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  1. Daytrading free money thread

    Trading big now, shorted almost a million bucks worth of SNAP for a few grand gain. If held, could have been up tens of thousands, but didn't. Safety first.
  2. Daytrading free money thread

    As we approach the end of the month, 3 week performance is as follows. Compared to the other strategies, this is one of the best risk-adjusted returns on the site. I had several losses due to order execution from delayed quotes and being unfamiliar with the platform. I adapted and it should be mainly straight line up from here. Even though I only started recently, I'm in the top 50 year-to-date returns. Some subscribers just use the Auto-trade feature; that is, whatever trade I make is also made in their own accounts in real time. As subscribers go up, I plan to up the price in order to reduce the followers and reduce slippage. It shows how much money is following- currently, over $200,000. We'll see how it goes. https://collective2.com/details/134463089
  3. Daytrading free money thread

    Performance of just days plus being the trade leader. E-Z
  4. Daytrading free money thread

    I've recently created a Collective2 account: https://collective2.com/profile/132631257 It's basically where one makes their (delayed) trades public and others can see the track record. If they like it, they can subscribe to the real time strategy for a monthly fee. I did it because it tracks a variety of performance metrics such as Sharpe ratio and so on. The Autotrader function automatically copies the strategy's trades in one's account if the broker is supported. I intend to take the #1 spot. My single loss on there should have been breakeven but it had delayed my buy and sell order for 5 seconds each so I didn't get the price I wanted. Even so, it was a tiny loss and those are just factored into the other metrics. It doesn't really matter.
  5. Daytrading free money thread

    Too bad my GME buy was 1 day off the low. In at 43, low at 38, out at -3%. System would have gotten out at breakeven but I broke some rules. I did think it was going to bounce but timing was off. Market is kinda volatile right now. Lots of opportunities in this environment, but danger too.
  6. Daytrading free money thread

    1.57 is what I have down for the buy point on BXRX which hit today. Let's see what happens next few days. GME 43 is a buy point as well. Almost got there, maybe it still will later. May overshoot a bit. Should be good for a decent intraday move or next day move.
  7. Daytrading free money thread

    What a coincidence just as I posted my experience there too lol. We're brothers
  8. Daytrading free money thread

    Got instabanned today from the sub reddit I used to be a part of for so many years once they found out who I was. I think it was because I mixed my jokes and troll stuff with good content (live trades, strats, tips, papers, books, resources, etc.) under a variety of usernames over time. I gave out the link to my twitch so they could follow the daytrades too and linked my live record to back it up. I was a member when that sub was created as one of the early ones (now 25k), before he even was part of the thing. Some other users complained, but whatever. Here is better anyway. Its just that hardly anyone'll see the live stream now. VIX (volatility measure) has gone down which is generally good for equities. Options prices are relatively low historically speaking, and if the trend up continues, good money can be made on Apple. I cycle through a fair bit which is why I don't generally do holds, not my style. This bodes well for the OTC market as well, I hope.
  9. Daytrading free money thread

    Have you tried posting calls on stocktwits? I heard some people monetize their calls on there for a good amount.
  10. Daytrading free money thread

    True, I just meant that as a mathematical way of looking at things. After doing all the DD, it looks like all of the things should go up, but that isn't the case in real life. Only the best things should be bought, but we expect that it won't go perfectly. Cutting a trade is difficult- but your idea of diversification is what I have found to be true. If the system makes money overall, then the losses are just part of the business; think of it as an expense. It occurred to me, about your family business. Did you consider selling the business and trading/investing instead? Along with your regular job, it might be easier. Just a thought.
  11. Daytrading free money thread

    The thing about those penny stocks is that stock can only go to -100% while the move up can be hundreds of percent. Thus, a single winner can make up for multiple losses. For GME, I'm waiting for a daily open above 43.05, and if it goes down that day to touch the level, I'll buy.
  12. Daytrading free money thread

    ITRM is up so much, lol. Remember though that humility is important, because a god cannot get diarrhea, just humans (No idea why that keeps popping in my mind haha) I called CAT bounce at 196 when it dropped early in the day... it did but closed it for breakeven because I was streaming and doing other stuff... it went higher than I expected too. Still, something like 10% for 5 mins work if I got out where I wanted... I'm on reddit too but its a new account so I'm an unknown yet. People will recognize me from my old account and trading style though, so I'll get tons of followers later during the weekend or so. I've also built up that live trade record in the spreadsheet so there's a permanent track record. I've noticed these other streamers just talking about random stocks and stuff, making their bulk from referrals and subscribers and paid courses and so on... I haven't seen any good daytraders doing it for free except me. I'd only be making any money from them via voluntary donations if I do well. Aaron, you can message me with your reddit name or I can refer people to you here as well. Once I get my account allowed to comment/post, I can tell them that you're legit too. You may want to consider a copy-paste document linking your calls in form of a track record so people can look at it; your public comments on those plays are unedited, so that helps a lot.
  13. Daytrading free money thread

    I was checking those tickers out this morning, well done! Some people just don't want to get into stuff they don't know about and end up not getting anywhere. For me personally I can only occasionally catch a big move, you're scoring jackpot after jackpot lol BXRX my system would have caught it on Thursday and closed on Friday for only like 5-6% gain if I had known about these things... def would not have been able to catch the big move that occurred today... there are just so many opportunities out there. What sort of technical things do you look at in order to anticipate/time dips n buy points? Or just based on general feel? I missed 2 trades I could have gotten in because of streaming including BMY's low, but I've managed to integrate everything on a single computer now, so it should be easier. I've always suspected the guys on here can be great traders, as there are excellent minds on strategy development.
  14. Daytrading free money thread

    https://www.twitch.tv/ancienttechnique Twitch channel. I might stream live starting tomorrow on the US market open (9:30 EST). There won't be any sound for now. There is the the chat to communicate, although I do not know if the chat will show up for non-twitch users? I'll have to figure it out. I've added a donation page here: https://streamlabs.com/ancienttechnique/tip which can also be accessed through the 'about' section on the Twitch page here: https://www.twitch.tv/ancienttechnique/about Considering it as a trial this week for now. I expect quirks and problems which should be resolved soon.
  15. Daytrading free money thread

    Eh, not sure. I got it to live stream, but there's a learning curve on a lot of the features.