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  1. This is a really morbid take on the subject. If you are prioritizing fucking anything over anything else, yeah that's probably unhealthy. So is thinking money is going to attract someone "decent".
  2. ^ITT we think we are/were ever good posters now that we are small fish in a pond that just happens to be getting smaller
  3. When you look like me your only options are batting a league below you
  4. Not for nothing but labeling this drama is probably overselling it. Just a confused kid having an existential crisis on the internet.
  5. I wonder if Markus has realized he is describing himself every single time he posts
  6. Damn I just got called a 6/low 7. I'm also 6'3 if that helps Don't need your validation anyway. I've had enough of my brothers fashion friends, male and female, express their lust for me. FUCK OFF
  7. Damn, drinking at lunch when I have to go back to work cause I'm SUCH A FUCKING RAGING ALCOHOLIC UGHHH
  8. Requesting custom user group, "Nut Guzzling Assfucks"
  9. "...chaos and dismay wherever they go" Haha I'm dead. You sound like one of my exes that spent way too much time on Tumblr. Irony is you could've avoided this if you didn't needlessly throw shade in your posts at the very person you think you'd want to avoid at this point. But if you want to go tit for tat with a master of petty, I'm always quick to accomodate.
  10. I'd say "suck my dick faggot", but you might actually send me a PM or something lol
  11. Simply put, my disdain for you doesn't lie in the fact that you watch anime. Ash watches anime. It doesn't lie in the fact that you are gay. My older brother is the biggest flamer I've known. It lies in the fact that you are truly an oblivious idiot, and you make no attempt to correct it. Instead it seems you try even harder to make yourself look like a moron. For fuck sakes you even thought my apology was genuine.
  12. Yeah that post just sucks. I'll be serious with you for a minute Markus. Say I was an addict. I am addicted to some substance harder than weed, whether it be cocaine, alcohol, crack, heroine, whatever. Here you would be, attempting to make fun of what would be a very serious problem that I would have. Yet in the same breath you are condemning bullying? Sure me making light of your obvious homosexual tendencies is probably just as bad tbh, if you are a closet gay. But again, I'm not the one claiming to be a beacon of good manners ITT or on this forum for that matter. Again, this is all hypothetical of course. But it shows how hypocritical you actually are. To top it off, WE as a forum, have actually lost someone to legitimate substance abuse. Not as if I'd expect someone who's been on here for such a short period of time, invested little into understanding the history of this place and more time pretending, to understand this. Honestly I'm surprised no one here has brought this up yet. I guess it's okay to be up in arms when I'm calling Markus a faggot when he clearly is one. But we turn a blind eye when he's labeling someone as an addict and making a mockery of something that took the life of a member not that long ago.
  13. lol nah dude. ur actually just fueling your Internet addiction. this is the most interaction you get on a daily basis im sure. honestly you should thank me for being such a dick to you that people actually feel bad for you and are compelled to defend you.
  14. btw i think ur confused on ur drugs, youngin. crack is a little different, and a lot cheaper if im not mistaken, and it might be the reason why u and the fam been in n out of motel rooms.
  15. my dealer isn't picking up. is your mom around... prob not LOL