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  1. Favorite Anime

    Mine are: 1. DBZ 2. Ruroni Kenshin 3. DBGT 4. Yu Yu Hakisho 5. Trigun Dont like the YuGiOh anime only reason is it is really super cheesy but love the heck out of the Vid games and Cards.
  2. Unleash your Syndicate

    Alright its been a week and no new members for Slayers of the Dracolich so go ahead and delete it please.
  3. Unleash your Syndicate

    Sorry to post here again but do I count as a member of my own clan? And I got a secondary leader because im not on all the time and does he count as a member too?
  4. Unleash your Syndicate

    How about The Slayers of the Dracolich?