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  1. HERO Deck Editing

    I'd like to replace my Monster Reborns with some other cards that work as a good backup
  2. Adding to The "Legendary Hero" HERO Deck

    So, I'm wondering if there's any way I can add some firepower to my Destiny HERO deck. Since I'm wanting to play tournaments and Texarkana has a surprising amount of Elitists compared to what I originally thought, I'll need a few good cards to run in place of the banned cards in my deck. If anyone has a PDF of the banlist, I'll need that to verify whether or not I can use the deck.
  3. What exactly is meta?

    That's true. In being shown the ropes through Duel Links and Sacred Cards (that game is awful btw), I learned the hard way that playing some spam cards and hoping for lucky pulls with a deck that looks nice doesn't work. I didn't run any good archetypes at first, but eventually, I managed to get the Swordbound Silence Structure Deck, (Note: Silent Swordsman is an absolute killer if untouched for around 12 turns and a few combos are added. I once got to 12500 ATK against a friend online) which helped a lot in the ranked duels. Hated the Yubel event, though. From what I learned, relying on god cards and aces is the equivalent to hoping your glass cannon will beat the level 99 boss.
  4. The Shows You Heard Were Good But Never Seen Thread

    I have a full list, but: 13 Reasons WHy the FuCK aRE YoU WAtchING this ShiT Stranger Things (in my uncle's basement) Promised Neverland
  5. I need help making a legal-abuse tournament deck

    Have a deck that can be prepared for a tournament full of wallet warriors. A lot of the competitive decks in DL are built around abusing abilities and special summoning for quick ED monsters and easy wins
  6. So, let's start this off with my basic quirk: storytelling. 2 weeks ago, I bought $43 worth of Yu-Gi-Oh cards and Jesus H. Christ, was I lucky. I bout the legendary hero 3-deck set (Aces being Xtra HERO Dread Decimator, Gullveig of The Nordic Ascendants, and Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche), the Soulburner structure deck (very abusable once you get used to the archetype and strategy), a 25+1 pack (25 common+1 rare, the rare being Binary Sorceress), and 3 Speed Duel booster packs (it has been ages since I've even touched an official booster, but I miss the original 10-card format). I already plan on removing my monster reborns, but I was wondering if any of the decks could somewhat integrate or if I could add something to the Destiny HERO deck since I'll be 2-3 cards short. I would do the research myself, but I have exams out of my ass at the moment. Here are the cards I've thought of adding: Decode Talker- nothing big in mind, I just want it in my Extra for Link power. Veil of Darkness x3- I might use this combo since they rely on my drawing of a Dark Monster in the draw phase, but since I can draw 2 cards by tributing that card, I should be able to draw up to 6 cards with all 3 on the field Kuriboh Variants- fodder. literally just summon/death fodder Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring x3- dzeeff did it, so why can't I? If anyone has a combo or deck building idea, let me know
  7. My Embarrassing First (and last) YGO Tournament

    Yeah, a lot of my best cards were ruined, and I'd even packed in banned cards like Pot of Greed, the Magic and Spell versions (2 of each) of Monster Reborn, and Dark Strike Fighter from when Konami wouldn't fix the card.
  8. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    how do you delete a comment
  9. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    recently started watching VRAINS, which is partially how I was reintroduced to the TCG. Other than that, I've been reading SJ monthly manga like "JJBA Part 8: Jojolion" and "Mairimashita! Iruma-Kun".
  10. Yu-Gi-Oh is just kid-friendlier jojo

  11. Shadow Games Are more interesting than duels

    Yeah. I'd have to say my favorite shadow game was the basic timed land mine trick. Oddly enough, the pre-TCG series had gotten me more interested in yu-gi-oh than the card game anime, but my middle school was the only exposure I had to it.
  12. My Embarrassing First (and last) YGO Tournament

    I was very dumb at the time; if I remember correctly, I compressed my deck to look like a normal deck, but it took 30-45 seconds just to draw
  13. Possibly why Season One of Duel Monsters didn't follow the rules?

    I figured as much
  14. Yu-Gi-Oh is just kid-friendlier jojo

    just replace stands and cheap getaways with traps and ace monsters
  15. Seriously, imagine getting blown into oblivion by playing an intense game of ice hockey. Or lighting yourself on fire because some brat let you play a game with him