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  1. TGT Presents Duelistgroundz Mafia Invitational

    Let's be real, the effect of each united front is to bring the three of us to endgame
  2. TGT Presents Duelistgroundz Mafia Invitational

    So basically I'm blinding myself to Ace, think that Faint and Soph are good, so I'll take 2/3 the rest over 1/2 I have a sheet of paper where I've been crossing/dashing/erasing/rewriting teams and I have, excluding Ace worlds (though I also think that the rei kill is weird if Ace maf): Tims/Woawa, Faint/Sage, Woawa/Sage, Woawa/MM written down as non-crossed and non-dashed (these are non-ordered).
  3. TGT Presents Duelistgroundz Mafia Invitational

    In the spirit of SUPERTIE Vote: Woawa Also woawa is viewing the thread, eyyyyy
  4. TGT Presents Duelistgroundz Mafia Invitational

    @Sophocles, going off Faint's dgzer theory, would you say that Woawa counts as someone who would kill rei as it falls within the meta
  5. TGT Presents Duelistgroundz Mafia Invitational

    Eh I'll just rehash a lot of what I've already said. I don't think that it's Tims/Ace, though I do think that this is world where rei was a NK, because I think that Tims could have used it the message receiving as an opportunity to proclaim Ace's towniness or outright lie about the message contents to make it more positive. I think that Ace works with most of the rest of the locals, except Faint for obvious reasons. Beyond that I do think that Ace is town. Tims/Faint ain't a team. I stand by that I don't think that Tims treats scummate Sage or MM the way he did on D1 (far more so MM), there are ways that you treat inactive scummates and those weren't it. Faint/Woawa isn't a team. I loosely think that Faint/Sage might not be a team for suggesting Sage as a Tim partner, and maybe not with MM for calling him D1, however these are super weak and still possible teams. Can't cast Woawa out from being with anyone else, but I ultimately feel that it's possible that Tims and Woawa are teammates from that one post. I don't mind that Tims is complaining about casing a guy with so few posts (which he has every right to), but what I do mind is that he says that I'm trying to draw a wedge between Tims and Woawa, while Woawa is clearly in that slanking pile that he has talked about. And woawa ends up voting Faint which is shrug but I guess I could unity with Tims there. When I made that post asking Tims to case Woawa I pretty much wanted to see his reaction, and it's ultimately still a possible team. Guess it's possible that it isn't the replacements but again, weak That's it
  6. TGT Presents Duelistgroundz Mafia Invitational

    I could go Woawa but let me do this teambuilding post using VCA first
  7. TGT Presents Duelistgroundz Mafia Invitational

    Fairly certain that Tims is voting me, though he could have unvoted and I might have missed it
  8. TGT Presents Duelistgroundz Mafia Invitational

    Tims, who's maf if it isn't me fypov
  9. TGT Presents Duelistgroundz Mafia Invitational

    I'm voting Tims, Tims is voting me i think. Woawa and Ace are voting Faint
  10. TGT Presents Duelistgroundz Mafia Invitational

    Nah actually. I am acknowledging that rei voted Tim despite his weird denialism of it. It's that Ace claimed that he self-resolves on D2. That should be an instant flag for me and Tims as scum because we don't want confirmed town existing at any point in the game. I would definetely consider acting within the site meta intentionally, but someone claiming to self-resolve needs to go asap from a maf perrspective. Though given how Tims insisted that I should kill him and he should kill me I doubt for him that's the case.
  11. TGT Presents Duelistgroundz Mafia Invitational

    Yeah idk if I can see any of the three of us killing rei. Me and Tims should be on Ace (contrary to what he said about us killing each other) and I think Ace would be on me.
  12. TGT Presents Duelistgroundz Mafia Invitational

    Eh, I'm going to treat Ace as town and just be blind to him tbh. If he's scum GG, he turned an liability into an asset pretty early, and acted through the NK pretty contrary to what I'd expect from him. That Faint is a major wagon is weirding me out bc imo he's been one of the towniest people in the game. I also like Soph rn.
  13. TGT Presents Duelistgroundz Mafia Invitational

    I mean, you killed LA, paragon of towniness, of whom the title I bestow, in Harry Potter mafia over me and Rask. Regardless, this is a reason to hear you out, and for my part I say that I think Ace claiming self-resolve is a target for people paying attention to the thread when he's town (ie, not the MM and Sage slots). For my part, I think that if i'm mafia I try to kill him and if he's mafia I kill between you and rei, probably you. I think that you as scum most of the time also kill Ace. Ace not dying is weird but still think he's town
  14. TGT Presents Duelistgroundz Mafia Invitational

    Tims I want to know why you make this. To me it feels that you're committed to attacking me at every opportunity. The post that this was in response to was neutral, reading into potential teams of all players, and I came out saying that you had few teammate prospects.
  15. TGT Presents Duelistgroundz Mafia Invitational

    Ace softed ex-con pretty early. Still view the ability itself as NAI, but maybe slightly town indicative. Not clearing Ace. Fakeable but townish. Thinking Sage's commentary on Ace could be real but that doesn't move my positioning of the slot Dissappointed that Faint and Woawa didn't come into EoD bc their votes could have been future info Dislike this treatment of Ace. I like the first paragraph. Straightforward if potentially self-incriminating given that I still don't think that Sage or MM has input on the kill, particularly MM. It's a good explanation for the kill that helps narrow down the potential teams list. I want to ask Faint if he'd consider Woawa a dgz standard member. On the record Tims my problem re:rei sus is only partially that rei sussed you. Mainly, it's that you've been attempted to downplay it from late D1 up until now and claim that you thought that rei sent you a message stating his sus on Ace. That's a really weird process given that rei's full role description was in thread, separate from the fact that I think that your denialism of rei's sus is whack. Maybe I am alive bc of doc dodging, though I think that a surviving doc would be on Ace 80% of the time. I have literally been protected by a town protective on CFC exactly once, though I am a rather popular kill target (in every town game I've claimed there I've been targeted at least once by a night kill by the start of D3), I have never once been confronted by "why are you still alive" because I've only been scum there once. Heck, you've only seen me scum once in like 10 games. It isn't a standard thing for me to claim, I'm not "always confronted" with the why I'm alive question, and I feel like this is a whack exaggeration since I have literally never claimed "probably doc dodging" on CFC, and I probably haven't been in a position where I could use that line in literal years. Besides, I do think that scum probs should've killed Ace last night if he's town, which makes the rei kill really weird, but I can get behind the "standard dgzer scum" line. As an aside, I seriously wouldn't put it past TGT to put two town protectives in a setup. tl;dr, fine with Ace, fine with Faint. Can't sort Woawa or the replacements, don't like Tims. I'm not willing to vote the replacements unless they do something super egregious between now and EoD, so Tims if you want to CFC unity again then tell me why is it Woawa.