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  1. Holy shit it's Sky
  2. Holy shit it's Mongoose
  3. Holy shit it is Hyperbeam
  4. Congrats
  5. :O Can I Goat Control now?
  6. q4e
  7. No Glad to hear things are improving. The first thing I would do is find somewhere to stay. If renting is actually the only option, then yeah, you need to find a reliable source(s) of income. Work multiple jobs if you can't get enough hours. I would probably suggest selling the car if it can pay for a couple months of expenses and public transportation is accessible. It is not a solution, but having that buffer while you get back on your feet would certainly be helpful. To echo Wumbologist, you really should only be spending money on food/shelter/clothing/transporation. After you have a place to live and have a stable income and are able to cover food/clothing/transportation expenses, start saving enough to build what people call an "emergency fund," usually 3-6 months worth of expenses and highly liquid (e.g. savings account/checking account). When you get to that point it's time to start thinking about paying off debts and building credit.
  8. ☑ Free Jirachi
  9. Thanks!
  10. 4399-0020-3732 if you still have anymore. Am online and added you.
  11. 9/10 nice deck. Please rate mine as well.
  12. He shot her in the back.   so if someone is robbing my house but they walk backward instead of forward then that changes everything     so you are defending irrational/emotional responses?     i was trying to point out that most people have a very skewed idea of what a rational and non-emotional response is, simply because they haven't experienced something like this and aren't considering all the factors. that's completely ignoring the fact that this is an irrational and emotional situation and we are not unfeeling robots   Let me clarify, he shot her in the back while she was trying to flee. That is not an acceptable use of lethal force in my opinion.
  13. He shot her in the back.