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  1.     Well, I mean, when CR provides the best subs around (generally), I'm happy when a series is picked up by CR and then ripped by HorribleSubs. And it's not like other subbers don't exist and work on non-CR series-- they just don't feel like wasting manpower when CR does it, because CR releases will tend to be more popular than theirs.
  2. im gonna explode
  3.   yay my first legend.
  4. were your last two cards flamestrike lol
  5. this is some nintendo friend code shit
  6. kagami needs to open the door in order to achieve circle-less transmutations.
  7. its stats are in a great place. kills almost every other 4 drop in the game (other than pit lord, water ele, emerald drake, and the shitty high health ones). effect isn't mind bogglingly bad.     good card.     blood knight is better because you might be able to utilize its effect without your opponent playing into it. and the effect itself is more reliable because it isn't random.
  8. this motherfucker.   but i mean, he doesn't really owe us anything i guess. just a bummer, but i can't really fault him for wanting to fuck his wife/game for days/relax.   btw, it seems like it's coming back june 2. looking forward to it.
  9. yeah i don't expect that image to be real.    if it is, i quit.
  10.   blizzard is trying to be conservative with card change.  since open beta, they've only fixed stuff they felt was extremely detrimental to the meta (tink/pagle and uth). i guess they feel miracle rogue isn't that bad right now.    i wouldn't be surprised if they did something to it next patch, but who knows?         btw, i think lorewalker cho is an extremely fun card. if you're thinking just competitive, it's auto-dust (for other cards), but cho mirrors are some of the funniest things in existence, so i like to keep it around.
  11.   and he's been such a bitch post firing. blaming his assistant coaches and whining left and right. 
  12. been mighty inactive...   but yeah, this season is shaping up to be pretty good.   the brewers are great this year, tanaka is amazing, another darvish near no-hitter, tulo being absolutely retarded, abreu hitting dingers left and right, etc.   so many crazy storylines tbh.
  13. as long as the pitching holds up, we'll be fine. sabathia/kuroda/tanaka/nova/pineda should hold up, as long as sabathia improves upon last season.
  14. like, why the fuck are you drafting the worst deck in draft period? Even warlock is better than priest   hunter is probably still worse. priest has some quality spells, and has, imo, the best common card in the game (power word: shield). it does lack in small minions but that's what neutrals are for.
  15. best girl is dead. long live best girl.