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    I enjoy intellectual debates, history, physics, and computer science topics. I also enjoy playing Super Smash Brothers(be it the 1st or the 2nd) at a competitive level
  1. Cedrics message...

    After reading this, I almost feel sad this happened to him
  2. best deck in extended

    shadowmoor should give you an option in cheap black draw. just saying. Oh? Like what stuff?
  3. SJC Minneapolis

    lol@cedric =/ lawrence:wtf, thats too many 8's
  4. Team M.O.B!

  5. 6 girls beat up their friend and post it on youtube.

    I'm sure you do Zak. lulz
  6. 6 girls beat up their friend and post it on youtube.

    You know whats funny? I think I know that one girl who was beating up the other one in the grey shirt. She looks really familiar. rofl
  7. Andrew Hayton - Ripper, Thief

    I'd play hayton at smash edit: oh, werd. looked like boston in the back.
  8. Andrew Hayton - Ripper, Thief

    wow, is that from boston 2006? too old

    who the fuck is the admin lolshawn
  10. best deck in extended

    I like Goblin Bidding, but I don't like the fact that it has 0 draw power D= Not that it's always needed. Otherwise, the best deck imo is zoo. I currently run Heartbeat. Works fine
  11. Carl's Hiatus Tourney Report!

    If I do say so myself, this was indeed, a pro move.

    Only the admin has the key to that, sir.
  13. SJC Nashville

    I'll be here. But I'd prefer to just room with somebody. Is anybody rooming with a spot open?

    so... MM? :D at the next sebring regional?