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  1. Pro Era

    Survival Tactics, Summer Knights, Waves....Joey is nice as hell, ... RIP Cap...
  2. Wind-Up - Discussion

    That is not an optimal hand, but sub-par? Trippin'. I'd say, rat > shark > carrier > rabbit > set warning is kinda solid. My point though was that, Shark, Rat, Avarice, Hole, Warning....is a fine hand. Shut that dumb shit up, get better. The fact that going second is a mitigating circumstance, still... you do what you have to and attempt to make that play... or pass. Still, I think anyone with a brain could play a respectable game with that hand.
  3. Wind-Up - Discussion

    How is that a subpar hand at all? Because you didnt open Mage/Shark going first with multiple backs? That hand is good. Even without the rabbit.
  4. Geargia - Discussion

    Shut that bitchass shit up... this deck is trash anyway... Decks that have to make passive plays to generate advantage simply can't exist in this metagame. SOOOO yeah.
  5. Dem Angels

    Enemy Controller
  6. Inzektor - Discussion

    I would think then that it would just be a bad rank 3/5 spam deck. Windup does that scores better.
  7. Dino Rabbit - Discussion

    Because this deck is such a grind deck at heart, the best cards your going to be able to sidedeck are the ones with the highest utility; are one for ones and standalone cards. The hand traps, I think they should be sided alongside skill drain.
  8. Inzektor - Discussion

    I understand other decks may be a more "solid" choice but I believe this deck has a lot of promise for what it does. Threatening Roar is amazing in this meta game and I don't know why more competitive minds don't take a look at this deck.
  9. TKRO.dec

    I actually really like this deck.
  10. Wind-Up - Discussion

    Becuase of the depth of this deck, I feel that those who truly understand the nuances of every matchup and have a handle on how this deck wins will find the most success with thier own build/choices. You don't Mage/Shark every game.
  11. Wind-Up - Discussion

    I thought nobody play zenmaister anymore? As for soul of silver mountain....straight up amazing, pseudo-MST, broken under Gozen, silly not to play.