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  1. you guys shitted all over this legendary bread. esp u markus. fucking randy savage.
  2. Goes to show the glory days are over
  3. just reread this whole shit just now. i wish i was 16 again. simpler times.
  4. 7 years l8r and this thread is still legendary. ty to tate for reminding me this existed and giving me something to read at work.
  5. ^no1 fucking cares m8
  6. 2 summers ago when my parents were away I literally fucked 5 strippers within a month. An old HS friend worked the bar there and she convinced me to come one night. Was a good decision. She ended up introducing me to all the bitches who loved the fact I was only 21 at the time. They were all probably the best/dirtiest lays of my life thus far. Probably not best if only because it's obv better when you have sex with someone you have feelings for. But I'll be damned if I still don't think about one of the girls who let me switch hole to hole and then begged for it on her face. Felt like I was in a legit porno. Huge disclaimer, I had falling outs with all of these chicks as they are extremely clingy and most of them have really, really fucked up stories. Tldr; good luck
  7. only difficult if the girl ur doing it with keeps pulling away or makes it awkward I've found. I've had girls who just take it like a champ and it's been comparable if not better than normal sex. as far as slightly disgusting sober, if she's clean enough it shouldn't be a problem. but you do gotta understand shit happens, quite literally. comes with the territory.
  8. or it could be because ur cock is so tiny there's such little force behind it and u literally need it to just slide in. id understand that too.
  9. still stand by that. it's ok if u never actually put it in someone's ass b4
  10. Honestly been so long I forgot, just sounded like a completely nate thing. Who was it, Turnbull?
  11. I'm still in touch with nate. He's had his problems and didn't have an ez life by any stretch but he's ma Boi.
  12. Buddy you fucking SUCK. Like no joke, you run 2 charge in a lightsworn deck? Nicely fucking played, you ugly faggot. I love how you say you're better than everyone etc when you have zero credentials and misplay against everyone you play. Normally I wouldn't say anything but seriously, FUCK. :B rip nate kral
  13. ^same. Also shocked this thread hasn't been killed by nazi allen.
  14. It's pretty common for your 20s. I graduated in IT, but I've been working in ecommerce as an analyst and then an account manager for my professional career thus far (18 months, graduated in 14'). I want to go back to school for a JD and MBA, but it's super expensive and not feasible at this time since I'm turning 24 next month and need to support myself. My honest to god dream is to be a lawyer. Whether it's corporate, civil rights or international law, I'm not even sure. Not to mention I need to decide on which to do first (MBA v JD). Leaning more towards the MBA since the ROI seems to be more immediate, and would then enable me to pursue the JD. But as I said, my true passion is law :/ tldr life is hard, but this is the time to be hashing it out. The fact you are aware of this is a good thing though. Believe it or not, most people our age have no care in the world. At least that what it seems like to me.
  15. why is this fuck not banned yet. acp needs to bring back ban requests.