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  1. Account Management

    Can you delete my account?
  2. Ancient player haha who still plays?

    Holy shit it's Sky
  3. Ancient player haha who still plays?

    Holy shit it's Mongoose
  4. Ancient player haha who still plays?

    Holy shit it is Hyperbeam
  5. Oh hey, I had another baby

  6. Updated Forbidden & Limited List

    :O Can I Goat Control now?
  7. I Am

  8. very close to being homeless what do

    No Glad to hear things are improving. The first thing I would do is find somewhere to stay. If renting is actually the only option, then yeah, you need to find a reliable source(s) of income. Work multiple jobs if you can't get enough hours. I would probably suggest selling the car if it can pay for a couple months of expenses and public transportation is accessible. It is not a solution, but having that buffer while you get back on your feet would certainly be helpful. To echo Wumbologist, you really should only be spending money on food/shelter/clothing/transporation. After you have a place to live and have a stable income and are able to cover food/clothing/transportation expenses, start saving enough to build what people call an "emergency fund," usually 3-6 months worth of expenses and highly liquid (e.g. savings account/checking account). When you get to that point it's time to start thinking about paying off debts and building credit.
  9. What do you want to gain out of DGz?

    ☑ Free Jirachi
  10. Giving away Jirachis

  11. Giving away Jirachis

    4399-0020-3732 if you still have anymore. Am online and added you.
  12. 9/10 nice deck. Please rate mine as well.