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  1. ocg frog ftk list

    But almost all deck ideas for this game are built by asians. So which deck better now? lol
  2. itt non ygo people discover you play ygo

    I used to play in High School, I thought I was gonna get picked on early until tons of people said they used to play. The reason they left me alone was my cousin was playing for a 100 bucks at poker. I noticed the dealer stacking the deck. Said hold up, and guesses the guys hand 90% of the time. Next thing I knew I was the new dealer. People had to pay me to get all the new decks for each days' worth of games. So Ygo helped me get popular. Beat that bitches.
  3. Battle Spirits

    The game is currently being demo'd in Italy. So more than likely it will arrive in Europe. I can't say when. To see more about the game visit Bandaicg.com and my Youtube channel for decks, and event coverage. Really Purple isn't just one deck. All the decks have won are purple but each plays really different. Red only lost due to Mr. Gunn being new to the game so he lacked exp. and Red lost again due to Ilblud was playing against the very deck he built. The runner-up netdecked it and didn't know how to run it to it's fullest.
  4. Battle Spirits

    So the show is coming stateside? Cool, been wanting to check it out but couldnt find any episodes =[ Yes the show is coming stateside but I don't know when. Also DTC yes purple is crazy good but the Red players who lost didn't really have enough exp with the deck to win. I've been running red for awhile and I can beat purple to fuckin death. The way to beat purple with another deck is to test against and with purple. But most don't do this which is why it dominates them.
  5. Battle Spirits

    Go here to play the game online: BattleSpirits online Visit my channel for 1k event coverage here. DuelGod's Channel Also the Demo decks probably won't sell on Ebay since Bandai hands them out for free. I'd keep it so when the show for the game comes out and tons of people flood in those Demos will be worth tons. It took a bit for me to get my Demo decks also. Bandai is just a slow company.
  6. The Afterlife

    The the other side would say the same about Scientist and Evolution. I find it funny how one can believe in Evolution and then said that a "God doesnt exist" when neither has been proven to exist. The difference is Science is about proof while religion originally was for the betterment of Mankind.
  7. Battle Spirits

    Shida can Otk you if you have Historic out which is why against Green I just don't play it game one and side it out. Mind Control is pretty much a staple in purple. For Red one should run 1 Old Castle in the side so you don't have to worry about Howl or Tempest. 2 is just nuts on the field, they can't kill shit.
  8. YCS Bochum, Germany

    This shit should've happened years ago! Now my fellow Americans will have to shut up about Europe being bad and shit just because they didn't have Jumps. This is a great step in the right direction.
  9. Is life about happiness or success?

    I find this thread dumb, why can't you have both?
  10. The Afterlife

    There are clues to that there is an afterlife, all you have to do is look.
  11. Battle Spirits

    Id add in a 3rd Mind Control, have you tried Historic Battlefield? They attack, you draw, they defend you draw. The card is nuts. Also purple is one of the top decks, Green almost won NJ 1k but the guy misplayed and the purple player got lucky by drawing into Grip-Hands, Griphands, Skulldevil. Red could've taken Ohio if Howl wasn't played with Castle was sitting on the field.
  12. The Afterlife

    I find that not believing in Religion doesn't mean you can't believe in God. So many religions have flaws and are corrupt and herd people into things that have nothing to do with God. - Catholic Saints - The Obalisk in Saint Peter's Square. (its a symbol to another god) - Saying Amen after prayers. (Amen is the name of an Ancient Egyptian God.) Look it up.
  13. Battle Spirits

    Check out my Channel for Coverage, Decklists, and Games. Athens 1k Alucard (Winner) A new Infinite Draw Combo?! I'm currently working on a White-Yellow deck to break the Infinite Draw Combo. The builds are starting to show promise.
  14. Sleeve Debate

    KMC are the shit! I like using rare colors like the Island Green Sleeves(Ultra Pro) and those light blue ones (ultra pro), to bad they haven't made them in years.
  15. What do you want to watch?

    The Game Academy is what the stores should do if Konami won't allow them to become offical stores. Shit playing for 2k beats regionals anyday.