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  1. Daytrading free money thread

    Ended up not buying things didn't align the way I wanted. It worked out but not the cleanest setup. Now that we are at end of the month, here is my public trade call record thus far on that trading forum:
  2. Daytrading free money thread

    Gold has taken a nosedive this week. I'm waiting for it to fall a little further, or gold miners to fall further, or both. I plan on buying gold miners aggressively if that's what happens.
  3. Daytrading free money thread

    Made some gains.
  4. Daytrading free money thread

    Bought 20k worth of BIDU calls. Hoping for a big green day tomorrow. Might get destroyed here...
  5. Daytrading free money thread

    Done well halfway through this month. https://www.elitetrader.com/et/threads/prediction-based-trading.351176/page-20#post-5250841 Live posts on there. Currently at 18k, I'd like to get to 25k by month end due to PDT rules. That is, you're only allowed to open and close a trade the same day 3 times in 5 rolling trading days on most securities if the account value is under 25k. The account gets restricted by the PDT rule. Once that's out of the way, the account can increase on a percentage basis much faster than otherwise; I did not trade some of the opportunities in that account because of this. Considered live streaming, but it'd probably be quite boring; mostly just waiting for a level to hit, enter, then getting out if price moves up or down a decent amount.
  6. Daytrading free money thread

    Just an update as we roll into month end. I've been posting live trades on my thread here: https://www.elitetrader.com/et/threads/prediction-based-trading.351176/page-15#post-5237481 The current record of live calls is as attached, entry and exits included. The only loss was because I was not able to close a profitable position at market open early in the day and it became a loss...not a big deal, I'm up a lot. Not that the % gain (or loss) is based on the underlying- with leverage, that amount multiplies. I'm up 61% since I started the thread 20 days ago, not even including the Trump crash prediction and others. I think the max drawdown was only something like 8-9%. I'd like to score at least a double in November.
  7. Daytrading free money thread

    For the record, I'm mostly moving away from day-trades and focusing on larger moves, eg 0-3 day type moves. Less work, more money. There were a few trades I missed one which would have lost me a bit, but three that would have been pretty big wins. Oh well, next time. Been listening to different things- just discovered Dimash, to add into the lucid mix of things in life...
  8. Daytrading free money thread

    On twitter, I'm predictor_stock. I also posted on elitetrader https://www.elitetrader.com/et/members/stockpredictor.522500/ and on reddit I'm https://www.reddit.com/user/stockpredictor . I just want to build up a following. I act normal here, but on there, I try to act as obnoxious and arrogant as possible, just saying.
  9. Daytrading free money thread

    Great, thank you! I just wanted to show people because I know some thought I changed things after the fact.
  10. Daytrading free money thread

    I see some of the old posts disappeared due to the take down. Can a mod please confirm that no edits or deletions were made? Thanks.
  11. Daytrading free money thread

    Well, I can stay at home and trade. I also trade night sessions so it's almost 24/7 if I really want lol. In current volatility, it is possible to catch large moves quickly and make a lot.
  12. Daytrading free money thread

    BA worked out this morning too. Oh, and remember that BIDU call a while back? That one bounced right at the line too. Strange and mysterious going ons in the market. No idea why it works, it just does...
  13. Daytrading free money thread

    JNJ worked out too
  14. Daytrading free money thread

    JNJ long at 150.67 if it opens above that short at 146.99 if it opens below that Long BA at 162 if it opens above that
  15. Daytrading free money thread

    Tesla opened at 1416, bought it at 1405. That 5 minute candle went to a low of 1401.93 and a high of 1434.08. Closed at like 142X or something.