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  1. rip kid no cry Apology Letter

    only time i ever angry faced a post i think
  2. dude fuck the beatles

    idk where one would start. in calling you a moron. there are a lot of angles here. all of which leave you gaping.
  3. I am out

    who cares
  4. bobs burgers sucks

    also courage was the shit.
  5. bobs burgers sucks

    p sure in retrospect ed edd and eddy was awful and so was code lyoko, but when i was a wee lad it was the shit. also only reason u watched code lyoko was b/c it preceded ygo gx nigggaaaaa. it was the appetizer. hey arnold is also the shit and i still need to watch that movie that came out last month..
  6. sorry! i had a lot of work last night and didnt get home until like 10-11 last night. i will be on tonight 100%
  7. Retiring effective immediately

    lol. if i understand this correctly you are leaving because of what someone said? for shame.
  8. most likely around 8-9 est and later. have a few errands to run after work but shouldnt take me that long.
  9. @mmf i dont understand whats going on. you also didnt tag me. are we playing?
  10. @Mascis ill be on tonight, tomorrow night and wednesday night.
  11. bobs burgers sucks

    bobs burgers does suck. futurama is legend tier tho, just stop