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  1. Top 10 Tv shows.. again

    Breaking Bad Chappelles Show The Man Show The Office Parks and Recreation Daredevil House of Cards South Park Impractical Jokers Game of Thrones
  2. The 2016 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Appreciate the advice guys. I ended up finding someone who would trade Melvin for Jordy + Stewart. Hesprobably getting a slightly better deal but with my depth I felt like I could afford it. Plus Im a Vikes fan.
  3. The 2016 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Current predicament ( sort of) This is my current lineup in a ten man standard scoring league. We play 1 QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 Kicker, 1 Defense. My current lineup is Matt Ryan Frank Gore, Jonathan Stewart, Doug Martin, Ryan Mathews, Jerick McKinnon Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, Jordy Nelson, Larry Fitzgerald, Donte Moncrief Rob Gronkowski, Jordan Reed, Tyler Eifert Titans D (streaming) I dropped my kicker who was going on bye to pick up Eifert. The problem is I don't like the idea of dropping anyone. Do I throw offers at people and try to 2:1 to upgrade one of my spots, or just say fuck it and drop someone for a kicker this week? I feel like I'm kind of weak at RB, but people in my league seem hesitant to do any trading. Dion Lewis is also available but I was gonna wait another week since I'm tight on roster space.
  4. Pokemon GO

    Unless they changed the super effective multiplier, wouldn't having Hydro Pump still be superior?
  5. The 2016 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Should I trade Kelvin Benjamin for Gronkowski? Standard scoring. My WRs are Jordy, Julio, Fitzgerald and Cobb. TE is Reed. We can flex TEs, and play standard 2 wr, 1 TE 1 flex.
  6. Pokemon GO

    The eevee trick does indeed work
  7. Residen evil 6 co op lets dew it ps3

    Sucks you don't have a PS4 or I'd be down to play. Resident Evil 5 re release comes out on Tuesday
  8. Stand Up Comedy

    I like Aziz for how relatable his jokes are. Chappelle, Rock and Eddie Murphy are all great obviously. Lewis Black is my personal favorite. Jeselnik is good dark humor, even though his style can get old quickly.
  9. Patrick Hoban's doppelganger

  10. Daredevil

    This season was amazing. Only issue I had.   [spoiler]Maybe Im missing something, but having the  Colonel be The Blacksmith seemed completely random. As soon as Karen met with him I suddenly went 'Oh shit, I bet he's the Blacksmith', just because it felt like the cliche' plot twist. Right after that I realized that it made no sense. They never explained why he was involved with the gangs, when it began (before or after the Navy), and if he planned on Castle being in the park that day (If he didnt plan that, thats a hell of a coincidence)[/spoiler]
  11. Better Call Saul

    I'm really enjoying Mike, as usual. Sauls brother is still a pain in the ass, and I was enjoying enjoying the sexual tension between Saul and Kim.
  12. NHL 2015-2016 Season Thread

    If only we had a slightly better camera angle. Doesn't get much closer than that
  13. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    Hoping they bring back Morning/Day/Night aspect. I really enjoyed that Incoming Lunatone and Solrock legendary variants
  14. I've been banned

    Punctuation plz
  15. Official 2015-2016 NFL Season Thread

    Can we seriously not have every page be an argument about why the Patriots suck/are the greatest team ever. We get it. Joe has an unhealthy love of them, and everyone else hates them.