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  1. Daytrading free money thread

    Did some testing over the weekend. Found a similarly derived, yet new strategy. It is perhaps preliminary, but it seems to be more profitable by a factor of several times the old one. Not only that, but it appears that risk itself has been reduced. Still need to test it more, but I don't see any reason it shouldn't keep working. This is extremely exciting.
  2. Daytrading free money thread

    Closed oil at 58 for 7 tick profit. Not the best trade, as it moved up some, but gains are gains. I don't know if other things will hit today, seems a little slow.
  3. Daytrading free money thread

    Looking to short the Russell 2000 at 1699.50 and crude oil at 58.07. Let's see what happens.
  4. Daytrading free money thread

    Had a rare +30% day today, and then blew it on trading natural gas. Up only 2% on the day today. I cannot consistently read natural gas- its known as the 'widowmaker' in trading circles due to its unpredictability and wild moves. Removed it from my watchlist.
  5. Daytrading free money thread

    Closed for breakeven, it didn't work. Possibly due to the daily open being under, but who knows. Made a few other trades. Missed out on a jackpot by closing too early because it didn't spike the way I wanted, and meant to close a trade but accidentally doubled the position. Turned a good trade into barely profitable. Also lost a bit on another. Up a little bit today
  6. Daytrading free money thread

    A similar, yet different type of setup. Going to buy the Swiss at 1.039, let's see what happens.
  7. Daytrading free money thread

    Had a really big day to make up- Caught the bottom on gasoline today and took a spaceship to the moon. It went back down but I closed it well before that. I didn't call it so no proof but it's all good.
  8. Daytrading free money thread

    Closed for a big loss. There were reasons for it, but there will always be. Recouped a fair bit from other trades today. Just part of the game.
  9. Daytrading free money thread

    The New Zealand Dollar is currently trading at 0.6658. If it hits 0.6663, then I will take a short position with a large amount of leverage. For every 0.0001 it moves, my account will move +/- 1.5%. This is a big one.
  10. Daytrading free money thread

    Sigh. I missed the low...by just thirty cents/$30 per contract. If the order had went through to the buy point, I could have been sitting on over $3,000 on each one. I know it's part of the game, but it's just really frustrating when that happens.
  11. Daytrading free money thread

    Been reviewing the charts over the weekend. Palladium had a huge drop on Friday but it seems like it still has further to fall before it is safe to buy. $1785 is where it should be bought as long as it doesn't gap beneath $1780. It should move down to hit $1785 intraday. A 1 cent change in the price of palladium is equal to a $1 change in the value. I also set an alert for Bitcoin (ticker /BTC) to go down to $6100 in order to buy it. Bitcoin futures also are leveraged where a $1 change in the value of a Bitcoin corresponds to a $5 change in the contract. I've never actually traded either one of these, but back and forward testing shows that both of these trades have a good chance of working out. Futures are leveraged products. In addition to that, different brokers will allow one to trade more or less contracts depending on the margins they provide. Margin is basically collateral. So let's say you have $10,000 in the account and the broker allows a day-trade margin of $1,000 on gold. That means, theoretically, you can trade up to 10 contracts at a time. However, in reality, if your account goes below that $1,000 per contract held, they can close your position automatically. Trading 10 contracts would mean your account cannot suffer any drawdown (adverse move) so unless you can time the exact high or low, it isn't realistic. Gold is leveraged where a $0.01 change in the price of gold means a $1 change in account value. So you can see that even trading 5 contracts of gold with a $10,000 account means that a $1 move in gold will fluctuate one's account value by 5%. Gold typically moves a few dollars a day. Keep in mind that the general stock market moves up around 10% on average per year over the long run. This kinda gives you an idea of the risk/reward stuff involved in trading.
  12. Daytrading free money thread

    Only held for a few minutes, closed for a TON. Leveraged to the hilt, but I was so sure it would work and it did. Not going to lie though, felt like a heart attack waiting to happen while I watched. Shorted right on that red line.
  13. Daytrading free money thread

    Closed the Pound short for a small loss, didn't like the way it moved. The Russell is very close to a short at 1677.80 and I'm opening a big position. Wish me luck, this is scary...
  14. Daytrading free money thread

    Sorry, I meant it is almost trading that that level currently. Just setting an alert on my phone just underneath that price. This way I can monitor a large number of products that I can check up on immediately if the market follows the anticipated scenario.
  15. Daytrading free money thread

    The British pound is currently trading at 1.3058. I am waiting for it to break through that point. If it does, I intend to take a short position on it in the next session it moves up to 1.3058. Unknown profit target, all depends, but unless it plummets, I tend to only take a few small candles of profit most of the time.