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  1. I love you

    damn never thought I'd see the day
  2. I haven't posted here in forever, let alone actually signed in when I do creep, but this thread caught my attention as I've felt this way probably since prob before going to college. The game was awesome once, and I remember actually having fun playing and getting better and making friends through the game. I put more time into ygo in high school then I prob spent doing work and it was great lol.   I remember being hyped to go to every local/regional and having the chance to play against the best players/ppl I looked up to, and them being cool with me picking their brain a bit. As a 14/15 yr old kid, greats like dale/lazaro/ervin/few others would often tell me errors i might have made in game, or compliment certain plays, and that would always kind of give me confidence knowing even though I might have just sacked them in game, they could still put that frustration aside and talk to me on a human level.    Sometime in 2008 when I joined here I remember there being tons of competitive players on a relatively even playing field. You had guys like soul who had insane online records, or other players who pushed the bounds of creativity on yvd, and it was a pretty stimulating environment if you acted a certain way. I remember then it was only prob cause of josh graham (lol i know rite) i was let into certain group chats, and eventually played for the team he was on (cant even remember the name). This was sometime in Tele-dad format, and i remember our team being down a few players, and I was up next (didnt really have any real rep, had never YVD'd before, and Josh legit had to step by step walk me thru how to install that shithole of a software lol). I beat a couple guys in some mirror matches and players left were even, and the general consensus was "whos this guy sacking everyone?" (basically the defense that every bitter dgz pro would rely on, when there'd legit be minimal sacking) .   In my next match, I remember a certain well known player (back then anyway lol dont know if he plays anymore) had some kind of macro/survivor deck meant to anti teleDAD and I had a pair of mobiuses sided, and needless to say, it was a pretty swift 2-0. He had his board set up, and teledad doing what it does, eventually I broke through it and he was pretty demoralized. This guy was MAD lol like legit ranting and rage quitting. I remember going back to the warchat and just seeing this team tryna shit on me for being new and overall "playing bad" (it was tdad, u lost if u played rly bad in a mirror). And if anyone ever knew me when I contributed here, you knew I was pretty outspoken and didnt really hesitate to share my opinion or tell a keyboard warrior to fuck off. Turned out that worked really well with the DGz community, and the players I had just beat, were now sharing strategies/side deck choices and actually treating me as if I was now worthy.   But somewhere down the line of trying to get better, make my money back thru the game/lie to myself that i was even making any money in the first place, and DGz, I started to become like those same users and I could be pretty petty. Eventually the fun started fading with things getting too competitive, and ygo ultimately taking up way too much of my life. I started getting upset at things I never used to before. I could be that dick at a locals who wanted to play all the way to 1st and not just split a top 8/4. I got really caught up in a lot of the DGz glamour and the shit you sometimes see here. It was all about money and winning, and when I'd lose to inferior players I'd rage. It came to a point that a game I could once get lost in for 10 hours, turned into something I needed to smoke a spliff before doing (sometimes after if i felt i got sacked hard).   I kind of lost my train of though just recalling some of those times (damn 8 yrs ago :O), but the point is, the old DGz worked together a lot more if you knew how to play your cards, and you were confident enough to challenge others' ideas. The old pros were just that - PROS - in every way. Yeah theyd get bitter at times, but they knew how to accept a loss and were genuinely interested in creating a more competitive gaming scene. They were ppl u could look upto, and I never really realized this then, but its why I have a lot of respect for a lot of the pros in my area, not just as players but as ppl.    Oh and Xyz summoning/PoD reprints/Tour guides were a lot of the other reasons I didn't find the game fun. Went from a relatively straight forward game and got all fuckey with the rules and little card interactions. I went to the YCS in toronto 2014, and decided the night before I wasnt playing. That was my last event, and since, ive basically sold everything and called it quits wit ygo. I just never had the same fun I once did   but it coulda just been that I grew up lol   tldr; the old generation had a similar admiration for a select handful of players who always seemed to win, and that led to a much more unified dgz trying to reach that lvl. With the whole top 32 thing, its much harder to give respect to just any player who makes a day 2 now when you can go x 3
  3. If I had kept playing ygo as hard as I once did god knows what kinda fucked up dude id be lol   im just glad I quit this shitty game before i lost my mind 
  4.  okay I gotta ask.   would you suck a dick for a win? or would you respect the latest ycs champion knowing he sucked dicks on his way to the top?   are you realizing at all how ridiculous what you're proposing is lmao
  5.   this guys a bucket lmao
  6. This is straight savage lol. I don't know how I would feel back in the day playing against one of the best players/potentially someone I looked upto and having this happen to me. Technically its a fair move, but again, it just speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. But then it just comes down to what you're playing ygo for. If you're trying to be the best there ever was and this was something you figured would get you there, I mean, you cant really argue with that. personally, like some others said no matter how bad I wanted a win, there's just somethings I couldn't do. Lying through my teeth to have an unfair advantage (specially when my opponent is probably giving me the benefit of the doubt, being a great player and all) isnt a low I would want to stoop to.    Growing up and playing against a few great players like dale/lazaro/ervin, I always took something away from every game whether it was where I made a mistake or how I could have played better. It was never anything malicious or against their character that made me lose. I couldn't imagine the amount of respect I'd lose for those guys had they felt the need to do stuff like that to win. I respected all of those players more because of that fact, they never ever did anything shady to get a win. Every win was just a win, no bullshit, ever. It's also why I'll probably always consider Lazaro the best to ever play this game, dude was the nicest guy ive ever met through ygo and no matter how friendly and good  a person he was, when it was time to play you knew he was gonna go hard.    A lot of people will probably see nothing wrong with what Pat did because YGO has kind of always had that "im making money from this/its my job/im a pro" mentality because of the financial investment and time it takes to play the game. But if that player thought shit was all good and we'd have a beer after the fact lol hell naw, those arent the kinds of people I could keep in my circle   comparing this shit to poker is a complete joke as well lol there's real money in poker and can actually put real money in your pocket. Ygo is legit just a hobby
  7. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    haven't touched ygo since before the sneak, just wondering what I should aim to sell a set of dante's for next week? I remember they were dropping to around 70-80ish around that time, basically im just wondering what the last couple weeks have done for dante's value
  8. The funniest part about you playing this game and suddenly realizing he might be a serial killer is you still had to get the win.    LOL   Yeah for real though, I learned years ago (i think like 14/15) the avg duelist would probably not be my irl friend so I kept playing ygo strictly to the friends I made through the game, and especially in ygo settings lol. It's funny cause my college had a corner where there would just be all kinds of tcg players, usually just magic, but whenever I'd walk by I would always look to see if there were any ygo cards I could possibly pick up haha.    completely unrelated but once in college a few buddies got stoned and somehow started playing with old cards they just happened to bring up to school with them. By the end of the day I had heard that they went to walmart to spend money on ygo and I immediately showed up with all my shit ready to sell em whatever. these guys were offering me like 10's on starfoil dmoc/other dark cards for their "dark decks" and I honestly just felt terrible taking their money lool ended up just selling em a bunch of jank at a fwe bucks a piece, made enough money to go out for pub night lol. They had no clue about the dino rabbit deck jus chilling ready to go LOL
  9. Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss

    looks like something I'd need to drink to the face lool 13% that shit better taste good   I hate the taste too but I like to get drunk sometimes lol
  10. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

      That isn't an ideal testing partner to be honest. You want someone you're on the same level with and can bounce ideas off of/use to help you get better and vise versa. And most importantly to get better at anything you have to want to be better (most duelists love to be right/arguing). Long as people in your circle fit that bill and you put in the time you should only get better. The more people in the circle, usually the better results ull have
  11. Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss

    I think a lot of ppl forget it can be pitched to Virgil too which can honestly let you get away with maybe a second copy. Getting one in the grave is really all you need, but depending on its usefulness against pendulum, 1 could be to few I think everyone can see why 3 isn't even a question
  12. The Double Life

      brought my ex to ycs toronto like 3 years ago it blew her mind how many ppl did this kinda shit and that it took place in classy convention centres lol. She was gonna stay a portion of the day but literally like a round in and it was honestly just getting too weird. Had like all kinds of local ppl ive known forever just coming upto me and acting sooooo weird and later asking to confirm if it was my girl lol. Funniest thing was a dude i know, who's pretty confident, stood by her as I was finishing a game and didn't know she was waiting for me to finish. He tried making conversation by trying to diss the fact that we were dueling and it was just the weirdest shit ever considering she could tell he was also there to duel    so after that she definitely thought the people who played it were kinda weird, but I was never seen that way lol most ygo players irl I cant really deal with outside of those few hours anyway so I dont consider myself the avg duelist at all
  13. Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss

    You're literally a nobody who sucks at a card game. There's no "false DG persona" as I'm pretty open about who I am on these boards.     Oh my god dude if this is who you are in real life I apologize. I didn't mean to ruin the one place people can probably tolerate your shit, but for real, I feel bad for your folks they gotta deal with this shit all the time, thats fucked up   edit ahh i finish my shift in a half hour, no more ill stop now lol
  14. Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss

    im throwing you some pos rep for all the hurt feelings bra my bad
  15. Fire Lake of the Burning Abyss

    its like this whole false dgz persona you've created is crumbling all around you and you dont know how to escape the debris lol   this is funny as shit