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  1. I like it Reggie. Best of luck. It's more fulfilling than w.e that Aaron guy is doing. Fuck that guy.
  2. not kill myself. especially since im just outside the 27 club now and it no longer would be cool.
  3. DG Roast

    Some of these aged quite nicely tbh
  4. currently eating tropical sour patch while watching my gf take an online boxing workout class. feels good men.
  5. My dick prob has more girth than you tbh
  6. My dick is actually rly big, but thanks for the inquiry. Also my hairline gets worse as the days go by, contemplating shaving it all at some point
  7. what are you doing with your life in 2020

    currently in quarantine, pissing out my ass and sipping some pinot. also got laid off from another "startup" cheers.
  8. robyn graduated from using dgz for validation to reddit. i applaud the upward trajectory and perseverance. i hope you get your own show singing w celebrities in cars, one day.
  9. XC VS DGZ

    Hola motherfuckers. Rarely come on here anymore but when I do, I see this dumb shit. Checked the archives, you dudes have never beat us. I did find this though: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/114260-duelistgroundzcom-vs-xerocreative/ It's honestly great. We were all like 16. Simpler times. Everything's changed cept for @ygo duelist bodan still being a virgin nearly 9 years l8r.
  10. barely read this wall but doesn't seem like a normal dynamic to have. seems like a pretty one sided narrative too. also don't know why im posting here.
  11. being an adult sucks

    Yah I literally see no problem there. Also @ACP, you're case might be a lil diff cause you're still ugly
  12. I actually have a really big one, thx
  13. Colonial Williamsburg

    My dumbass thought this was in Brooklyn.
  14. And honestly @Aaron you scare the shit out of me because you're so fixated on surface level metrics of success i.e your looks and income. I've made a lot of money on my short 4 years as a professional and I still hate my life thus far. Granted, I'm not a doctor, but w.e. I'm also naturally thin and make six figures without a master's. Everything you preach includes the need for annotation really.