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  1. exposing goat.format

    this post has been made to expose goatformat.com about their cheating and abuse of power. let's start from the beginning 1) there was a duel of the server owner ACP vs redhat777 here is the replay https://www.duelingbook.com/replay?id=1684-11518092 it was a ranked game. things start at game 2 2) ACP sets 4 cards and returns all his 5 set cards back even the book of moon set earlier in zone 3 so thats already a cheat 3) ACP refuses to c/p or screen the log and just says the gamestate hasnt been changed even tho he returned an already set card in hand so yeah it did change 4) while redhat777 didn't agree to let him change his sets he just changed the order of his sets, claiming a misclick, but then just set the literally same cards he did before in a different order 5) After both players have agreed to accept the gamestate and continue, redhat777 flips des wombat then ACP concidentally comes up with a suspicious ruling from MMF saying he could return his set back the previously turn ( even if he accepted the game state and didn't want to wait for an admin to rule the situation ), in the end he states he won and then quits the match 6) ACP justifies himself by saying that it's always been allowed to change set/s https://prnt.sc/ol4412, however by checking the rules there's no evidence of that https://prnt.sc/ol3uix 7) ACP says he dc'ed and asks to play g3 later (note that ACP had seen redhat playing multiple decree and wombato des on side deck, so just enough time to change his side deck ), https://prnt.sc/ol462o https://prnt.sc/ol456u but later on when an user tried to investigate the facts he went from "DC" to i left the game on purpose https://prnt.sc/ol49aq 8) ACP says he wants to be the better man but the first thing he says is he won 2-0 while he agreed to continue, then he just left saying he won, later on says it's fine to be 1-1 and go g3 and then he just muted redhat777 so he can't play anymore. what a nice guy! 9) Redhat calls out ACP for cheating and acp without hesitation mutes him, leaving him without any possibility to reply and defend himself https://prnt.sc/ol46rv https://prnt.sc/ol47mm, all of that after redhat subscribed paying for their VIP service, even that doesn't stop ACP by abusing his powers 10) It's funny how ACP after just muting redhat for bad " behaviours" calls him a dick, again another signal of how ACP decides when the rules are legal or not https://prnt.sc/ol48cj 11) Later an user proceeds to call out ACP a douchebag and literally nothing happens. i wonder if it's because he's a dgz supermod https://prnt.sc/ol48r0 12) Silver agrees with redhat about the situation and the only user left on ACP side is MMF, that happens to be the admin of ACP's server... what a coincidence! https://prnt.sc/ol4af6 13) MMF says that both DN and DB always ruled that you can take back your cards if you do that quickly https://prnt.sc/ol4lya 14) N3sh (a DB admin) says that ACP is wrong https://prnt.sc/ol4b00 https://prnt.sc/ol4dfn 15) MMF said that he talked with Cameron about how to rule these situations, https://prnt.sc/ol4mcc however Cameron wouldn't allow that http://prntscr.com/ol4y3o (a little note. i, the flaming storm, was an admin on DN so basically me a DN admin, cameron a DN and retired DB admin and N3sh a DB admin all disagree with them yet he acted like everyone would rule on his favor) 16) MMF says that losing your connections intentionally and not intentionally is literally the same thing https://prnt.sc/ol4iss https://prnt.sc/ol4nc9 17) MMF says that setting a card and then take it back in hand is allowed because there's no official ruling about that https://prnt.sc/ol4rh9 18) ACP strikes again with his abuse of power by banning me (the flaming storm) from the server , watching " rules " , he didn't give me any warning, or mute, but he literally banned me from server after i pointed out with logic that he was wrong. Again you can't discuss with ACP if you are not by his side. proof that i was there https://prnt.sc/olqgm7 and proof that i got banned https://prnt.sc/okwzsq dulcius in fundo, if they don't like you they'll either mute or ban you. ACP word is law and he could invent any phantomatic rules to gain unfair advantages and win a game vs you because admins would always be on his side. Don't bother spend your money or investing your time in playing their server, it's a total scam, beating ACP is impossible without his own permission even if you do, he would quit and claim that the match is cancelled for whatever reason