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  1. After reading this, I almost feel sad this happened to him
  2. shadowmoor should give you an option in cheap black draw. just saying. Oh? Like what stuff?
  3. lol@cedric =/ lawrence:wtf, thats too many 8's
  4. yo
  5. I'm sure you do Zak. lulz
  6. You know whats funny? I think I know that one girl who was beating up the other one in the grey shirt. She looks really familiar. rofl
  7. I'd play hayton at smash edit: oh, werd. looked like boston in the back.
  8. wow, is that from boston 2006? too old
  9. who the fuck is the admin lolshawn
  10. I like Goblin Bidding, but I don't like the fact that it has 0 draw power D= Not that it's always needed. Otherwise, the best deck imo is zoo. I currently run Heartbeat. Works fine
  11. If I do say so myself, this was indeed, a pro move.
  12. Only the admin has the key to that, sir.
  13. I'll be here. But I'd prefer to just room with somebody. Is anybody rooming with a spot open?
  14. so... MM? :D at the next sebring regional?