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  1. What exactly is meta?

    So, people keep on mentioning this thing called the meta game, and it is referring to a group of really good, or at least decent decks or archetypes. The meta game is determined by the general public of Yu- Gi- Oh! so it's all a matter of popularity and how well a deck plays, but some people call anything that beats their deck meta, or something that was considered a rogue deck can become meta if it gets a win in a tournament. This means that people can twist the meaning, so it becomes hard to determine for yourself what is meta and what is not, especially when other people's opinions are being shoved in our face and you are being pressured to agree with them. Just remember that you are part of the general public, and you can agree with whoever you want to, and you have the power to make a deck meta if you want to, just remember, if you choose an unpopular opinion, then you might have to take some trash talk, and don't use not using what others deem as meta as an excuse for losing, it you choice to use the deck your using, so it is still your fault. Hope you enjoyed! Leave a deck that you think is meta below.