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  1. free!! dn name ice101 or just msg me on here i dont go on aim much unless im on a team
  2. Most Wanted vs. Improvise

    got fierce back 2 -0 ggz sorry for the good draws =[
  3. Hitlist vs Improvise

    1 -2 to colonal r2 i made a slight missplay 2 in the same turn actually and cost me the game could of easily won tthat one. then karma gets me in r3 as i draw complete utter shit ggz tho
  4. Hitlist vs Improvise

    2 - 1 over godzilla fan ggz.
  5. Hitlist vs Improvise

    lol ya my dn resets on me g3 when im about to drop megalo then flip squal and most likely empty his field unless he had something amazing fd which i dont thik he did. then he ignores me on dn when i asked if he wanted to shark for the win or not then posts. what a dick. eh you are what u eat i guess . ill have to ask him these queations before has one deep stuck in his throat next time damn hecould nt even wait 2 min laaaame :(
  6. Envious [VS] Improvise

    on fo games
  7. Undisputed [vs] Improvise

    on for games
  8. Undisputed [vs] Improvise

    got dark armed thumper 2 -1 i drew pretty nutty hands g1 and g3 ggz though
  9. Improvise vs. Smogon

    smogon got me 2-0 i thought i had wind ups set as default so ended up using agents vs inzectors and well angents did what agents do and drew very incosnstiant hands ggz tho
  10. Most Wanted [vs] Martyr

    4 hours of sleep and nothing eatin yet today lol i made more missplays in those 2 matches than i have in my ygo career ggz none the less
  11. Most Wanted [vs] Martyr

    ^ got fierce 2 - 1 ggz
  12. Most Wanted [vs] Martyr

    [quote name='brotacular7' timestamp='1354074853' post='3334651'] i literally opened the exact same hand card for card both games. call solemn ballx2 hyperionx2 [/quote] thats why i cant use agents lol
  13. Most Wanted [vs] Martyr

    got domniator 2 - 1 ggz