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  1. Mind Master FTK - Traditional Format

    As soon as someone plays me with 3 Veiler, 3 D&L Bird and 3 Maxx "C".
  2. Mind Master FTK - Traditional Format

    20-0 on DN Guys. Pay the troll toll.
  3. Mind Master FTK - Traditional Format

    We gonna bring Traditional to the Main Stream.   Nigga I got 3 Tempest
  4. Wind-Up - Discussion

    Changed title:   Who Needs Card Advantage When You Have Dinosaur Plays - Discussion
  5. Colorado Regional Top 4 Report

    I'm surprised you don't side in Dfissures for the Hero match up. Also, how do you side for DW? I still struggle with what to side out vs different match ups.
  6. Colorado Regional Top 4 Report

    Didn't know you started the trend lol. Anyways, your logic makes sense, how did you side vs Samurai/Heros if you don't mind showing your perspective?
  7. Colorado Regional Top 4 Report

    How do you feel about Xing Zhen Hu over the Dust Tornado's?
  8. Wind-Up - Discussion

    Have people been considering siding Chain Disappearance for the mirror and Samurais? It gets rid of all their Magicians/Rats in the mirror or Kagemushas in the Samurai match up. Seeing the hand is always nice too.
  9. Alright, thanks guys. Separate chains make sense.
  10. So I got Factory and Shark out. I normal summon Magician, use Shark's eff to lvl 3, then my opponent chains Skill Drain. My questions is even though he negates Shark's eff it still triggers Magician and Factory, so would Magician resolve before Skill Drain? I imagine the chain looks like Shark>SkillDrain>Magician>Factory which is why I think Magician resolves before Skill Drain, just not completely sure.
  11. Hey guys I'm pretty new to the format, can I get some ideas on the side deck/how to side? It seems a lot different than having 3-5 cards for each competitive deck.