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  1. Pokemon XY Friend Code/Trade Request

    My friend code is 1220-7221-0107 my safari is Gabite, Noivern and Sliggoo    If you add me just message me and I'll be able to add you more quickly.
  2. Breaking Bad

      no, it's safe to assume that walt knew jesse was being forced to work against his will, since a) walt knows that jesse would have no reason to cook willingly and b) the last time walt saw him, todd said they were going to 'question' jesse before killing him, at which point jesse is dragged away screaming.   he's right about to die and, in typical walt fashion, he outwits jack by getting him angry.   edit: this is reinforced even further by the conversation he has with skinny pete and badger, neither of whom have seen him.   Except Vince specifically said on Colbert tonight that Walt was intending to kill Jessie. I think he mentioned it on talking bad last night too.    oh, ok, then i'm wrong. final scene is lessened by that a bit though, i think, since walt isn't actually manipulating him. Apparently it was an homage to an old Western movie. Can't remember the name atm.  The movie Vince referred to was The Searchers
  3. Breaking Bad

    [spoiler]Lydia always followed a strict schedule which Walt eluded to when Lydia asked how he was able to find her so I was under the assumption that Walt just planted it there before she arrived knowing that she would sit at that exact spot at that exact time[/spoiler]
  4. Constellar - Discussion

    Yeah I mean it sounded like he played against a lot rogue decks like two mirror matches, Bujins, Blackwings etc. so I guess that explains how maining stuff like Prison and Mirror and not maining "C" was able to work for him. I just don't think his list would have held up as well if he played Water + Dragons most of the day instead.
  5. Constellar - Discussion

    That doesn't really bother me as much as the lack of Maxx "C" in the main deck does. 
  6. I Want All the Fairies

    Jupiter also gives you an out to Ophion since aside from making Dark Mist and Herald of Orange on their detach you have nothing you can do to a turn one Ophion. You can even Transmodify Venus to summon Jupiter with instant fodder for his effect. 
  7. Constellar - Discussion

    I would still be going with 2-3 Maxx "C" and 2 Emptiness in the main deck. Not sure on how many copies of Effect Veiler quite yet.
  8. Constellar - Discussion

    I think your build is solid but I really hate 3 Maxx "C" and Veiler main decked. It looks great on paper for Dragons but in my experience it just leads to clogged hands especially when you play stuff like Prophecy, Fire Fists, Blackwings, Evilswarms etc. If anything I would do 2 & 2 or 3 Maxx "C" and 1 Veiler.
  9. Constellar - Discussion

    It's really straight forward, the only combo you really need to learn is the Shark Fortess otk it's a very simple deck to run effectively. 
  10. Constellar - Discussion

    I have actually been using one Emptiness in the main deck while siding a second since we got the tcg list. The rationale was that Emptiness is too good of a card in here not to main deck. It straight wins games against Dragons and Water, but I was afraid of opening/having double Emptiness against something like Fire Fist/Prophecy/Blackwings etc. and it costing me game one. So I decided to just go with maining one and siding the second so I can rotate the one from my main deck out for applicable matchups and against Dragons and Water bring the second one in. Kind of follows the same logic that Dark World's used in the past for main decking cards like EEV and DDV. I think going forward I will probably include the second Emptiness given how well dragons performed at Toronto.
  11. Constellar - Discussion

    I really disagree with all the lists I see running 2 MST. It's so crucial against Dragons for cutting off Ravine. Against Water for disrupting their Sphere plays. Against Evilswarm/Blackwings you can chain it to Key Beetle's effect when they try to target Emptiness. Like I know it doesn't hit a lot against Water and Dragons but the cards it hits are so important that I want to see MST as early as possible especially against the Skill Drain variants of Dragons because Drain is a blowout card against this deck. 
  12. Constellar - Discussion

    Yeah Utopia in his extra deck is pretty bad, definitely should be an Abyss Dweller instead. Only using one Omega may be worth considering post Toronto since in terms of rank 4's I can almost never see myself making him over Dweller against Water or Dragons much less needing a second one against them (I can't even think of a situation in testing where I've needed a second one against anything) and it would clear up extra deck space for other options.   I'm torn on whether to main Maxx "C" or not, on one hand it's great against Water, Infernity and Dragons, but on the other hand it's fucking ass against Evilswarm, Prophecy, Blackwings and the mirror. I'm still feeling they're better off sided though.
  13. YCS Toronto Top 32 Decklists

    11 Dragon Ruler/Plant/Skill Drain/Dragunity variants 4 Mermail 4 Prophecy 3 Evilswarm 2 Constellar 2 Fire Fist 1 Geargia 1 Madolche  1 Infernity 1 Herald  1 Dragunity 1 Blackwings
  14. Constellar - Discussion

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/cvigceLVB6w" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>