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  1. Soooo, you kinda just only reaffirmed the fact you are a random.
  2. Lol who the fuck is this dude? Dude wasn't even relevant in 2008. Hate when people just point to their join date when ppl still didn't know who tf they were.
  3. not spreading rumors/misinformation would also help
  4. i can imagine u saying this in the whiniest, bitchiest tone possible
  5. waiting for goku to grow some testicles and play tristan after talking all the shit he has. i was the only one talking shit, directly to MJar, and he beat me. For better or for worse, he beat me fair and square. dude called out tristan for making a bunch of misplays, etc, yet literally comes with a new excuse any time tristan challenges him. it is probably the saddest shit ive seen in my nearly 10 years of warring. yet he thinks people on this site respect him (lol). only person who likes this dude is ACP (who probably doesnt really) and just needs him to do irrelevant maintenance here.
  6. being pussy is not a tech, its a way of life that you seem to have mastered sir
  7. its all good dude. i find solace in no one actually caring about what you have to say. congrats on exchanging any credibility you had left in exchange for "no watchers". quite the trade off.
  8. how would you derive me being proud at all with that statement? or me counting that with anything? is english difficult for you? clearly math and understanding why sixth sense is good is an issue for you.
  9. greed + duo control 2 > 1 goat control
  10. smh they r prob called all of the outs cause they find every way out of playing a match
  11. I do disagree with a large portion of what is being thrown around here in general. I don't think anyone is guilty of anything besides Morphing Jar being super irate. I agree with everything you said in your first statement, and I'd hope ACP takes your advice as well as others. I'd disagree on your 2nd statement, as I think part of the "closing the loophole" solution would be localizing all matches played, to an online platform, more specifically, the ones outlined in ACP's warring thread. Anything further and I feel as if we are fundamentally undermining the entire premise of the league's format. I'd also disagree with the real issue being what you proposed. I don't think anyone thinks, or for that matter, knows, what your team did was wrong. Simply because it is definitely within the confines of the rules (or lack thereof). That is why I think Morphing Jar or anyone who accuses you or Skully of collusion would simply be without basis. Regardless of whether your side would cry foul or not I think we should remain neutral and objective here. The problem here is not whether you guys did anything wrong, you didn't. The problem is whether this is worthy of being addressed in a concrete way imo. I'd say your last statement is simply hindsight. Obviously if they knew this was going to happen, they probably wouldn't have picked him up. I'm sure ATO might be over exaggerating in regards to which they reached out to Kira, but regardless, he played his good friend IRL and questions have arose regarding the legitimacy of those games, which is 100% valid. In short, I think this has gotten too personal. I chimed in to highlight that this is a very -real- possible exploitation that needs to be addressed. Morphing Jar should refrain from making personal, unfounded and inflammatory remarks against those with infinitely more credibility in the community than himself. But I also think you should refrain from entertaining any of his ad-hominem outside of the real problem he highlights just by simple virtue of the fact that you most definitely have come across individuals like him.
  12. This is what makes me want to be a vital part of DGz warring, but I know once I start work again I will not have the time to devote. Mustang, you are being super abrasive for no logical reason, and you are throwing out very wild accusations with almost no proof to back up your claims. I understand the paranoia and the anger you have with some random joining your team and potentially costing you the war, trust me I do. Almost every single war I've been involved in has been subject to things like this. My first war as captain for Team DGz was against YugiohForums, and most wanted to desperately see me fail as I went against the grain and cut essentially all of the useless fat off the legacy team. Even those who I decided to keep on I suspected of purposely throwing their matches just to make things more difficult for me personally. However in my entire time of warring, and in my entire life, I have never let this paranoia and lack of evidence besides gut-feeling override my better judgement and throw people under the bus carelessly. You bring up important dialogue. You have my support in the sense that this to does not sit right in the "spirit" of the tournament for me. The fact someone signs up their friend and plays 2 games irl which have no potential for verification of being played, outside of the individuals themselves that were involved, does not sit well with me, and it shouldn't sit well with anyone who has the slightest bit of cynicism running through their bones. There should definitely be a line drawn in the sand. This is not me saying what Nick and his friend have done is wrong necessarily, but that Allen and the war council should definitely address this. It has the potential to completely undermine the entire structure of this system, akin to the flawed system that was past DGz warring. I think if we can disqualify an entire team of people whom weren't necessarily involved in the proliferation of dodging and then turning a blind-eye to what is a rather suspicious event in its own right, is quite frankly, ignorant. My voice here barely matters anymore, DGz as a whole barely matters anymore. But I appreciate MMF recruiting me as his first choice for this very reason. I think I made it clear to all parties that if these things aren't addressed, or at the least, if a good consorted effort isn't made to address several pain points here, that I will be voluntarily dropping out of DGz warring, despite the hobby it has provided me. I think a lot of "official" judgments passed throughout this season have been done rather arbitrarily and non-transparently. If you are going to offer prize support, make sure the route to said prizes cannot be cheated.