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  1. Tit for Tat Mafia Day 1

    Underlined is questionable to me, though I could just be biased because I'm used to far more active games and generally expect people to be able to catch more when a thread is less active. Thoughts pertaining to this idea, anyone?
  2. Tit for Tat Mafia Day 1

    Where does a beginning-of-game gimmick come from then? Gimmicks are most certainly the result of either a spur of the moment decision (which you can make as either alignment, which makes it NAI) or a decision to use said gimmick before the game even begins (which happens before the rand, also making it NAI). I don't see where you think that isn't logical. Your WIFOM argument is also precisely why I said to just leave it be for now. That's mostly a result of me normally not wanting to out WIFOM situations outright, as they really should be hidden when they are potentially present. I'd rather not get into the argument of "but if scum figures it out that's useless" because that's an uncertain thing in and of itself.
  3. Tit for Tat Mafia Day 1

    Gimmick reads are bad because more likely than not these gimmicks are the result of out-of-game circumstances, regardless of the role a person randed. This is why trying to read into somebody's roleplay in a game or something like someone's post text alignment isn't the best idea under any circumstances. I think it's useless to continue dwelling on it and just leave it be for the time being.
  4. Tit for Tat Mafia Day 1

    Better yeah, but not particularly ideal. Honestly, I can deal since I don't immediately think your posts are just empty like this. That being said I disagree with TGT here -- text alignment is gonna be largely NAI mainly because anyone could have done it as a joke, rather than for any kind of agenda.
  5. Tit for Tat Mafia Day 1

    This game is gonna be unnecessarily difficult to read if this keeps up tbh
  6. Tit for Tat Mafia Day 1

    That is hideous ngl
  7. Tit for Tat Mafia Day 1

    First Vote TheGoldenTyranno
  8. Tit for Tat Mafia Signups

  9. British Cuisine Mafia Aftergame

    I couldn't though? Role card on the site states I can't self-heal otherwise I would have Night 2.
  10. British Cuisine Mafia Aftergame

    I mean I'm glad I register as that big of a threat lol
  11. British Cuisine Mafia Aftergame

    Yeahhhhh that's what I get for trying to play Cop and Doctor largely the same -- I much prefer Town-checking people in a setup like this and I feel like I could use Doctor to a similar capacity. Guess I just did the opposite, whoops ^^
  12. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    Can you answer the question
  13. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    That being said my vote is far more than just intuition now.
  14. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    This post will spew Sage Town if Solstice flips red. Something to keep in mind as this is would be pretty obvious as an attention-grabber to lure focus away from the teammate. The post itself just is not good in any manner anyways. We don't tunnel into two people with 2/3 of the Day left, sorry.
  15. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    For the record, this is fully intended. I won't go on about "this is my meta lul" but this is at least what I try to do in every game, regardless of alignment. Helps me develop a headspace without giving too much to anyone before it's necessary to do so.