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  1. How the fuck do you progress through campaign (get rid of the yellow exclamations above each duel)
  2. in actuality this is only the 2nd time management is changing hands? first being manny handing over ownership to ash?
  3. bad biz management. also trusting that "good" ygo players =/= professional/business minded individuals was prob his worst mistake. pat ended up using the platform to launch his books and such, Jeff started his own store, etc. def poor management and execution of ideas.
  4. i remember when i used to roast this guy all the time and now i see what hes become and it brings a tear to my eye :') on a side note, i deserved to win that disk commander title, you all sucked so bad.
  5. tits or gtfo gone. rip.
  6. cant say im surprised that no one has brought up that the game is so shitty that there is now a legitimate need to take advantage of these tiny nuances outside of technical play/deck building lol.
  7. I get my PTO by then (6-month work probationary ends next month). My older bro lives in Orlando. Hmm....
  8. That last sentence alone is testament to the fact you should be banned.
  9. Abe Thalos, pro tip, shut the fuck up. I think I'm qualified to say this. Credentials: Patrick Hoban wrote of me once.
  10. lol
  11. Can we just ban all the legitimate Republican voters itt (still not convinced Wumbo is one).
  12. requesting ban
  13. He meant a good/reputable attorney. In which case it is true.