribs, anti-meta cards and have at least 2 plays a turn.
  6. Perfect Circle

    dont think d.d. crow is underestimated dawg. its a known and even mained card in this format.
  7. Perfect Circle

    i mean ccv made it pretty hard to run things like lightsworn, gb, etc in teledad format, just because the teledad player could see it pretty consistently. im not sure that argument holds any water.
  8. Perfect Circle

    im not sure if OP realizes that any monarch or ryu kokki runs over ladd after 1 negation.
  9. Perfect Circle

    i do agree w the general consensus on ccv + sarc, although im not opposed to playing with them either
  10. Perfect Circle

    im not sure why you think LaDD is broken. it depends on GY setup and the rest of your hand. and playing it in your deck/summoning it at the wrong time could obviously end up unfavorable which it did for many people who ran raida. also, lets not even touch ccv when the opp has ladd in hand. basically game unless you bring back disk. in hindsight i always thought its p obvious zombies are the best deck tbh. im not sure coburn is good if your opp is prepared for burn, nor baburn. demise is a wildcard too but easily sided against aswell. only truly viable rogue choice against pcm and zombies, imo, is macro. and thats only if you can stick di-fi or macro early game.
  11. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    I'm in. 2 things though; 1.) I think 2k17 was on to something. Maybe we should force people to use t8/16 lists from Nats OR alternatively just Max's list (latter might be a tad boring). 2.) If everyone agrees, I think we should donate all the proceeds. At 16 players, 1st place gets $50 while Max's family would get $30. Seems to defeat the purpose if we are trying to help even a little.
  12. Wumbo

    fordhampreppy666. god those were the fucking days.