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  1. by similar logic gbs make it very hard for agents to set up by chariot and to a lesser extent veiler. also gbs can effectively side deck a ton of agent hate like difi and lim edit: ninja'd, btw when siding into difi/lim do you side out of the hero engine? seems bad because it makes beaters incredibly difficult to get over
  2. Fairy - Discussion

    haha yep, fixed
  3. Fairy - Discussion

    eh why not Monsters: 23 3 earth 3 hyperion 3 shine ball 3 tour guide 2 kristya 2 venus 2 herald of orange 1 sangan 1 honest 1 genex ally birdman 1 effect veiler 1 black luster soldier spells: 9 3 gold sarcophagus 2 mystical space typhoon 1 heavy storm 1 monster reborn 1 book of moon 1 dark hole traps: 9 2 mind crush 2 solemn warning 2 bottomless trap hole 1 trap dustshoot 1 torrential tribute 1 solemn judgment please feel free to criticize/help me make this better
  4. Plant - Discussion

    this is nuts. caius probably becomes a less popular main deck choice as a result too
  5. Gladiator Beasts - Discussion

    respite necessitates tagging to equeste to gain advantage and encourages a more passive style (for instance holding a glad beast). The current gbs, due to the presence of horn in the deck and tengu being everywhere, certainly are less tagging based today than in the past (as reflected by people's opting to run duality and oftentimes oppression in the gb main deck). Respite is not a good meta choice atm imo.
  6. Shooting Quasar Dragon

    i find it interesting that u, as a mod, take offense to my post, which sparked useful debate, yet take no offense to the unproductive spam such as "fuck this i quit", "im moving to europe", and "gg ygo" that comprises the rest of the thread. I simply stated my view and asked to be corrected if I was missing something, which I clearly was as I was thinking of quasar solely from a plant perspective. Again, correct me if I'm wrong but I think as a mod you should be attempting to encourage people to post things of substance that, whether right or wrong, will improve the quality of player on the forum as a whole.
  7. Shooting Quasar Dragon

    i just feel over the tournament ud be better off running a card ull get more use of, be it a fortress dragon, arcanite, etc. This card does give rise to inconsistent suicide bomber decks that will function just to spam it and hence it is bad for the game. If any of these become semi consistent it will be a problem. Obviously quasar's usefulness and worthiness of extra deck space will change depending on the ban list (trish, librarian, and formula are all possible hits/restrictions). ps mike i miss u
  8. Shooting Quasar Dragon

    shooting star is different because it is relatively easy to top a stardust (especially thru brio), u have 2 big synchs, access to brd and, if u run it, arcanite, and just drew 4 cards. Ur gonna win barring ur drawing absolute garbage in those 4 cards. Extra deck space is so tight especially with xyz's being released (which btw is prompting people to drop shooting star) that i doubt this would be played in the current format.
  9. Shooting Quasar Dragon

    i dont see how this changes the game at all, if u are in a position where u control 2 hyper librarians and a formula (presumably having drawn 4 cards) it isn't like u r gonna lose with or without quasar. Unless there is some deck (probz involving fishborg) that can spam this that im not aware of (feel free to enlighten me if there is one) it won't affect the meta as it won't be worth the extra deck space. Looks like a win more card to me.
  10. Plant - Discussion

    true, although tour guide does make it easier to put to use in your hand.
  11. Plant - Discussion

    just for a current format conversation piece, I think we should reassess tytannial in light of the expected popularity of t.g.. What are everyone's thoughts?
  12. Wow!!

    hey Jimi its chase, sick weekend and nice seeing you again. You going to nats? Ill give u my memory of our match game 1, i dont remember everything either though. ya u made a good play not to pop with ryko cuz then i couldnt force the formula by attacking it with tengu and i had no outs besides hoping to force a brionac and mind controlling. Game 2 i had chain disappearance on a limit reversed dandy and then u scooped to caius beats. Game 3 we started with like 2/3 mins left so i had sided out of sj+sw. U open tour into sangan and had solemn for my raioh and then later in the game (in time) u had stardust and u tribbed something for caius and u deliberated between my face down mon and my set for a bit but ended up removing my face down dandy over book which won u the game cuz my debris was then dead. so ya good shit as always.
  13. Plant - Discussion

    http://www.youtube.com/user/LMJeffJones#p/a/u/0/6xC4tcBG7E4 Jeff Jones's chaos plant deck, interesting. He's teched for his meta but id probably play more defensive cards, i feel in an sjc meta ud be more likely to run into stun/glads/saber which necessitate cards like prison force and ttrib
  14. Story in the Makin' Vs State of Trance

    Chill 2>1 Joxy
  15. Story in the Makin' Vs State of Trance

    bmazing got me 2>1