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    I was a chick in the '40s.
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    Music, guitar, politics, social/civic justice, cycling, body weight resistance training, streaming (TTV) & content creation, gaming, Pokémon TCG( Online), StarCraft I & II, DotA2, Rocket League.
  1. Post Here if You're Streaming

    **LIVE STREAMING ALERT** *StarCraft2 --> Politics* Claiming the first victory in the war with my slumlord; my apt unit finally has a lock again, after almost 4 days! NOW: claiming victory on SC2 ladder. LATER: news & politics. https://www.twitch.tv/Masktchi
  2. Post Here if You're Streaming

    **LIVE STREAMING ALERT** *StarCraft2 Laddering* Live from the frontlines of the War on Christmas.™ https://www.twitch.tv/Masktchi
  3. Post Here if You're Streaming

    **LIVE STREAMING ALERT** *SC2 Laddering* Just some Saturday ladder-day. Zerg = communism's final form. https://www.twitch.tv/Masktchi
  4. Post Here if You're Streaming

    **LIVE STREAMING ALERT** *SC2 -> ??? -> something something -> News/Politics -> Non-profit* It ain't just music industry sell-outs going platinum today. B-) (Yes, my ELO is actually there now. Bumping up from plat 3 back into plat 2 today, hopefully!) https://www.twitch.tv/Masktchi
  5. Post Here if You're Streaming

    **LIVE STREAMING ALERT** *SC2 Laddering + Assorted Gaming -> Politics* Opening with some SC2 ladder on my newly optimized (read: dust-busted) gaming laptop! Some assorted gaming for a bit, then politics & news later on tonight. https://www.twitch.tv/Masktchi
  6. Post Here if You're Streaming

    **LIVE STREAMING ALERT** *Ranked SC2: Zerg Laddering* Wild (and rare) afternoon stream has appeared! Evolution from Gold 2 ELO: complete; 46 & 2 just ahead of me...! Join our light StarCraft2 practice stream as we adapt, evolve, and conquer the ladder! PTCGO for PokéMonday later on this evening! https://www.twitch.tv/Masktchi
  7. Post Here if You're Streaming

    **LIVE STREAMING ALERT** *Ranked SC2 Ladder: Platinum Zerg Laddering* Action chess (StarCraft2) practice to kick off the stream, probably followed by chill hangout chats over background HotS/PTCGO, depending on how long streaming continues this morning. https://www.twitch.tv/Masktchi
  8. Saturday Night Starcraft

    ahahahahaha Rofl... yeah how ironic was that comment eh... >> I should've put no map in there while I was it. God Korean people are annoying. I was reading through Tsunami's Zerg guide so I thought I'd post some funny quotes, get everyone pumped for SC. I read through this sometimes just for laughs. Tsunami is my hero. <3 - Nevertheless, I still affirm that this playing style is what seems to be best, although I may be wrong, and will continue to believe it until someone (probably korean) proves otherwise. - If you destroy his bunker, and his rines retreat, use your lings to follow them and see if you can pick off some of those random, ugly, stim-addicted, in-need-of-viagra marines. If his early move is successful in annihilating your hat, then you must throw up another hat in your main, and perhaps a sunk. From then on, your opponent will either expand or keep on pushing into your main. Signs of the former is non-aggression from the terran. Signs of the latter are usually obvious to the fairly intelligent. They include bunks or extra raxs producing rines inside your base, tanks, turrets, etc. In dealing with an economy-happy terran, it is to your discretion how to proceed (lurks or mutes advisable). In dealing with an aggressive terran, possibly sexually molested as a child taking out his anger on you, follow the Rules of Engagement (a separate strategy guide). - When you manage to survive early game vs. terran (you did survive, didn’t' you? You are King GosuMan after reading this guide, aren't you???) you will have an advantage. - If you manage to survive, then there are some eventualities you'll have to deal with that are beyond the scope of this guide. However, I may one day write up a "Long Game Gosu ZvZ guide", depending on how many of you upgrade from this freeware version of my Strategy Guide to the shareware version by sending $15 to 507 IAmADipshit Drive, SCisMYlife City, Korea. {does shareware include britney nude site PW's???} - Well those famous Kali'ers have done it again. They've gone ahead and created what they believe is the best ZvZ strategy. And it is formidable, yes, but remember these are the same people who congratulate eachother on being Masters of the Universe day-in and day-out. I specifically refer to many of the "WC Gods" back in the day who, when losing to someone responded not by saying "gg," but rather, "jesus. i'm too lazy for this shit... and lol, i got beat by a newbie." After the game, he feels better though as his friends reassure him he is God and that he was just not concentrating since the other guy sucks so much. Many of these "gods" have filtered into the SC realm and now occupy a new Mt. Olympus in their own minds. - Unfortunately, these kali foo's aren't half bad (ain't half good either. HuK~HuK~ I make USA joke^^). - Don't let your lings waste hits on hats, and if drones get in the way, micro to kill them. When you win though, don't expect too many bragging rights cuz you did, after all, only beat a kali foo ; ) (Note: also, he'll prolly say that you suck and retreat back to the Fatherland to be consoled by his comrades) - Burrow > Storm. I would appreciate it if you do not flame me about how I preach burrow saying that "WTF you suck. [insert random kali guy here] used burrow first and you copy him. gw." I'm sure you weren't the first to 'discover' storm either. I guess you must've copied someone.
  9. Saturday Night Starcraft

    Why Saturday? CAUSE IT GONNA RAIN. And because Starcraft = serious business. gg gl hf nr 20 no bs dd ds gogo kekekekeke ^^;; (No I'm not really asian.)