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  1. Care Bears Aftergame - Town wins

    the player sees the results of other players at end game, presumably. Over time, it becomes obvious and avoidable
  2. Care Bears Aftergame - Town wins

    it should. You now know which games are going to have that issue and which don't. You don't have to sign up for games unless you want to. This typically allows the playerbase to decide what rules they value
  3. Care Bears Aftergame - Town wins

    It's their game their choice. You don't like their choices, don't play in their games. It doesn't have to be consistent across the site. Just internally consistent for the host
  4. Care Bears Aftergame - Town wins

    I'm playing another game on another site right now and am considering if I have the time for both, considering the economy portion of the game
  5. Care Bears Aftergame - Town wins

    the only person who should be making that decision is the host. They know what they think is problematic and it's their game who's integrity may be lost.
  6. Care Bears Aftergame - Town wins

    which is what doesn't happen on MU. If a villager makes a decision to out their role, wolves can choose to use their anti-claim. It's a villager mistake and it sucks, but it's what the rule was for
  7. Care Bears Aftergame - Town wins

    seems like a DGZ problem because it works on other sites. On MU we don't call it a modkill, it's counted as a night kill along with the factional kill. We also don't change the rules depending on numbers.
  8. Care Bears Aftergame - Town wins

    anti-claim mechanics can be different. Including giving scum a kill power where if they can quote something in thread that gives away the role, they get to kill the player.
  9. Care Bears Aftergame - Town wins

    I don't think it is, either. But some people do. And some people hate to have a vanilla role (whether village or wolf) and won't play those games. Nothing about that is innately right or wrong, just opinion
  10. Care Bears Aftergame - Town wins

    I think that's a very personal preference. I personally prefer vanilla + games to role madness. But not everyone feels that way. Some people enjoy figuring out mechanics
  11. Care Bears Aftergame - Town wins

    goal should be between 25-33% wolves If you have a lower number of wolves, power roles need to be skewed in their favor.
  12. Care Bears Aftergame - Town wins

    fwiw, I think the funshine bear role is a net negative for wolves. They get the mislynch but lose out on the night kill and any night actions they might have. In this game losing actions weren't as important, but it easily can be.
  13. Care Bears Aftergame - Town wins

    whatever. you're just as fun to talk to in post game as during the game. I've likely played mafia much longer than you so your insistence that you know everything about the game is amusing at most to me.
  14. Care Bears Aftergame - Town wins

    Even though you were scum rei, you were fun to play with. hazmah, soph, you guys were great, too