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  1. discord

    is the dgz discord active? can someone give me an invite?
  2. the worst poster is/was probably animal
  3. I might have some unreleased raps of his I can post if u guys want. I produced the 2nd track on his mixtape :( love u nate
  4. RIP Nafe

    I had been making music with him and sending him beats. We'd critique each other's songs and help each other out. I always thought we'd meet up to make music. One of the most genuinely positive people I've ever met. RIP Nathan.
  5. so i hate to say i told you so...
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXVhOPiM4mk
  7. so r u an IU fan or not bruh
  8. When/How do you ask a girl out?

      Elaborate what you mean by 'verbal contract.' I'm curious and I'm running on like 3.5 hours of sleep so I don't have comprehension skills atm. He is saying he doesnt think you need to say you are exclusive, or something. Like... I still don't understand. 'Let's go out, just the two of us?' Is that a 'verbal contract?'  well i interpreted his use of 'dating' and 'going out' as "being in a relationship", based on how he phrased it ("my previous relationship that happened maybe four years ago now, I was the one asked out"), as opposed to just literally taking her out somewhere. but we might need some semantics clarification. a lot of people use those phrase interchangeably but some would never equate them. a lot of people just focused on his initial date with this girl but i think he was also wanting her to eventually be gf   what i'm saying is that if you want to be in a relationship with a girl you shouldn't force it or push an agenda, it just has to bloom. you'll just know she's your girlfriend, you won't have to ask. or she'll save you the trouble and be the one to say it first (best option).
  9. boosh is the sheldon cooper dgz deserves but not the one it needs right now
  10.   [spoiler]meant to pos ash sry :x[/spoiler]
  11. Didn't you just fuck another persons girlfriend? pretty sure that has nothing to do with systematic oppression?? help me out here??
  12. white males reducing and casualizing the seriousness of the systems of oppression they dominate by making fun of the victims   i guess no surprise there
  13. i lump patriarchy deniers in with systematic racism deniers sorry bub.
  14. well the patriarchy would have you think that you shouldn't do anything that might damage the confidence of your (most likely very unworthy) suitors, and so would have you chalk it up to the fact that you're already taken (owned by another man), invoking the expectation that he has to respect the property of the other man   as bazoo said, his disrespectful come on shouldn't warrant you feeling like you have to let him down easy, i mean this is obviously your personal choice as a human to make about how you handle sexually rejecting another human, but imo they don't deserve the kindness and in fact a reality check is probably exactly what they need