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  1. You both need to read the bloody rulebook. Wtf ever, I typed "target" as opposed to "selected". I know what I'm talking about.
  2. Let's get things right. Stratos' FIRST effect is to destroy S/T, and his SECOND effect is to search. Now, the situation as described by the OP: Player A activates Monster Reborn, target Stratos, which is okay by Player B. Monster Reborn Resolves, Stratos is Special Summoned. Since the SS of Stratos was the last thing that happened, Player A can activate one of his two optional effects. He declares the FIRST effect. Player B can now respond by chaining to the activation of Stratos' effect. Player B chains Compulsory. No other effects are added, chain resolves backwards. Compulsory resolves, then Stratos' effect resolves. At this time, you select the cards for destruction via Stratos' effect. If the target card has not already been activated, it CANNOT be chained. But if Player B wasn't stupid, they would Compulsory the opponent's Malicious/D-Dude so there would be no D-Heroes on the field at Stratos' resolution, meaning he couldn't destroy any S/T. tl;dr - You can chain to the activation of Stratos' effect, not to the resolution.
  3. DGZ WJC Pool

    The final standings should look something like below. Correct me if there are any mistakes, but the information was taken from the IIHF website. I wish I knew you guys were doing this pool earlier. ------ Frantic Goaltender: Jakob Markstrom [10] Defensemen: Ryan Ellis [7], Thomas Hickey [3], Nichlas Torp [1] Forwards: John Tavares [15], Mikael Backlund [7], Evander Kane [6], Tyler Ennis [7], Joakim Andersson [6] Total: 62 Lifted Research Group Goaltender: V. Zhelobnyuk [7] Defensemen: Alex Pietrangelo [3], C. Fairchild [4], P. Subban [9] Forwards: Zach Boychuk [7], Oscar Moller [4], Jordan Schroeder [11], Magnus Svensson-Paajarvi [7], A. Palushaj [5] Total: 57 ATJdragon Goaltender: Chet Pickard [6] Defensemen: Victor Hedman [2], Erik Karlsson [9], Viatcheslav Voynov [4] Forwards: Nikita Filatov [11], Cody Hodgson [16], Jordan Eberle [13], Evgeny Grachev [5], Jacob Josefson [0] Total: 66 Starwind Goaltender: Thomas McCollum [8] Defensemen: Jonathon Blum [4], Tyler Myers [1], Ian Cole [4] Forwards: James vanRiemsdyk [10], Colin Wilson [9], Jaime Benn [6], Eric Tangradi [3], Matt Rust [4] Total: 49
  4. Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

    Flying Fortress Sky Fire == Giant Bomber Airraid assuming CRMS-JP016 = CRMS-EN016 WIND/Machine-Effect/Lv8 This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by the effect of "Summon Reactor AI". Once per turn, you can send 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard to destroy 1 card your opponent controls. Also, once per a turn, during your opponent's turn you can select and active either of the following effects: ● When your opponent Normal Summon or Special Summons a monster, destroy it and inflict 800 damage to your opponent's Life Points. ● When your opponent Sets a card, destroy that card and inflict 800 damage to your opponent. ATK/3000 DEF/2500
  5. Card Legality Dates

    Upcoming Set/Promo Structure Deck Zombie World - Legal for local events:October 21, 2008 - Legal for Premier Events: October 21, 2008 Crossroads of Chaos - Legal for local events: November 1, 2008 - Legal for Premier Events: November 22, 2008 Collector’s Tin 5 (CT05-EN003,EN004) - Legal for local events: November 4, 2008 - Legal for Premier Events: November 22, 2008
  6. ...is Red Dragon Archfiend and Stardust Dragon. You can see the pic here.
  7. Physically laying out a deck

    [1] Monsters sorted by ATK (highest to lowest) - if tied, by DEF (highest to lowest) - if still tied, alphabetically. [2] Spells alphabetically. [3] Traps alphabetically.
  8. Yugioh duels on youtube

    Orillia lol. Ask Vlad if he'll do video feature matches at regionals. =o if they let me lol cuz i heard they have some like policy about u gotta ask konami or sumtin to video tape but if not ill just tape ongoign matches before or in between the rounds LOL WUT That's so worthless, but that is YGO. Just ask Jason Luckhardt, he's pretty leniant, as long as it doesn't slow the round down any, it should be fine. According to PES, you need UDE's written permission to record matches [at Regionals]. I honestly think they just make that shit up. It could have also only been for Top 8 matches, but they didn't specify.
  9. Adam Corn VS Dale Bellido

    Dale didn't top 8 -.-
  10. SJC Toronto

    first I'll be there
  11. Honest

    Freed + Alchemist = return Honest from RFP to hand
  12. lol yugimonz really is serious business apparently