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  1. if you're black

    woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah Woah woah woah woah woah. Calm Down. Yeah, don't forget the jig is also half cracker.
  2. Happy MLK Day!

    No one off'd Obama? Damn, I remember when holidays meant something.
  3. Tonight

  4. Vergil!

    fuck reading this whole thread, i saw this shit and stopped. YOU SHOULD NOT TALK ABOUT GETTING DICK, VAGINA, ASS, OR EVEN A KISS, YOU ARE A COMBINATION OF EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD AND YOUR EXISTENCE IS A MISTAKE. big gay red letters I'll take it under advisement, but lemme tell you, with all the jihads, death threats, etc. I get, it's probably going to be filed to the back.
  5. any advice? need college advice lol

    coming from a guy who constantly posts on a forum where nobody (NOBODY) enjoys your company that means alot to me =/. I dunno, I got a laugh.
  6. Jake

    this can be arranged At least someone's finally getting it.
  7. any advice? need college advice lol

    Dude, if I ever moved up to asst. management, I could make almost $14/hour for working at the gas station I work for, plus any health benefits I qualified for/pay for. And that's without any college, and a very flexible schedule for anyone that's not a drone like I currently am. After I finish my certificates, and when/if I master, Ad Reps and Graphic Designers make upwards of $30/hour for a made-up scale of time it takes to finish a project, Sound Techs make $25/hour and up based on skills, area of expertise, if the studio they use is their home-station, etc. ...But go right ahead and be a lawl student, it's always good to have people that actually don't do anything but draft reports for the real brass.
  8. Jake

    Nah Obama's actually been in a ghetto.
  9. Don't know if anyone here cares, but I do

    Could be entertaining, if not for nostalgic value, and to stop Angels and Airwaves from ever, EVER making music again.
  10. Vergil!

    this is how you ruined the thread Didn't you quit, too? XD
  11. Jake

    Good and porn had less viruses?
  12. dude its cray Z

    LOL WUT?
  13. Jake

    I don't know, I could probably agree with most of what you say. You're half-right with my feelings on things, and the thing about your being right is, dammit, I know you feel that way, too. Shit online shouldn't have to involve life or life lessons; we should be coming to internets what internets is for - poon tang and vidja games. Or in the case of this forum, being perma-virgins with Duel Deck chastity worshipping the almighty Japanese. IN ANY CASE, I appriciate the honesty and one of the few times someone here said something with actual value to it. You're not a bad guy, hell, if you were a girl I'd hit it. I actually see you as one of the "success stories" from this place, if there ever was one. But maybe I'm rambling, I really don't see anything else I could say AGAINST you, and it's not like it's going to effect me to argue the points on the internets.
  14. Vergil!

    I fail to see how I ruined this thread when I found the pathology for his being a homo-gay loser. But maybe I'm just a realist like that. And not putting the pussy on the pedestal like all women deserve it. There's probably a lot less women I've met than men that even deserve my respect; not trying to offend, just being very real about the situations of late. The lot of them grow up either with a complex, or an extreme lack of one, and pretend that they want nice guys when they really want hot guys to treat them like shit, or ugly guys to worship them. I play neither game, and that's one of a multitude of reasons I still have a couple girls I could turn to for anything, be it advice, random sex, or even just a place to crash and someone to play some Left 4 Dead with if I'm in their cities, or the side of town in my city. And that's only in the 4-5 months I've been single. You, on the other hand, Vergil...you seem to miss the point. I'm betting your dating history can sync up with every bullshit song, poem, etc. ever written by whiny Emo kids the past 2-3 years without skipping a beat.