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  1. cant say im surprised that no one has brought up that the game is so shitty that there is now a legitimate need to take advantage of these tiny nuances outside of technical play/deck building lol.
  2. I get my PTO by then (6-month work probationary ends next month). My older bro lives in Orlando. Hmm....
  3. That last sentence alone is testament to the fact you should be banned.
  4. Abe Thalos, pro tip, shut the fuck up. I think I'm qualified to say this. Credentials: Patrick Hoban wrote of me once.
  5. lol
  6. Can we just ban all the legitimate Republican voters itt (still not convinced Wumbo is one).
  7. requesting ban
  8. He meant a good/reputable attorney. In which case it is true.
  9. I think the point is more or less we should be focusing on technical play, deck building and meta prediction rather than wheeling & dealing our opponent to death/finding loopholes in the rule book. That's never been considered an attribute of a great player, at least in this game.
  10. im upset this thread is still alive and u guys are arguing about the fact he can't write for shit. can we just end this at pat admitting that his moral code is synchronous with a konami rulebook and move on.
  11. Can someone ban king cunt already?
  12. Can we just ban all the random faggots in this thread please
  13. No one is trying to convert you. You've always gone about things in your own way, whether right or wrong. However, when you become an advocate of things that could be construed as cheating, you will naturally draw criticism. Lastly, this is all essentially advice that you could use that will allow people to relate to you and like you more. Like I said, nowhere in the history of this game will you find someone advocating the bending or manipulation of the rules. None of the greats. You compare yourself often to them, yet when others draw parallels you go on the defensive? Makes no sense. I honestly could give two shits. It's your reputation on the line. If you don't mind looking like a pos to the majority of the playerbase, that's on you.
  14. man this is terrible. don't you study poli sci? you are either trolling or exposing yourself as a slimey bastard. rules/laws that are in black and white with no grey area/room for interpretation? do you live in reality? how are you outwitting someone when you are basically tricking them into thinking you are making an even exchange? because it is coming from your side deck and not your sleeve? really ridiculous notions all around. nelrick was 100% spot on.
  15. Not sure how it's an auto 3 of tbh. Playing 2 of these is removing half of your deck point blank. Draw power is good, draw power at the expense of potentially important resources in deck, not so much.