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  1. yeah no
  2. re-reading this thread makes me depressed as FUCK i never rep shit but fuck u suck
  3. stop bro. ppl jumped to ur rescue cause they pity u, not because they actually like u. at least subculture bitch brings something to the table in her shitty cliche weeb edginess. you on the other hand are some how worse...
  4. kinda a joke at this point, but I'm not surprised that you don't grasp that. but I understand. but please itll be nice having fun with you. this is your shining moment right? being the fact no one really knows who the fuck you are yet you've been here for a bit too right? lol
  5. also jazz im not salty. ur just gonna go ur life thinking u were ever good at ygo, or anything, and it just wont be true. same way you think ppl knew u to even be friends with u years ago.
  6. that whole exchange was cute af and the fact markus had someone he could "son" was even cuter. there's levels to this shit.
  7. U guys are nerding up this thread. Jazz, u are awful at ygo and watching u play raida format is on my list as one of the most inhumane things I've seen in my entire life
  8. hard not to respond especially when ppl start reaching like the guy above. haven't even figured out how to view sigs (can't see anyones). like i said, sorry for reminding u guys how gay you all are for each other. on the brightside I offered another dick for u to tug on in addition to each others.
  9. lastly jazz, don't talk nostalgia fag when u r gonna turn into one yourself, especially don't lie about it. u and Giel being cool? Yeah, sure lol. As far as u being cool with anyone back in this sites ygo glory days, even that is a stretch.
  10. "No one cares, but ima tell u how much I care". No one is being giel either lol. Mostly reminding markus he's a fag. I'd say he's even more like Giel, except Giel settled for baiting Bodkins, whereas Markus actively pursued obtaining a picture of another guy's ass and balls lol. as far as a disconnect between myself and what u call a "community", that's kinda laughable. I barely visit here yet I'm able to discern between ppl who come here for each of those games mentioned, and ppl like markus, tyranno, subculture bitch, etc. Essentially people who come here with a purpose in mind, and those who come here with literally nothing to do, aka me. only difference being im not in the circle singing kumbaya. but i digress. i won't piss on your last shining light.
  11. its been years dawg, gotta cut the yugioh and pussy parts out now. just money and weed
  12. Oh please bitch, chillax. Are you bored? Cause i am. Still doesnt mean im not right. It's quite obvious I do it either ironically or out of nostalgia, whichever one you want to run with. It's pretty obvious that the more intelligent? Members of the site such as Allen are able to discern this. Wouldn't expect someone who's only versed in Japanese social ethics to understand these nuances. Grown ass man? Thanks just turned 24, everyone in my office still calls me a baby, so I needed that. And yeah being on this forum for as long as I have, I think I'm quite qualified to tell someone on the very same forum that they are trying too hard. Considering I fostered most of the ygo players who's dicks are sucked today, I think I did a pretty good job at not being a completely unlikeable twat unlike the dude who thinks it's ok to extort a man with a picture of his cock and balls, and unlike the random weeb who's feelings are hurt yet still irrelly. Thx tho babe
  13. smh. i can tell. i don't even fuckin pay attention to rep, but it's attack of the anime avatars rn.
  14. yo dawg it might seem like im addressing u but im not. im making fun of u. i can leave for 5 years, come back, and whoever is still here would still like me more than u. u just try so hard it makes even my skin crawl. idk why u try so hard. so many weebs on this motherfucker yet u still gotta try to fit in, like wtf bro. its like ur a fuckin foot from the goal post and still can't get it in. and congrats u got pos repped by the 2nd biggest try hard faggot in existence on this forum rn. validation.