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  1. Colonial Williamsburg

    My dumbass thought this was in Brooklyn.
  2. And honestly @Aaron you scare the shit out of me because you're so fixated on surface level metrics of success i.e your looks and income. I've made a lot of money on my short 4 years as a professional and I still hate my life thus far. Granted, I'm not a doctor, but w.e. I'm also naturally thin and make six figures without a master's. Everything you preach includes the need for annotation really.
  3. Can't believe I'm just seeing this but it's essentially, hey, I'm almost 30 now and grew up! All this advice is useless to kids in our shoes (especially at my age, 25). Obviously we can do things different, but this is not profound advice. This is simply hindsight. Profound advice would be not being a member of an online YGO clan.
  4. 1st Place Las Vegas Regional Report

    goukis? links? gospel winning something? what does any of this mean?
  5. rip kid no cry Apology Letter

    only time i ever angry faced a post i think
  6. dude fuck the beatles

    idk where one would start. in calling you a moron. there are a lot of angles here. all of which leave you gaping.
  7. I am out

    who cares
  8. bobs burgers sucks

    also courage was the shit.
  9. bobs burgers sucks

    p sure in retrospect ed edd and eddy was awful and so was code lyoko, but when i was a wee lad it was the shit. also only reason u watched code lyoko was b/c it preceded ygo gx nigggaaaaa. it was the appetizer. hey arnold is also the shit and i still need to watch that movie that came out last month..
  10. sorry! i had a lot of work last night and didnt get home until like 10-11 last night. i will be on tonight 100%
  11. Retiring effective immediately

    lol. if i understand this correctly you are leaving because of what someone said? for shame.
  12. most likely around 8-9 est and later. have a few errands to run after work but shouldnt take me that long.
  13. @mmf i dont understand whats going on. you also didnt tag me. are we playing?